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Spotify Music


This game is soooooooooooo amazing. It has a really good story and I really enjoy this game. I think the developer really work hard on this game, especially on the storyline and the music. The graphic is so appealing to my eyes. I like it so much that I always make sure that I played this game everyday for at least three hours a day.

Practically just LoL adapted to mobile but more fast paced, the nexus doesn't have two extra turrets and just some small differences. For my 3gb ram phone, it runs smoothly although I turn on the 60fps option and play it at high definition resolution. Frame drop rarely happen for my phone so I have such a nice experience playing. As usual for anything, no matter what, there are a few flaws. The matchmaking system is just shit. Idrc about normal pvp matches, but when it comes to ranked game, it will be annoying. Gold and Silver tier got paired up with those unranked player is just urggghhh. Most of this unranked player just barely know the rules and pick randomly. Then, it's not really the problem of the game, but I must issue this problem regarding Chinese player. Well, some are good, like seriously, they can carry you like a God but most of them are just bunch of retarded ching chong who will chop your heart and get you demoted. Then there are A LOT, I mean it, a lot of dude who has Yasuo and Lee Sin syndrome but still bother to pick them. Hey, I am trash at them too, but at least I don't pick them.
Overall, good game as you can see with my rating here, most of the problem are on the players.

eFootball™ 2024


After playing it for around a few weeks, I found some pros and some cons about this game.
-Simple control: It's pretty much straightforward, you got a joystick with some buttons, it can't be more simple.
-It's not pay to win/get better player. You can grind yourself through the event and get some good players just by doing that. Then, when you play the campaign and you got promoted, you can get a lot of gp.

I enjoy this game really much but I would say there are a lot of cons that I found such as:
-The graphics: I mean, it ain't bad but it's not good either. The game have been quite old, so I think Konami should bump up the graphic.
-The delays when playing any PvP. It's quite annoying especially for me who likes to play with quick passes but the delay just threw me off because I can't really do that. I want to play one-touch passes but the player keep holding the ball for a little time then passes. It's worst when the delay happen, the opposing player who presses you get the ball like frickin' heck I hate those.
-You can't get flexible with your strategy. First of all, you are locked to one formation for each manager. Which means you can't change it mid game. As example, you maybe play only 3 defenders offensively, and you dominate the whole game, get a comfortable lead and to secure the win you might want to change to a more defensive formation. But well you can't. Then, you don't have the option to choose for the game plan. You can't decide on how many player you want to push forward when attacking, how many players should press a certain player etc.
-Most of the time, whenever you wanna shoot but then decided to pass, you can't cancel your shoot which is annoying. Like imagine, you cross and expect your player in the box to head it so you just press the shoot button. But suddenly the ball just went away to the other side and your player who still locked in shooting chase the ball. Since the ball is on the side it's better to pass or cross the ball. Welp, nah you can't, he will shoot and miss like hell.

Genshin Impact


Note this review coming from my gameplay using my cheap af entry level phone, realme C3, probably some shits gonna be different for higher end device. Ok, then, my review.
-Flawless graphics, I mean it. My phone screen can only support til 720p and considering my phone, I can't really use high graphics but even at the lowest graphics, it still look beautiful.
-It so much fun to play with friends through co-op.
-The music is really good
-Greatly designed characters. Some of my fav are Fischl, Diluc, Kaeya and Xiangling
-Great voice actor line-up, at least for the Japanese one lol. Even my fav seiyuu, Ozawa Ari is here lol

-It just take tooooooo much storage. Without any progress, it already take 6gb of your storage
-Not really playable for lower end device. This game is great but the fact that you need a good phone to run this game just make me quit this game (probably playing back when I get a better phone)
-The gacha is meh..... the generosity is well, I would give it 6/10, but still, some 4 star unit is good. But, it is really hard to gain the resource for the gacha as you go on. At least it is not pay to get anything game.

Onmyoji Arena | Global


It's a really fun game and probably one of the best MOBA I've ever played. The graphic is undoubtedly nice and really cool, probably being a weeb here but I love the Japanese theme of this game. Love the music and really fun to play especially with friends. But two flaw tho, if you hv a phone with low storage, make sure you got enough storage, like mine, without even a single progress, the game already take up 6 gb of my storage, lol. Secondly, matchmaking time can be quite long, I use Asian server and the matchaking time can exceed to almost 4 minutes and averagely, it took around 1-3 minutes normally. BUT, if you're using any server other than Asia, you guys need to be patient because I heard that it can take up to 10 minutes. Just hope this game get popular, since more player can make the matchmaking easier.

Among Us


This game is very good. I like this graphic that looks like some hilarious cartoon character that some random kids made, it just make the game more addictive imo. The tasks are quite simple and overall it's a good game. Some issues of this game are:
- Since it's a trust game, you might meet people that are too annoying and just blame stuff without prove so yeah.....
- When you are the impostor then the room admin set the kill cd to 60 or something, it just feels unfair. Maybe the devs should make the max kill cd to 30 only. It would be more fair tbh
- Language issue. I am pointing to Pinoy who refuse to speak English, yeah. As a fellow Southeast Asian, I know that most of Pinoy can speak English really well so plz, plz for the love of God, speaks English unless you make a private room full of your Pinoy friend, ok?
- The music.... is ok... can't really love it... so I hope the devs can come up with nice music. Until then, I probably gonna turn on my playlist while playing this game.



It's hard..... and I like it. Not a fan of most of the music here since I am not a fan of electronic music but what makes me like it is the new take on the rhythm game. It makes it more unique and challenging.

Good graphic, and the gacha is without doubt one of the most generous one you could ever imagine. It's nostalgic to be able to play with our favourite characters from KoF simply on your mobile. The control is not any hard it is simple as heck.

The game mechanism pretty much straightforward and anyone can just enter then play. Despite that, having 7 lanes does make it more challenging. The songs is just really nice.

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I don't know how did I win a lot by using this weird formation lol. Probably wanna upgrade my LB tho. Read Note
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