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Hey! I'm just a guy who want to play a lot of different games. I'm up for anything, and those little game hidin in the deepest zone is what I like !
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Hey! I'm just a guy who want to play a lot of different games. I'm up for anything, and those little game hidin in the deepest zone is what I like !
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Torocco de Coins


A game about a little guy riding into somewhere.. (How did he get here in the first place I wonder..)

A nice little game with music that you will keep in mind during years, I swear, I played the first level so much that this music is hunting me now...

However, it is really challenging, I don't know if there is an end or not but it is a little bit difficult than expected...
Maybe because of the controls who... Work one time or two.. In a way that doing two command in a row ( because you have to if you don't want to be crushed by a wall or anything like that.) make the game even more difficult! It work or not!

In the end, it is a... Nyeh game.. Nothing more nothing less, if you want to spare time, do it elsewhere.

Doesn't work, it say's that it requires connection to the internet...
HA! JOKES ON YOU! I'm using Internet right now! If not, I couldn't tell you this! [厲害]

So sad... The game doesn't work... [大哭][大哭]

Unstopping Slope


"HEY !? What are you doing there?! Don't you know how to read?! It says " Avalanche, Be careful. ". GET BACK DOWN THERE, YOU DANGEROUS BEING!!!

A funky game about a dude being crushed by stones, at least you decide if he's going to or not!

A nice game and good graphic.

BUT, what are thoses requirements for installing the game?! For good cause, don't take this game, it's... Weird to ask those just for a game that last only 2 minutes...

Anyway.... A good game! [懵懂]

A game about glory?? The little bird want to become a star I guess?? I don't speak Japanese...

The music is nice and I really like the style.
However I don't like how this game is going...
You gain things and you give the birb those things... You have to wait again and again until the bird level up. What's his level up? Oh nothing... Just a new move for an incredible dance!! [白眼]
I see a lot of game like this one soo..

Fine game! [厲害]



You are the Villain of the game, and you have to spread the darkness and everything bad to the world...
"... What's this?! A hero come to my castle to kill me !?! Mwahahaha!!! Let's make his travel worse than hell!!!!!"

In this game, your need is to survive the most longer from "Chronos". this guy is most exactly like him...
Anyway you have a few days before it comes out to you, and during this time, you can set traps for him, or order your minions to gain money for you. It's pretty decent, and too much on the "luck" point. You never know how things could happen... It's incredible...
Anyway I consider this really hard, being a bad guy is too hard... And now I understand the fact of hating those little hero...

There's also a feature about popularity? On the top right of the panel, there's something with a face, that gaining point if you do anything bad I guess..?

Some fact I discovered during my playtime,
You save half of your money when the first villain died, it come for the next character, it's like a family... You can try save a lot by spamming gaining money but... LUCK... [大哭] and plus, you can do one things per day... And some are not understandable to me...

I don't think it has an ending, if it has, well... I'm not enough motivated to go on those hard time...

Good game!! [開心][微笑]

Let's play together!!
An incredible game that crash on a first play.

You have to jump with all of your family and try to get still on the tracks.
It's not amazing but it's Fine...
I don't understood a lot and I don't want to try understanding it because of the lack of playtime before the crash...

It's just differences, you find what's wrong with a picture compared to the original picture.

Something is off on this game.
First : No Music, you can toggle sound but... Is there sound?! Only when you find a difference, the sound will glow into your ears...

Two : you need to use internet to have Other level. For downloading the other twenty levels.. It's maybe useful Idk, but... I don't see the point of not putting them all in once for the download of the game.

And three : I don't like the fact that it's too easy.. In a way that when you touch your screen for looking around the pictures to find clues, you maybe have touch a clue and it count! You just touch One time the clue it count as you founded it, without notice it.
Let's spam everywhere!!!

In the end, it's not that bad, it's good actually, thoses pictures are nice (well, some of them... [怪笑]) and even if it has no music...

It's a fine game... [為什麼]

Cat No Wash!


A game about a cat who hate water, that don't want to be washed. In a Japanese style...

There's nothing more about it.. The girl try to "hit" you and you have to touch your phone for blocking him from her intention...
Somehow, by moving her shower head, she became a super Saiyan... Just what?!
Yeah yeah... It's Japan, do not worry about it...

Anyway, more you are keeping his fur dry, more you have a chance to obtain a new ending for your... "Death" (because on the game, on the left you can see a gauge that is your life bar, on the red part, there's an skull, a definition of Death) of course the cat don't die but it express his hate to bath, that is funny.

