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This is a nice peaceful game

Overall, this is a nice game to be played with in your spare time

This game isn't that good for having 2 years in wait of the release. What a waste. Enjoy to those who can and have fun while it last!

Kanpani Girls


This is one of my favorite, the least thing I can do to honor this is by writing a positive review. Cherished game, thank you everyone for your support and the effort to make this game as it is now. Everything has come to an end, so this is goodbye and wish the best for everything! Thank you!

Game is absolutely great, it's still early access however, expect bugs and any other problems especially login issue. Very newbie friendly, quick stamina recharge (only need 5 hours to recover 100 stamina). Not much of gameplay mode variety but it has specific stage for specific equipment or material.

Generous? Quite. You will have money crisis because equipping gear is costly, but again, easy to grind material, sell if necessary. Main gameplay is similar to Eternal City from NetEase (sorry, I can't explain it very well). Go try and enjoy the game, recommended to enjoy casually. Have fun! Additional data download around 1.4 GB total.

Kingsense | English


Superprism disappoint me yet again. This publisher is like that typical Korean games with not good translation quality. To top it off, the UI is pretty much crappy, didn't like it as much as I don't like their translation quality. Seriously tho, it almost feels like they don't have good quality control over their translation and typography which make them doesn't do justice to the game. Please understand that this game is still in beta test, give them feedback to their official social media to make it better.

All that being said, they are at least a kind of responsible one, they keep making sure the game content is updated as soon as they could and they also not being too greedy. That's the good side and that's honestly what and how publisher should be, aside from translation and typography quality.

All in all, game's good, however, it's not meant for someone like me as I have long left the interest of having a team limited to 4 max. Gameplay aspect? Not like it that much, but I loved it very much when I played X-Tactics back then. That kind of gameplay is fun, good, and challenging. Enjoy and have fun for others who could do so!

Game is great and super enjoyable casually. Grindy but easy to grind and even though stamina cost is a bit over, it's easy to replenish and very cheap. However, as much as I like the game, it has multiplayer but it's almost useless as the most fun mode of this game is almost dead. Not many players actively play multiplayer mode and not even that many players still play this game.

Though I understand that this game has been running for many months, players tend to get bored especially if they've reached quite far, late game even. Overall, I enjoyed the game very much and characters are all lovely. Not gonna lie, I'm surprised when they even show the characters age that they're underage, thumbs up for you dear publisher and developer, haha.

I can't say much, it's just your typical weeb games except with "perfect" smooth control. Back when it's still open beta, lots complained about "perfect" smooth control and yet it's still the same, no improvement whatsoever, wow. Also, I can't believe the translation quality was so average, almost same level as those typical Korean games coming into global. All I can say at this point is that I absolutely didn't regret not playing this game after it's official release, OBT and it's official isn't that different.

Actually, I don't remember whether it's OBT or CBT, it's beta either way and nothing much different except more content and perhaps network/server stability. Go give it a try a day or two, this game could be enjoyable casually. A good game for wasting your little spare time as not much time needed to spent in this game because energy depleted quickly and how grindy this game is. Enjoy your time and have fun!

I don't know, I'm so disinterested with this game. It's just plain to me, can't say much as I didn't play long enough. I'm not sure about giving it another go at this point, so yeah.

Honestly, this is my very first time to witness the dev's account themselves rated their own product. Such thing always a downer for me and yes I'm not talking about the product, can't say much at this point, haha.

This is one of my best favorite game. What makes this game great and addictive is that it doesn't matter if you join new or old server, you can always enjoy your progress and compete against other players. This game is grindy but it's the only grindy game that makes me addicted and enjoyed so much whether casual or competitive.

Game is generous enough with its rewards especially events. All chars are useful and upgradable until whatever the limit is. The key is you just need to learn the chars skills and pair them with whoever compatible with them the most in terms of role balance and skills combinations.

I didn't write much as I usually do because I don't know what to say, this game is just like what I've been looking for. Hope you all can feel the same towards this game. You don't need to be on top whatever to get PVP or Real-time PVP highest rewards, simply gain the point to reach next tier.

