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Hey! I'm just a guy who want to play a lot of different games. I'm up for anything, and those little game hidin in the deepest zone is what I like !
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Hey! I'm just a guy who want to play a lot of different games. I'm up for anything, and those little game hidin in the deepest zone is what I like !
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This is really too much for my eyes but this time... You can play music Freely!!
At least every turn you can choose one between 5 songs to play. Every play it reset and calculate what you like to show you songs that you should like.

My goodness the scenery and pictures.. It is really good ! 😊 I love it

For those who want to add me as a friend there you go!

However, all those colors and everything going on during your play is a little too much... I don't think you can modify this setting...

Really good game. [開心][開心][開心]

How did he manage to get into these situations?! Silly cat !! [怪笑][懵懂]

Stuck again on a huge and magical forest..

Magical yes.. Is this real?

And how the second cat we have to rescue is Always here too?! Since the first game, he was everytime in danger... Are they cursed to be together or what?

Anyway, the game is... An escape game ( you know it if you started from the 1st game.[耍帥][怪笑])

Good graphic and the music's fine..

But please for the next chapter, do less weird story.. I have this impression that more we goes on to the story more it is weird and nonsense ..
But original! [厲害]

Good game! [微笑]

Oh no, stuck in a boat full of pirate. ( actually, there's only 3)
No really, how can those 3 is the SAME person than the beginning of the 1st game?!
It's a small world, I can say that..

It is a Escape game ( do the 1st chapter before trying this one, there's a story in it. [懵懂]) and like before, he's stuck, but this time, into a boat. And as always he try to escape from here.

I found it more tricky than the first one. And more detailed too!

It has the same option, when you're stuck, you can watch a video to discover how to solve the mystery.

It was a good! I recommend it! [開心][厲害]

Sometimes, a single action can make you go to prison. Poor cat..

It is a escape game. Escape from prison.
It is pretty free, if you're stuck, there's an option that explains how to solve problems.
The only con is the language.. Bah you will figure it out! [害羞]

Nice music and good graphic.

Just a question though...
What is this kind of prison to have electrical cage? Plus, where is the door to access to the second cat stuck in this kind of cage ?

Hmmm... Interesting..

Good game! [白眼]

Dog's Duty


Huh.. Taking care doogs. And make them play as a RPG.

It is too slow, during the beginning, you only feed your dogs and make them go into excursion.. You gain really low at money and try to buy things out of the store..

I don't understand the meaning of this game.
Especially what you can do.

You have to be really patient.. It became too boring..

Plus, there's no English, that is sad but there don't seem to have a solid story or anything like that .. You just take care of doogs and that it.

But the graphics are nice and cute [色色]. That's a good point .

Yeah that's good enough..

Dimentor's Report


Being a psychopath is always a good path.

Incredible artwork. And music that reflects the ambiance of the game.
Really like it !

A little problem about the story that I cannot understand ... It really seems interesting...

Some blood and monster, at some point, monsters are repetitive, their color just change.

And the final boss of the round too.

A really interesting game.. [不滿]

Are cats ghosts? Do we live into a hunted house? If not, where all those cats come from?!

As someone who like to investigate you take your camera and take shots of the cats by appealing them with milk, cat food or even fish. Just to make them appear and take pictures of them... You might get surprised of some shot [怪笑]...

Nah just kidding, it isn't spooky.

Sadly there was no sound or even music.. The big silence...
And except the story who seems really interesting (It's in Japanese Duh...) nothing else is really catching my eye... Especially because you do nothing except taking picture and reading a lot if japanese...

And for the cherry on top, in the end, without warning, you start from the beginning automatically.. That mean. "hey that's the end of the story! Hope you liked it, now do this all other again!

But somehow I found out that even if you finish it one time, there's still some note to unlock.. I think you have to finish it 3 time in condition to have all of them.. And maybe by doing this all over again, more weird stuff can appear...

For this game you need a little bit of patience..

Really it was so-so.. And really sad that I didn't understand japanese. But it's fine I liked it anyway! [開心]

For what I understand , this was during a festival of dolls (Japan) and we are stuck into a Room with these dolls.. This is a good game, but this silence of death was... Weird...
I cannot imagine playing an escape game with lots of dolls and no sound coming from anywhere...

But it was good anyway! [厲害]

PS : Didn't understand at all the last puzzle...[難過]
I did found out somehow by doing the code in order...

The end was pleasant though...

Tofu Fantasy 2


We are Tofu, we need to continue our Journey to the great Truth!

I can't believe that it has more than 5 Tofu fantasy... How can it be so important to this developer.. But it is a nice game!

You don't do nothing more than pressing the direction's buttons.
You walk, read, talk to a lot of animals and fight only with theses buttons.

I played it until the end and... It was a little long and boring from the end...

You start as this tofu who's lost and being helped by a cat.. You need to travel for going back to the Tofu town. (don't expect that's the end. There's more.). And discover a lot of different creatures and vegetables...

Those English translation is sometimes not understandable. (or I am not a great translator.. Lol) anyway, the game is pretty fast and fluid. I really like it.

But as I said before the end was boring.. It's like all kind of RPG you have to gain levels and money to improve yourself... And sometimes well, it's boring..

I didn't play the First one and I will not play the 3 ones after the 2 but. It was fine!

Little hint.. For the 12th level : think about the enemy.. The first encounter... ( I bugged out for almost 1 hour before realizing what it was talking about...)