Well that's all, a good little game, a little too boring, with no music, just an ambiance of the bathroom and the sound of a super-Saiyan..

Good game. [不滿][為什麼]

Natto Breeding


Well that's unfortunate... The game doesn't work..
I really like the black screen and the silence of doom though...

Mini Boyfriend Breeding


Baby love, Baby forever.

You have to tidy the room of the baby. Of course you have to do it and not the Goddammit kid! After all, It can change his look into A LOT OF THING but NOT AT ALL tidying his room! Just No!
And the worst of this, you do only this! And having new outfit for you child !

Just the beginning tell me that I gonna to suffer this! It's almost cringe, but in the end, it's not too horrible..
I like the style, it almost a kind of dream..
And the music goes well with this.

If you really like babys, check this one out, it's nice, the only problem is to understand your choice, (yes sometimes it ask you something but it's not in understandable language so.. Good luck with that..)

Well.. Fine game. [白眼]



"OKAY! Create Humans as long as you possibly can!! If you have to, make the same hero again and Again!! Okay?!"

An RPG game about fighting bosses, like every Game, it has a boss, in this game, you have Always a boss! It's always on the top of the screen and say hello to you by being small and big!
You have a land, the land of terror. A lot of monster appear for destroying your humans..
You have to kill the throwing ONE HUNDRED HUMANS to their death, or maybe more.. A beautiful war you could say, well no.. Killing the boss il making him stronger and you start all other again! Until 6 or 8 level fighting this monster, a new one appear! Yay! Let's fight it for 10 more level!
By Killing a monster, you gain money, and this money is useful for increasing the power of your human and more things.. You can accelerate your wallet by crushing monster with your finger. (Yes you are a god, everything make sense now.)
It could be really good but the lack of amusement is making me annoyed.. I tried all the power up I could find on the menu,(Potions, and even this blue orb that are expensive and do NOTHING Except Going back to the First level! Really I Was Angry... But this is what I get to try something that I don't understand! Alas, You know it now..) and nothing is making me play it again.. Maybe thoses new monster I could encounter during thoses levels..
It say that It has A Lot of monster and world. But.. I'm not feeling patient to do it.. Sorry Dev.

The music is simple and repetitive. But it goes along with the style. It's fine.

In the end, don't duplicate people, it's not a game, and don't do it for horrible purpose.. Please, thank you.

Fine game! [懵懂]

DogLife: BitLife Dogs


Want to be a dog? Well, there you have it my dear little human...
Will you be a good doog or a bad doog..?

This game is a prequel to the Original game Bitlife, made by the same developers, it shows you how you could be into a life created by your own desire.
Warning : Even if it is a game only with word and no picture, it contain violence and sexual content. (It's really tiny but it count, I have to say it anyway. ) So please, be aware of that.

In this game, instead of controlling a human life, you are in charge of a Dog's (or cat) life.
By this, you chose what to do (followed by true action and content (not everything heh..) ) as Bitlife it has no real goal, it you and only you to decide of a ending by your own good.

It is fine.. Even if it has no music, it has a lot of add (and even some are Download in this game to show even if you turn off your internet... What Genious they are! [厲害]) it could create a good story, it has most of the time a new event for you to live with or suffer. Everything is random and randomly generalized. It's really good, but more fun mean....

"Buy it."

Yeah-yeah of course! Why do WE think that something we like could be.. Only free.. (we can play it without, it's just less.. Open)
It shows some option for us to buy more feature. And a lot of good things I suppose?
Anyway, it's fine, for the price, it is good enough.
For a game who make a lot of versatile life and a lot of event and extra features is good.

So in conclusion, If you really like to create a life, make some good, bad, incredible or weird choice, it's in this game!

Good game! [厲害]

Machinika Museum


Oh-Ho! Me and my machine, we will solve EVERYTHING! Behold Martians, we are UNSTOPPABLE!

You're a researcher of paranormal being and your goal is to understand how everything you are dealing with is working.
It's a game of pure reflection..
The only thing I want to understand is, how this guy manage to have a job like this.. Really i'm jealous..

Anyway, all the ambiance is amazingly good. I just think that it is too 3D... Yes, It's really great and the fact of moving the screen And everything around you is really peaceful, it's fluid and all that, it's good but the 3D design is a little too 3D for me..
A calm ambiance for this kind of game is a good match. Well done.

However... A game like this is not free hehe.. Of course what did you think.. On the "demo" you discover the machine of duplicate and that is it... Not a lot but it is really promising!