Guild battle is rock, it's not enjoyable but it's the best place to learn how to best utilize your team in different situations. Experiment it yourself and equip your chars with whatever badge you think they will fit as long as it makes you understand better what's the function is about.

Lord of the Other World


I always like this type of game and I can see the production quality. However, as much as I like it, this one really lacks tutorial, explanation, description whatsoever. I only played this for a few minutes and I don't know what's the function of each pop-up button and building unless I have them and check it out, this is seriously a hindrance for learning.

Unless things get improved, this game is okay, hard to enjoy because the lack of things I mentioned, so it's not really newbie friendly. After the tutorial, I never even bother to do any battle as it doesn't seem like that important, it's so forgettable so it's need to be somewhat improved too to make it more interesting and enjoyable.

It's always great to have voiceovers, but it's bad if majority of the budget goes there rather than focusing on improving the gameplay and the system. I hope there will be improvement, so, good luck dev. Oh, right, what's good about this is the power of friendship, haha. Help from community is really helpful for quick kingdom growth.

*Long review contain nothing but my absurdity*

To start off, I've only played this for 5 days (including today, the day I posted this) and still playing, expect as much as my 5 days. What makes this game piqued my interest is the unique character design, it's a figurine, not the typical 2D or 3D models.

[Too long didn't read]
Enjoyable as casual, I don't suggest you to get competitive but you do you. Generous rewards but not as much. Long charging stamina so it makes resource gathering challenging, which is also one of the reasons why it's better to enjoy casually. Collecting figurines as you do in you real life, it's the epic element of this game. All in all, it's fun and decent to spent your spare time on.

[Basic Review]
I never rate graphic, but the character design is unique so it's a plus for this game. Sound effect isn't pleasant as if it wasn't cut perfectly but the quality is fine, music too loud so make sure to lower it as low as below 50% if you may. Story, not something new if you've watched Toy Story series, it's fun to enjoy but not enough to be engrossed.

It's your typical idle RPG, 5 characters to deploy, roles, and brands. Though SSR (figurine with Golden base tier) has some additional attribute which I don't know what's the function yet. Battle is capped at 2× speed which unlocked very soon. If some of you play this game not in auto, you got my respect man. It's very confusing as the battle is fast-paced, but you'll master it with experiment.

[Figurines growth and skills]
You can only upgrade with something green thingy (clover I guess?) that can only be earned on story which is non-replayable, boss dungeon which reward is reset once a day, and idle rewards. You need to evolve after certain level thresholds to grow more power and unlock/upgrade the skills (10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140). You'll unlock level link (link other figurines to reach the lowest level of your top 5 figurines) when your House reach version 3.3.

All of figurines stars (except green and blue tier) is upgradable until you've had enough, star-up unlocked after you clear stage 2-24 or something (cmiiw). Upgrade skills after you evolve your characters with special resource obtained with limited energy. The energy, stamina if you may, is charged so long, it's recharged every 6 minutes but can be replenished 60 twice a day with diamonds which is kinda a waste yet useful at the same time.

[Tier and star-up]
There are Green, Blue, Purple, Purple-stripe (P//), Golden, Peach, Peach-stars (Ps), and Ultimate Peach (U-Peach) tier. Green and Blue are meant to be recycled for friend points while others can be starred-up until you don't want to do it anymore. To take a note, star-up can only be done within same brand figurines.

Purple need two same figurine, P// need two of same tier, Golden need one same figurine tier, Peach needed two same tier, and Ps2 need one same figurine Peach tier. Ps3 need one same tier. Ps4 need one same figurine Ps3 tier haven't know yet. As far as I understand, U-Peach is the highest tier as of now.

[Clear stage 9-1]
Clearing 9-1 will unlock new mode where you can gather additional resources and replenish your energy but it's just first time rewards. You can grind in there for gears, so it's perfect, however it needs energy to do that. Other things unlocked is where you now can access Battle Pass, yeah, good stuff.

Now I finally know what the Golden base tier figurines additional attribute is, it's a stats booster. It's actually not attributes, but Club. So, as more Club members gathered, you'll be able to upgrade the Club and the more stats will be boosted.

