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Cyberspace Ncrypt


it kind a short to play to the end but i don't know why I keep playing it. This game is great, when I'm free i just open and let it farm automatically, even it already end game and don't have any content to play anymore.

For my suggestion,
it's hard to equip a specific type of equipment. because everytime you equip your equipment, it will reset the filter and it also hard to find an equipment when it sort by date of equipment or something. so, it will more easy when you can choose what equipment will come first or like fevorite equipment.
and for the gacha it hard to pull only 1 at the time, 10 pull is recommended. and it will be nice if it has some kind of interface that sum all the gacha.
also i want some details of the skills that characters have.
most important, I want a save or cloud save feature as soon as possible to make sure that my save won't disappear.

lastly, I don't know it's a bug or not but when the number like the experience point is exceed around 10 or 100 billions it will change to negative number, for my case it - 1 billion or maybe I just farm too much haha. real last, it's a great game pls keep develope it, I will keep playing it and sorry if i use wrong or weird words.

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Fun to play
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