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My only complaint is the lack of fast and skipping battle but the story is godlike.



Just an app. Dont really know how to rate it.

Memento Mori


Very nice soundtrack and gameplay. Can be a bit repetitive and need a lot of grinding but overall very fun.

Could be better late game but overall is one of the higher quality idle games [開心]



its great [色色]

Vampire Survivors


Very fun and addictive game that you can pass a lot of time with. [睡覺] Recommend

Interesting start to the game. High expectations just hope it doesn't become like the other generic anime girl rpg games

Phantom Rose Scarlet


This game is seriously well made for a turn based card game. The mechanics are really interesting and fun to play with. The unique aesthetic and sound also is really high quality. Overall every time i play i get really drawn in and end up playing for hours at a time. Would definitely recommend.

LINE Webtoon


The app is really easy to use and stories are very engaging. I often binge entire stories without realising

Very fun and great game!

Cytus II


Little to complain about. Close to perfect game with compelling storyline and fun rhythm mechanics



I like to play time after time and every time im impressed by how much fun it is. Although there are some thinga that could be improved on

[開心] Love this game! Great for those who are fans of the danmachi series. The gameplay and stories are amazing.

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