You need it in certain battle if you want to achieve the best result possible. Just deploy however you like, but if you need bonus, simply deploy figurines with same brand or deploy special brand which can benefit any brands. There is also brand advantage. Brands advantage (25% damage bonus) is as follow:

Let's Get Red Night-9
↓ ↑ ↑↓
Tenma → Galatea Snow-A

It's fun, highly suggested not to be ambitious achieving highest rank as other players growth is insane than you may think. Grow your powers at your own pace and just enjoy the epic element of this game, which is to collect figurines.

Game is generous with its rewards and events are very fun to enjoy, other than that, it's just fun playing with your figurines or seeing them dance. So, yeah, just try it and enjoy your time gaming.



[First impression]
Holy, just got past the tutorial summoning and decided to review this. The moment I enter the game, my my, the music and sound effects are horrible, especially the quality. Game is laggy, those typical kind of game that's not well optimized and the translation was slighly bad, but that's normal because most Korean game translated poorly. Don't even care for the story, I came to play because of the rewards from QooApp events, so, nice try Mr.Qoo.

All bad things aside, you can bind account with QooApp and Twitter (yeah, FB too). Most importantly, the CV was Korean, I love that. The character artstyle was likable and some are lovable. That's all there is to it, I don't know, but in my perspective, there is nothing worth mentioning beyond this. Enjoy, if you can, haha.

[Second chance]
Gotta admit, after giving this game several hours a go, it's actually fun but in a stupid and ridiculous way. I was actually immersed in the game just because Koreans CV. Perhaps this is what it feels like to be a fans of something, I genuinely haven't felt this way in a long time. So, I'm biased in that sense.

All characters are upgradable to the max stars, so that's a plus. What makes it more interesting is the deployment, need to learn characters lining buff to utilize their ability to the fullest. This kind of thing is what I missed since the last time I played Girls Frontline. BGM kinda bearable after sometime getting used to it, still enjoyable without SFX.

You will find upgrade cost especially skill upgrade really pricey, so I suggest you to participate in QooApp gift events to get plenty of needed resources for starter. Still adapting to the messy layout and bad UI.

Unknown Future


*This review is long, contains game systems*

To start off, I've played this only for 10 days and will still keep playing it. Turn-based RPG card is always my cup of tea and this one by far is my favorite. Don't be too focused on gacha as this is not gacha-oriented nor heavily depends on gacha. What I love the most is event enemies are the same level as average of three highest level Espers, so it's actually newbie friendly.

[Too long didn't read]
This game is fun and enjoyable be it competitive or casual play. Totally newbie friendly, especially events. Generous rewards and not time consuming missions. I hope by playing this, you're not as addicted to do gachas as in other gacha-based games. You will most likely stuck on chapter 3-28 for quite some times, no need to be stressed, there are plenty other modes for you to play and get the necessary resources needed. Teardrops (rare currency) here are quite easy to obtain, managed to have 40k teardrops even after spent many of it.

[Basic review]
Sound and music quality is great, I especially enjoy the song "Unknown Future". Gameplay is good, it's fun and enjoyable. There are plenty of modes to play and enjoy that gives you rewarding rewards. Story is that kind of story where the world is in turmoil and in the brink of destruction from invasions. Esper is born to save the world and as always, you are their leader.

[NetEase being NetEase]
As usual, you are bombarded by cutscenes, medium-long prologue and tutorials. The tutorials take around 15 minutes to complete, that if you skip the story but not the cutscenes. However, it is highly advised to follow the tutorial as it gives you a necessary knowledge to better understand it's system. I understand that many of us global players doesn't understand and can't read the language, but simply following the tutorials will at least give you a grasp of how the system works, especially battle system.

[Battle system]
You will be required to deploy 3 Espers into battle and each action will cost you point (Cost Points, CP). You will have 5 max CP at start, it will be reduced to 3 max CP if one Esper died and reduced to 2 max CP if there is only one Esper left. CP consumption is based on the cost of skill card, each skill cards have different costs, so it is highly recommended to set a skill set that's suitable for a critical situation like that.

There is this system where you can generate orb after you casted a skill card, if you reach max of 3 orbs, you will then get an ultimate skill card that doesn't cost any CP. However, orbs generated from each Esper, if you cast a skill from different Esper, the orbs will reset. Cast your skill and manage your CP wisely, a good set of skill will give you best results in battle.

