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Think alot of people have reported this but the game has crashed on me alot other than that i'm having fun so far and i've reached chapter 6 so far.

Note: i'll edit the comment if i find any bugs or issue i come across

My only gripes so far are stamina system and auto stage complete taking time

Heres where i'll post my findings of bugs, glitches or issue i have with the game, i'll keep it updated whenever i can:

I've encoutered numeruos amount of crashes from just about everything i do in the game, i'm not sure what caused the crash because i have again stable wifi connection but it seems it has more to do with menus.

So i think the crashes are mostly related to menus, whenever i switch between menus too fast or too often it'd crash, i'm not sure why but it has happend to me alot

Reforging equipment feel slow and tedious

Events feel the same as you always get a SR event character to use in that time limited event giving double the event points for a milestone reward or for purchasing things from the current time limited event shop.


Get event character
Grind event with event character
Max out event character
Grind the event for event points
Rinse and repeat

It gets boring really quick

Game having extremely slow updates, before they added a note that says "Processing Update please wait" all the players including myself who played it when it first came out exprience a problem where sometimes it takes really long for the confirm update option to pop up while your staring at a blackscreen. The bigger the update files, the longer it takes for the confirm update option to appear and when the actual update begins it also takes extremely long comparing it to Azur Lane and Girls Frontline both are fast in installing a update. I wish they fix this so people don't to leave their phone open for half an hour or even more just for the confirm update option to appear and for the update to be completed.

One thing i can give credit is that if you close while the update is happening, the progress of it is saved but that doesn't mean it's a tediuos to wait it out while your battery is being drained and device is overheated atleast from my experience.

Currently the game is buggy from game freezing, game crashes, event banner is greedy because you need to purchase star contracts a premium summon item or wait for weeks to get 2 from weekly purchase and i'm no expert but the S summon rate is pretty abysdmal for my experience only got my s units from pity system as well the game can be brutally difficult if your characters do not have their star rank higher than 3 stars in late game.

Also your duplicate need to have the same star as the current unit to rank up, if lest say your gobta is 4 stars and you have a duplicate gobta 3 stars, you can't use him to rank up the the current unit higher than him.

Please fix these issues as well the bugs and greedy star contract because it ruins the fun after most tensie shitara fans waited for long.

Once fixed i'll remove the post and i hope the game gets the patches it needs and some changes, I enjoy the game but with these issues they make the game sometime hard to enjoy.

Oh yeah most of the voicelines are ripped from the anime soo pretty disappointing as well but it still has potential and when all the bugs and important changes are made, it could've been my favourite mobile adaptation atleast from my opinion.

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Why? I downloaded it from taptap since it keeps taking to playstore where it says that octopath traveler is not available in my country ( Malaysia ) RIP i was looking forward to it Read Note
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