And lastly the last boss : make everything sold out, you'll need it.

That's one addictive game!
This was so peaceful, the music, the sound of the balls and even the music!

You play as green balls and all you need to do is to push the red and purple balls out of the board. You need to win two time so don't freak out when it start all over.. You can see stars, those are point.

I really like how this game doesn't make a hard time to play.
When you are struggling to a level, you can skip it to do the next one (shown in the level selection.. The level are always in the pair of two in case you don't solve the first one (except in the end..))

There is a lot of difficulty!! 7 difficulty for 32 level each.
To be fair, I immediately play as Very difficult or Special not because I am a pro gamer XXXL ([no][鬼臉]) but I didn't have fun to those first level, going directly in the most difficulty are better ( and if you want to be a pro Gamer XXXL, go directly to it! [開心][色色]) you will not regret it, especially the Special one!

It is really fun and too addictive to me... I'm gonna stop with this...

I recommend this really much! [微笑][賣萌]



Apparently this Game tells me that it cannot connect..
I think it is the server (if it has one) or the app himself who are broke up..

What a shame...

Kukuru Yumaku


We are going to be the most Important sushi restaurant in the world!!!

Help a penda make his dream come true.

The control are pretty soft. Even if I don't understand at all japanese, i'm sure the story is here!!

There's a lot of options and is a lot comparable with the other game who have the same feature. But this time it is with sushi!
And the style is cute and beautiful!

But why does food have eyes?! "cute" yes but not alive huh? Hope it is craft eye... And mouth too..

Pretty good I recommend it!! [開心][開心]

Escape Game - Guest House


What a shame! It doesn't work!
It open, I see the MONKEYS and it crashed..

I did anything to this, it doesn't work..
The design appeal me though...

Impossible Goal 3D


Is that... A new brother?!?

Good game I could say.
I think i'm gonna fall everytime I lose to this game *Geometry dash moment*

There's even a 2 to this game! It is pretty different to this one but why do they create a new one??
I mean, this game haven't a lot to offer, just some levels ( ≈10) and it really feel as those game who you play over and over again until you reach the end.

I don't have the patience to do this..

A pixel pixel game who has nothing really important feature.
But I'll tell you to try it out and to make yourself's opinion.


This is a Othello Game. Pretty nice if I could say. BUT, things are.. Weird, well to me, it was weird..

First, great graphic design, really cute and it was soft for my eyes. I really wanted to have a story to this little fella!

What was weird is how we play the game.
Like the real strategy board we play "white" and try to have the most white disc from the board. The end of the game is determined by :
- destroying all the black disc.
- or don't have place to play anymore.

When you win, you win. Nothing else.
The only thing that mater is the white disc, the one you placed on your play will show part of a picture. The black one will make the picture hidden. In the end of the play and if you win, all the white disc you have placed ( and so the part of the picture too) are saved, you will see on the selection of a level what part of the picture you missed.. Do it again now.

If you understand what I try to explain is that the Real Goal to this game is to fully discover picture by winning the Othello game, and do it again and again until you have all the pieces of a picture.

This is boring to me, even if it was really cute, I didn't catch it. Lack of adventure, of action.. And I don't know why but the AI you play against is a little too... Hard..

Hint : during My play I found out that you can mess with the board [怪笑]. Spam spots you can play a white disc. Somehow, it play twice or more!! Well the AI will play as much as you played but it's fun! [開心][開心][開心][厲害]

In the end. A fine game to me!

Torocco de Coins


A game about a little guy riding into somewhere.. (How did he get here in the first place I wonder..)

A nice little game with music that you will keep in mind during years, I swear, I played the first level so much that this music is hunting me now...

However, it is really challenging, I don't know if there is an end or not but it is a little bit difficult than expected...
Maybe because of the controls who... Work one time or two.. In a way that doing two command in a row ( because you have to if you don't want to be crushed by a wall or anything like that.) make the game even more difficult! It work or not!

In the end, it is a... Nyeh game.. Nothing more nothing less, if you want to spare time, do it elsewhere.

Doesn't work, it say's that it requires connection to the internet...
HA! JOKES ON YOU! I'm using Internet right now! If not, I couldn't tell you this! [厲害]

So sad... The game doesn't work... [大哭][大哭]

Unstopping Slope


"HEY !? What are you doing there?! Don't you know how to read?! It says " Avalanche, Be careful. ". GET BACK DOWN THERE, YOU DANGEROUS BEING!!!

A funky game about a dude being crushed by stones, at least you decide if he's going to or not!

A nice game and good graphic.

BUT, what are thoses requirements for installing the game?! For good cause, don't take this game, it's... Weird to ask those just for a game that last only 2 minutes...

Anyway.... A good game! [懵懂]

A game about glory?? The little bird want to become a star I guess?? I don't speak Japanese...

The music is nice and I really like the style.
However I don't like how this game is going...
You gain things and you give the birb those things... You have to wait again and again until the bird level up. What's his level up? Oh nothing... Just a new move for an incredible dance!! [白眼]
I see a lot of game like this one soo..

Fine game! [厲害]

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THIS NEW UPDATE IS AWESOME. In this new update, they add ANIME and POP songs ! And they're too many !!!
Give it a try for new apprentice! 
And for confirmed players, make the best of everything you do!!!!
Have a nice game!!!!! â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸
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