The battle system also adopt the attributes system, consisting four-point system, over each other, and special attributes making a total 7 of them. Attributes advantage gives you 20% bonus. So, deploy your Esper that gives you the most advantage to have best results possible.

[Classes and attributes]
There are 4 classes and 7 attributes:

-Class (sorted by class index)
1. Tanker, your vanguard excel at high resilience and vitality that's deployed at front in order.
2. Attacker, your main physical damage dealer that's deployed at middle in order.
3. Magician, your damage dealer that inflict soul and mental damage who are known for their AoE attacks that's deployed at rearguard in order.
4. Support, this class can protect teammates, give them buffs, and inflict debuffs to enemies which can gives you an advantage over the enemies and increase team survivability that's deployed at middle-back in order.

-Attribute (advantage gives 20% bonus)
1. Four-point system, clockwise advantage system.

Water Dark Moon
Bright Sun

2. Over each other, Stone Eye × Light Blast.
3. Special, Space, doesn't get advantage nor disadvantage over other attributes.

[Skill cards, skill set, and skill upgrade]
Understanding each skill cards and their effects are essential knowledge to have better output in battle. Assigning skill card based on their effectiveness and their compatibility with other and own uniques Esper's skill set is a must. Also, remember the CP of the skill cards you're going to assign to your Espers.

You can manage each of your Espers skill set freely. Each Esper have two skill set with 4 slots for each set. The first skill set is your Esper's own unique skill set of cards, the other set is the one you can manage your own desired set of skill cards. Skill cards are limited and bound to a class, so keep it in mind. To note, you can set a same name skill card with a max of 2 per Esper.

Each skill cards are upgradable to the highest tier possible. To upgrade, you need a dupe with the same tier. Don't worry, acquiring skill cards isn't that hard or rare. However, there are skills that I personally advise not to upgrade, this is because some of it are quite rare and already good as it is in their basic tier. Upgrade them only if you think you need to.

I highly suggest for you to think that gacha is for acquiring skill cards, getting Esper is just a bonus of luck. There is also gacha rewards of 30 times and 100 times. The 30 times gacha rewards will give you an item for resources as far as I know and get, though it's not much, but it's useful in some way. The 100 times gacha reward is where you can obtain Esper, you will randomly get an Esper based on the attributes you select. Dupe Esper automatically turned into medal.

[Esper growth]
Grow your power by leveling up your Espers and equipping them with good gears for better stats. To boost your power greatly is by evolving your Espers to higher tier, it costs you corresponding Esper's medal to evolve. Alternative way to boost up your Esper is by equipping best gears and upgrade them. Don't worry, you can get Esper from events, rewards, shop, and exchange. Keep an eye out for Esper stone shard.

You don't actually need to level up every single Esper you have, there is a feature do the Soul Link so that the linked Esper's level will match to the lowest of the 3 highest level Esper. Also, reaching certain level will require you breakthrough stones to advance to the next level. It's easily obtainable, so there is no need to worry.

[Gears and upgrade]
You need gears to boost up your Esper stats. Gears will become upgradable starting from blue-colored gears, some of it have attributes, equipping it to corresponding attributes will give you certain percentage bonus (normally 30%) to that gear stats. Upgrading gear costs you materials that's obtainable from instances, rewards, or shops. You can also use unused gears as substitution for upgrade materials.

[Shop and exchange]
Highly recommended to buy gears from basic shops as the price is cheap for early game. While in exchange shop, it is recommended to save up for the things you needed the most, spend it wisely. There is also event-based shop and exchange, in there, they offers many valuables and things you need cheaper than ever. Always check and participate in an event.

[PVP ridiculous?]
PVP here is ridiculous in a good way. It adopts total points system to determine ranking. You would be surprised when you're trying to challenge the 3 scores opponent and see that their power actually higher than you despite having same level Esper. However, there is a trick to this, you just need to refresh the opponent until you find the one that has power lower than you.

I see that there are some people that says PVP is automated and can't be manually controlled, well that's not true. When you try to challenge the opponent, there is an option, the left one is the option that gives you double of the initial points reward, this is locked AI controlled while the right one is manual fight (you can still activate auto there) but only give initial points reward.

