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first, ignore some shit player who never play more than 7 keys on they entire life
game mechanic really simple. choose your song, setup some timing, scroll whatever you want and ready
there some unsync between up to downside scroll line long notes but i think its fine
one last i want to mention, judgement line really so close to your side screen phone, there still a gap but you will touch outside judjement line
its okay game, to the point but really need improvement

Jubeat Plus


great game, but still need a lot of update stuff like upgrade to newest theme to clan or qubell, music (i want play 1116 aka 9111 so badly :( ) and add search by name,categorize by level,alfabet,artist and more

Venus Scramble


i can say i really fall in love with this game but i will give some notes

1. you cant bind,register to your own email (if you know,tell me how to do) in game option theres only storyline backward,friendlist,profile option and sound option etc
2. p2w game to unlock higher character,you need some stuff like ap charger,event unlocker. yeah even my level is 18 ap system is still too low,now my ap is 42 and if you want grind your character theres some quest but each grind quest has 10 - 20 which is really huge disappointing for me

what i love this game is voice character is really perfect,their story is geat

the battle, uhhmm yeah pretty boring but if you go to higher rank you need some strategy to defeat the boss

that my review but the short review is : lower ap system = big mistakes

playable but big no without controller
go buy controller from dao's, yuancon's or even official nemesys one
it same with sdvx mobile too

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