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Aye, so.
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Aye, so.
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A simple puzzle game, nothing too complex or frustrating. Nothing is pay walled and hints can be obtained by watching video ads. An interesting way to spend thirty or forty minutes but nothing more.



If you've ever seen those terrible Gardenscape adverts on Instagram or in other games, this game actually plays out like those commercials. It's an interesting puzzle but not particularly deep; a passable time eater but not something you're likely to keep coming back to.

Venus Eleven | Japanese


Rating based on English version, which is unfortunately now being closed, but this has been a really enjoyable football sim with sweet and earnest storylines. I'll miss following the stories but the gameplay is still well worth playing for.

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足 #KINK #feet
Hope everyone is off to a good start in 2021. It's still rough out there but there's hope on the horizon. Did you make any resolutions for the new year and how are you handling them so far? 
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