The entry to PVP is limited as you're only given 3 participation tickets daily. You can buy additional ticket, the first buy is free and the next buy cost 100 teardrops, multiplied by two after each buy.

Oh right, there are three rewards from PVP, which are total scores reward, daily reward that the total reward was determined by your total points, and seasonal reward that was determined by your PVP rank. Total scores and daily rewards gives you PVP coins usable for an exchange at PVP shop.

There are othe modes for you to play and explore. One of them that you will unlock early is "5 Challenges" where you can get gold, gears materials, gears, skill stone shards, exp, and stone materials (don't know yet what was it for). Here, you are given 2 attempts daily, if you missed it once, the attempts accumulates to the next day. Don't know how many you can stack as I've only missed it once.

Dungeons, there is this dungeon where you are in a 3-2 nodes style paths. Here, you can get gears, teardrops, and compass (don't know what was it for yet). Each participation cost you 12 "time" points (TP), you have 200 max TP and are recharged over time (still don't know the recharge rate).

You can enable auto mode here by simply tap the TV icon on bottom left, right on top of chat button and you will be able to choose the path for the auto to go to. Non-bosses nodes are finished within 5 seconds after battle preparations. After every battle, you are given a choice to select one out of three Badge Boosters, auto always choose the left, feel free to interrupt auto selection if you want to choose not the left one. Interrupting auto process doesn't cancel auto mode, it will resume few seconds after the interruption, unless, you disable the auto mode yourself.

[Friends and news battle-scout]
Friends, go find and add them. News, this menu is where you use your drones to patrol the areas and will give you rewards at times and sometimes you will have emergency alert if enemies are sighted in areas.

In this news battle, it is highly recommended to deploy your damage dealer as the enemies attacks are weak despite having high power. Sometimes there is only single enemy, sometimes 3 enemies, and sometimes single enemy but can summon 2 familiars. Deploy your Espers accordingly for better damage output. Tips from me, just go aim for the boss. To take a note, enemies level are based by your three highest level Espers.

Don't worry, you are likely won't be able to beat them in one go and as the system only allow you to attempt that battle once, you will need other player's help to defeat it. You can request help from world players or your friends. Take a note, you are only given 2 attempts of this news battle participation daily.

[Daily and weekly rewards]
The rewards from daily and weekly missions is satisfactory and very rewarding, you get the resources you need in moderate amounts. Rewards from events is quite generous especially crossover event rewards. Event-based mission also gives you a generous amounts of rewards.

Many of players tend to forgot this guild feature where you can participate guild bosses and guild trials. I eventually too forgot to talk about this, haha. Guild bosses and guild trials is your typical another battle to obtain materials, gold, gears, and guild points usable for an exchange at guild shop. Though you don't earn much because you still deal low damage, but participating daily doesn't hurt and actually quite beneficial. Also, once you participate on guild trials, you can do quick raid there, it saves up your time.

Blue Archive | Japanese


*This review is messy, but it contains game mechanics and it's system to what I understand so far*

To start off, I've only played this for few days, 5 days including today. I hope you can imagine what you will experience as far as my 5 days.

[Basic review]
I actually forgot to give my review on some basic contents. The storyline is mediocre, typical cute girls in action, underage highschooler and are at war. Sound and music quality are great, I talk about it's quality, whether it's enjoyable or not, it depends on some people and their moods. Graphic? I almost never rate game's graphic, because it's not a value for the game to be rated high or low, good or bad. Gameplay is decent and enjoyable, but become boring and tiring at some point. Find out for yourself, the game is good and who can resist such cute underage school girl? Haha, what a creep remark I just write.

[Too long didn't read]
Just realized my review was really long and not readable at this point. So, this game will become really grindy as you reach mid game, and will continue to be like that in the long run. Rewards are not as generous as it gives you the first time. Daily and weekly mission rewards hardly give you any rewards you will mostly need. This game aren't even enjoyable to be played casually. Hey, it's Yostar, show some respect. Haha.