Good game! [害羞]

Meteor 60 seconds!


In 60 second, you barely have the time to do something.. It's insane how the time goes fast..

You are a young man, who listen the new, discovered that the Earth is gonna explode in 60 second. He decide to do things on his last 60 second. Punching everything he could see or embrace with love every moving things..
This is by your choice to make the right way..

There's more than 6 ending.. This is a lot! It's normal, the game himself is not very long...

However, things are disturbing me..
I don't know why or is this game like this but when the meteorite hit the earth by having done nothing (a game over) everything goes white and nothing happen, letting me quit the game for opening it again. It's like, reinitialize the game, and so the life.. WE ARE GOD GAMERS!!!
But i don't really like it..

Well... Good little quick game! [害羞]

In this House, EVERYTHING is Hunted!! Will you be able to achieve your goal!? MwaHahaha!

Well.. First, Why this dog wanted to go into THIS house !? Doesn't found it scary?? Not at all.. And this ending.. This ending did let me fall from my chair, It has NO SENSE.. I don't want to spoil but.. Just How and WHY?!

this game now.. You, the character, are going through this hunted house for rescuing your dog.. It seems easy, yeah no.. It is a kind of escape game.. You go into different rooms and discover the horrible in there...
I really like the graphic on this, it give me a little memory from the video game Goosebumps.. It gave me the same impression..
The sound is not that great, it let me more laugh than being scared.

Talking to scary, thoses little screamer are good, i did have the feeling of being there thanks to the ambiance. And by that let me catch several time, it's not that great but yeah it's good enough!

Conclusion, don't go into houses you don't know of.. Or if you don't feel it, leave it be, go elsewhere. [厲害]

Between escaping thoses houses or celebrate Christmas with new friends : What will you choose?

This game is an escape game of Christmas.
The joy and this melodic sound are here with your journey from solving puzzles in those lockdown houses.

The graphic are good enough maybe a boring in my opinion?.. Anyway, there 4 levels, with different puzzles to solve, animated also!
Some characters will have an "animation" from solving a puzzle.. You will see!

Christmas is always with us!! [厲害][開心]

DANNY : The Horror Game


Run away from this house before it caches you!!!

You are stuck in a place with a weird monster and you have to collect enough point for escaping this place.
You can collect items for making the game easier.. Although, it's incredible how these bonus/items is a mess, they all are on the ground and can be in a mass group,which means that you grab all of them in once! It's cool and sometime not..
The Monster, don't forget about it, is here too.. It's big enough for you to see it and well... You can hide too! In closets [厲害].
If I am not wrong, the monter is faster than you, so.. Don't try something too risky..
And another tip, you can hide in front of him, he is a little dumb...

The only thing this monster is good at is screaming just in front of your ears...
Be careful, it is more louder being caught that anything else on this game...

And lastly, this game has a bug, tell me if you have it too, when dying on level two, your screen show the monster, but you can't continue.. You have to close the game and open it up..

It's fine, It is made with Unity Engine soo.. I could expect that in my opinion.

Fine Game. [厲害]

R. Physics Puzzle Game


You don't slice Bread or fruit... You are not at home or outside... You are into a bunker cutting purple/pink/etc... forms.. What ? [汗顏]

In this context this is a little weird, but i will spare this... So, your goal is to cut things, and they have to fall down the pit of hell.
It has a lot of level and it's pretty satisfying, I will not lie about that.. The game is fluid and physics work really well! I'm like a samouraï...

Hrmm.. Let's keep going..
Each level you play, allows you to cut number of times, (Minimum 2 and max 5) and of course, if you manage to win the level by cutting only one time or some, you will have 3 or 2 stars for the level. (Basic game rules..)

In my opinion this is Really difficult to have three star, you really have to know well the physics.. And I like it!

A well fine game [開心][害羞]

Make some beautiful breeds buy a weird machine during Post-apocalyptic and make friend by selling your pain! (Bread in French)

You, character has in charge to make bread by something.. I don't know what it is but... I could understood everything it says, I could have understand better but well...
This is a game with a lot of dialogue. Don't expect to be small talk. It's the main feature.. A robot, who follows you everywhere (even when you sleep [厲害]), talk to people that makes you friend with them... You increased the relationship you have with them and... Something happen..

I found this a little boring.. It doesn't seem to be really impressive and a lot of action or something like that ..
Maybe I am wrong, but in my way, this is how things goes..

Make pain to all people you will see! They will.. Appreciate! [厲害][賣萌][害羞]

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