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Date A Live (zh-TW)


graphics and gameplay are good, character is beautiful, animated skill is good enough without massive effect, stat can boosts with card system and stat tree, the most needed for the game is english language anf for every update i must download all data[發火] is too long and big

i like game like this, it's like suikoden war system. it nostalgic, but always gacha system is harsh(mobile sale point haha). japan version has 24x free premium gacha. why in english not. basically for new players is always presenting 3-10x gacha premium

Langrisser Mobile (JP)


i like game like this, it's like suikoden war system. it nostalgic, but don't like the language because they have job(2nd job) decision for MC depend on your answer[大哭]. but they have english version hahahaha

Girls X Battle 2


i play on redmi note 2 OS 5.1(lollipop) even in qoapp say device out date and it play normal

at first you will watch 3D animation then a little chit-chat and a tutorial, gameplay as usual semi auto, graphic is great and they have 3D girl.

Abyss Horizon (JP)


graphic and gameplay is good, but is annoying every used turret and terpedo always do animation clip and it make lag, i want to skip that. went enemy lunch airship it to hard to avoid that, even use speed up

great game and great graphics. i like turn base games.

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