[My experience, how biased]
My first experience with this game is not good (skip this paragraph, because it's long and not important). I somehow unfortunately played the game 1 hour before maintenance (not today maintenance, the one before that). Bad thing is I didn't skip prologue and tutorial story, so 1 hour was spent on downloading additional data and prologue. Waiting for the maintenance to be done but how surprising, they prolonged it from 17:00 to 21:00, then prolonged again to 00:00 (JST). The excitement all is gone and that really upset me, I posted a note regarding that matters. That's my first bad experience with this game. Finally able to access the game after that day, kinda lose the spirit to play but hey, Yuuka is there waiting for me. So yeah, she's the adorable underage that I'm pretty sure everyone loves.

[Wow, how generous!]
Game itself is mediumly fun, you got rich of rewards for starter and you even get free 10× pulls after the tutorials. Clearing first chapter and some of tasks, I got a total of 9.000+ diamonds (because I didn't spend any at first). Well, I then tempted to gacha till I spent most of my diamonds left me with only hundreds left. Per 10× pulls, it costs you only 1.200 diamonds (quite low on numbers aren't they?), but hey, if you get a dupe, you didn't get their shards and instead the dupes exchanged to "Shard Shop currencies" where each shards costs you 1 with max 20 purchase and then restocked but the prices go up by 1. Looks cheap, but take a note, they are actually not. Oh right, at Shard Shop, you'll be able to buy a char shards if you acquired the char. If you don't have the char, then that char shards isn't available there.

[Star-up and shard system for characters]
So, starring-up a char to 2 stars cost you 30 shards, to 3 stars cost you 80, to 4 stars 120 I guess (I don't remember). Hey, I spent all diamonds on gacha, so I must've have plenty of that right? No, 1 star dupe give you 1 shard currency, 2 stars dupe give you 10, and sorry, I haven't got any 3 stars dupe. So, yeah, game is actually not that generous. There are currently 3 ways of obtaining shards that I know of:

1. Shard Shop.
2. Arena Shop.
3. Hard/Elite Campaign rewards (it's not guaranteed, limited 3 times daily with 1 chance to refresh the limit once per day).

Then, how long would it take for you to star-up one char from 2 stars above to the upper or even max stars? Probably would take weeks or month for 1 char to be 5 starred.

[Campaign battle and others]
As you progress through the campaign, the difficulty are getting harder and harder. It's not the typical hard where you can clear it with just lvl up and maxing equipment. You can't even refine your equipment to advanced level without required materials that's hardly to obtain unless crazily grind enough.

[Battle system and perfect score]
This game is super grindy for the long run, not to mention it will only getting more difficult as you hardly gain necessary resources for skill upgrade and equipment refinement. Each stages require you to beat all of the nodes with S rank and limited turns in order to have 3 stars, but you need to be able to complete the nodes under 120 seconds with no death in order to achieve S rank.

You have to understand the battle mechanics, there are a table of explanation of what each units effectively fight against which unit types. I don't understand Japanese and too lazy to translate it even though I have the ability to access the required tools to do that. In other words, you will need several different units in your squad to be able to efficiently defeat them. You can view what type of units of enemies are on the upper right button.

[Chars and skills]
As I've mentioned, you need to understand each chars skills and passives to have better results in battle. Take a note, you will hardly have enough resources to upgrade chars skills and passives as it is hardly rare to obtain because no gurantees and if you manage to obtain, you'll only get it around 1 or 2. Currently, all I know where you can obtain the necessary materials for skill upgrade is from "Schedule" which you'll unlock after completing stage 2-5 (if I remember correctly).

[Schedule level, points, and it's system]
There is a place where you kinda practice with some of your students and you'll increase intimacy with the chars if you have them and you'll get points to upgrade the place level, each practice you'll earn 100 points. Yes, there are 4 places, each places have level. Everytime you level up, you'll get reward (I don't really remember what the level up reward is), but you can only do it 3 times a day with additional one time if you buy the tickets from shop. After every practice, there is a chance you'll get skill material, but my highest was only 2 in one practice and most of the time, I didn't get any. Have fun with your students.

[Hunting, I guess]
There is this mode where you can obtain exp papers and gold. In there, many stages are there for you to clear, but I believe you'll only be able to clear up to 3 stages as you're still weak. Fret not, the rewards there isn't that bad, it's quite decent for the gold. As for exp papers, I highly advise to obtain them through hard/elite campaign stage for the time being, but if you needed that, just do it.

