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I love Pokemon I'm favorite Pokemon is gardevoir and I love final fantasy so yeah that's all
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I love Pokemon I'm favorite Pokemon is gardevoir and I love final fantasy so yeah that's all
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I love this game i can get any characters i want and i like the evnts you can get characters and eggs to lvl them up and you can get souls to get eggs or characters and other things

i like the 2nd one better.

i love this game but the JP one is better then the Global one but that's just my opinion its because i get the Burst and LDS easyer in JP then Global so yeah that's why i like the JP one more and i finally got a Burst and LD in global and
its for Ardyn`s and i got his EX+ max out same with the LD and Armor+

Girls X Battle 2


I love girls X Battle 2 because i finally graduate 3 of thme to a 6 star and got costumes for some of them so that's why I love girls X Battle 2.

Fire Emblem Heroes


awesome game I love Fire Emblem heros i same times get the 5 stars i want but same times i don't but im ok with it at least I can beat Infernal and Abyssal thanks to same of the 5 stars the game give me and my id is 8682981917.

the first final fantasy i played was final fantasy 7 i haven't played the remake tho but i scene game play of it Cloud my favorite final fantasy character i love this game at first i couldn't get the 5 stars i wanted so i uninstalled it but i we installed it and now im geting the 5 stars i want so i gotten lucky and same for the Neo versions if you want to ad me my id is 865664517 and im useing the Remake Cloud as my support character.

I love this game its fun i also love the Global one to but my luck is no't so good on global i can't get Burst or LDS but i get lucky with the burst and LDS on Dissidia final fantasy opera omnia JP so thats whay i play JP More and i got Terra's Burst and EX in the free multi i was so happy so i did more multi's to try to get Terra's LD but i didn't get it in the other multi's but i did have enough Mog coins so i used the Mog coins to get Terra's LD if you want to add me on JP or Global my id for JP is 539262916 and for Global my id is 859408107 for JP my useing Terra and for Global im useing Rem but you don't have to friend me on JP or Global

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