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I use to post cards with info for those who have not obtained the cards I have, might go back to it soon, idk. Follow for a follow.
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I use to post cards with info for those who have not obtained the cards I have, might go back to it soon, idk. Follow for a follow.
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Amazing app, way better than their english release because it doesn't have the cut in scene lag bug and it has a special custom profile edit, the only problem is the pay only gachas or pay only costumes

very good app for streams, only con they can never fix is time arrival, ofc different countries and such and it's live so I dont expect it to be instant, overall it's good, not many nice streamers, pokemane is a totally fake bubbly personality etc, dont attack me but it is fake and too many simps on there, very hard to comfortably stream especially as a woman but overall good app.

PlayStation App


I prefer xbox but then again this is a really nice console and app, the app has alot of access features just like xbox, ps4 is really slow and doesn't have alot of storage but if I'm being honest games actually run alot better even on an old ps4, sadly youtube buffers way too much.



I see too many nsfw accounts on here event real naked people, it's disgusting how this app allows such things even thou it's "against the guidelines" to post that stuff, not for 13 year olds and not a very good app with their guidelines.



probably the best avatar creator out there.

Persona 5 IM


Very cute and very Persona5 aesthetic, it even uses your contact photos which is awesome and has a nice transition when tapping on the text, I honestly dont know how this game is on here but yeah.

Gacha Club


So this isn't really a storyline game however they have that thing where u talk to other character and give gifts to them I guess or on one of the other apps, gameplay is iffy, I dont know how I feel about the battle mode but they still have the same old accessories, not really any new ones and the graphics are cute, they look like chibis. sound. . . eh I mean they have music which is a vibe. I like it and there is sounds where u tap but that gets annoying for me. Too many cringy videos on youtube of this app thou. . .

Discord is the safest and best social you can get out there, no creepys can follow and prey on your young ass because of something called tags, xbox uses them if the user has the name name as others. what this does on discord is prevents people from randomly searching a name and somehow adding you. the only way people can add you is if you give them your username and tag or you join a server, this is a good social thou. I use it daily.

I think the japanese version is better because of onw small bug, in a stage it tends to freeze and lag, looked it up and people say it's your phone bull f**king sh*t, if it was my phone it would do this on the japanese game wouldn't it, it's bearable but so annoying. Everything is fine apart from the paid gacha and pay only costumes in battlepasses also guess what, only japan lets you specially customize your profile card thing.

probably the best game I'll find out there, Nier automata is better but console games dont crossover to mobile well so I dont rlly expect em to make it like automata, I have the 2B cards, 3 star and 4/5 star? can't remember, the game is untouched rn cuz am too busy studying for school these days, last year at school so ye but it's worth playing and trying out especially when some stuff is limited. The graphics is also tooo damn good! Now I wouldn't say it's a perfect game but then again the perfect game does not exist, just give it a shot and if it's not your thing move on.

Identity V | Global


All im gonna say this is amazing and im so glad i got the limited time back accessory and doctor maid suit for anniversary![開心]

Pokémon Café ReMix


Amazing but can we customize the lady and our pokemon?

Minecraft Earth


Need another app to download this, wouldnt that take up data and storage? Wow....It should all be in one app

Spotify Music


Free music? More like free money to them, very misleading.

Edit: it's title no longer says free music just spotify: music and podcasts, good job spotify... good job. 🥱

Asylum (Horror game)


A bit boring since i cant get past the weird spider room, checked all the first doors then the ones with the spider boys even with a key but nothing



Cool but boring a little also i cant change my pfp to smthin in my gallery even thou its an option yet doesnt work, why?

Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


Amazing but im stuck in quarantine and cant get to a pokestop rn but i have no choice but to buy clothes for fashion or for pokeballs and thats not fair! I havent played since last year because of this and my pokemon gave me gifts from a nearby pokestop alot but now shes stopped, why? Would not reccomend, youd end up spending money or not playing at all!...

Live Portrait Maker


So cute! I love making female avatars with this, the male one is also super dang cute and the face, omg so fudging smooth and perfect!!! And the items make your character look the best! Get if you like making cute avatars cuz this is the app for you! No sounds thou...

Mystic Messenger | Korean


Amazing! So many cute boys! I cant choose! But why can you only be friends with Jaynee? Im bi and like her.....[可憐][大哭]

Love Nikki | English


Amazing! I love the suits, shame most of the event ones dissapear so soon and i doubt the disney one will come back[憋屈][大哭]

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