[Equipment upgrade and refinement]
Equipment here are not unequippable, once equipped, it's attached to that char for life. Don't worry, you only need to obtain one and then it's upgradable until the tier reached the highest tier possible. Oh no, you can't refine the equipment because the material needed is nowhere to be obtained because you are still newbie and haven't unlocked the place to obtain the things. Well, just play, I guess.

[Daily and weekly missions and their rewards]
Daily and weekly mission rewards isn't really that generous, you will hardly gain any more diamonds to spend on gacha after those sweet newbie rewards are all claimed and spent. So, spend your diamonds wisely. Oh wait. Not just the diamonds, the rewards isn't even the one you will mostly need and the amount of that reward is generously low.

[Disaster, at least for me]
Can't refine equipment, stuck on chapters, how to get more powerful? I'm power hungry! Level up my friend, the higher the enemies level are, the more power you need to achieve perfect 3 stars. So, I suggest to clear them with 5 levels or more gap or else, you need to star up characters to be able to grow more powers. Didn't I say it's actually expensive and need at least a week for 1 char to reach 4 stars? Yes, that's what the gacha is for!

In other words, if you are all for super grindy games and have the patience, this game is perfect for you to enjoy. If you don't have the patience but still all for super grindy games, then this game will become super gacha oriented.

Yes, this game is too overrated. What's the point of playing a game that appear to be sweet and generous at first but exhausting and boring only after a few days? Many people are too focused on how easy or how generous game developers about gacha. Then, some of people are a fan of Yostar so it's not surprising if they tend to forget the important point of a game being enjoyable. People are just too addicted to gambling, that's why most of them only care about gacha, presumably only to show off their luck to others, but hey, I mustn't judge a culture.

Well, I just want to say that some people should be more critical about the game system and it's mechanic, not just too focused on the gacha and it's newbie rewards. I've played too many games that have similar sweet generous on surface, but ridiculous and hell grindy deep down. Grindy game is not that bad, it's just time consuming and in the end, it'll just tiring you because it gets repetitive and a waste of time when you reach to the point of getting bored.

Fantasia Re:build


I don't know if I have the right to say this as I just only played it for less than 5 hours but this game is meh. I mean, first thing that bugging me the most is sound, opening cinematic sound works perfectly fine, title BGM also greatly fine, but then when I got logged in to the main menu, it's like the sound was dropped down from 70 to 30.

As for the gameplay itself, it's not that great, fun but kinda boring. I don't know, I've experienced many gameplay but this type of gameplay is what makes me bored faster than the other so it's not for me in that sense. Decent I would say.

Storyline? If you don't skip any, you will forget that this was actually RPG game because the story was almost like Visual Novel, I would say one section was equal to one to two chapter of manga. It was great, so many interaction between the heroine and the player, pretty interactive too with player given a selection to respond for every single conversation as far as I played (only played to Section 8 as of now).

Yes, like many people, this game is laggy everytime a character model appear on screen (not on battle or main menu). Also, I don't know what I missed or I did wrong, I participate the pre-registration and yet I've seen no reward. Only thing I encounter was those login reward, I don't pretty much pay attention to the gift box but there could be a possibility I claimed the content without realizing it was actually pre-registration reward thinking it was login reward.

Played less than 5 hours as I write this review, not sure if this worth the shot to spend the time on, but I'm pretty sure I won't play this in the long run. Quickly bored, nothing much to do, so yeah, I planned to quit and uninstall in the very near upcoming days.

To take a note, after tutorial (if you didn't skip it) it will ask to download additional data with 1.7 GB size. If you could read and understand Japanese, the story was great, so that's the extra point for this game. If not, you'll pretty much be like me, getting bored quickly. Have fun playing!

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Rating I can already see why they got low rating on Google Play and QooApp. This game doesn't have something interesting, but I guess they have quite some player base from previous game. It's the bug that's very annoying, had to go through tutorial for five times. However, the game runs smooth on olde mid-end device which is good to some extent. Enjoy to those who can. Have fun playing! Read Note
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