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I love it so far!! [害羞]

The UI is so smooth and the gameplay as well, I really love that! I like how they added little extra things to do apart from the stories and battle; like the puppet show! that's a very unique feature in my opinion [鬼臉]
So far I'm really liking the story- it's interesting and makes me wanna stay and read to find out more! The twist after the common story about that thing between the 'fictional' and real word characters truly left me in shock! Currently am in the first part of Ayn's story .

And don't even get me started on the cards!
THEY'RE ALL SO GORGEOUS AND BEAUTIFUL??? THE QUALITY!! >>>>> especially Cael, Ayn and Alka's!! Love those 3 sooo much!! (I like Cael a tinyyyy bit more but- those 3!!) personally, I don't really like Lars and Clarence like- at all. but won't deny and say that their cards are ugly [微笑]

So I really recommend this game! ESPECIALLY cuz the mc is pretty nice! I usually hate all the mc's (female) of otome games cuz of their personality (that's why I don't play them much haha), but this one's good. I like that [害羞]

Is it f2p friendly? dunno- It hasn't feen long since release and I haven't pulled any other than the beginners one soo [鬼臉]

Starting from scratch. will miss you eng.

Oya? another hell? yes, I haven't had enough with the other 4 versions, I wanna suffer more. ty qooapp <3



I started a couple days ago and so far I'm enjoying the game! The gameplays are fun and the concept is very interesting ☆
Theres lot's of pretty boys with interesting personalities~
My top 3 are; Fran, Lim and Neon! [開心]

I can't wait for all the episodes of the anime to be out!! [耍帥]

I've been playing for a couple of hours and as for now I'm really enjoying it! [開心] (UPDATED!)

here's a little insight of the game;;

Game style,,
This is one of those training/raising sim game, kinda like enstars basic where you get to train your boys first before going- in this case- to play football.

Leveling up,,
You can level up your boys' cards, by doing so they get a higher base stat of certain attributes when they start training. which will make them get stronger faster.

You can basically upgrade any stat for the guy you choose, you can only choose one at a time. I'm not 100% sure but I think the suggested stats you should upgrade is shown next to your boy when you click on his card.
Theres mini interactions almost every time you upgrade a stat, but you can skip them. You get 24 turns to do everything, like training, taking a rest, and do practice matches (when you finish a practice match you'll get 3 extra turns).
note that the better your boy is feeling the higher the chance is to get an extra bonus of the stats you're upgrading. (ex. 300%, 400%, 500% and so.) you'll see a mini icon showing how he's feeling.

‼️btw, I see lot's of people getting confused by this but,, YOU CANNOT ADD A CHARACTER YOU JUST GOT AND HAVEN'T TRAINED YET ON YOUR PROFILE'S SHOWCASE!

You can play against ai or other players (non co-op), these are the ways you can get materials to upgrade your boys' cards as well.
When you're competing theres this whole anime scene and stuff where you can see how your characters move and plays, they also say voice lines at times. theres also a mini field in the corner so you can see where the ball and other players currently are.
This whole thing is truly entertaining! But you can also skip them all if you wish to do so.
(I recommend just skipping them while training so you don't waste much time and watch them when you actually compete.)

I'll just call them energyA and energyB as I don't know the names yet.. But when training you will use 20 energyA, which replenishes 1 every 10 minutes (the cap is 100) and when playing in any mode you'll use 1 energyB which replenishes 1 every 100 minutes (the cap is 5)
I honestly hate how long it takes them to replenish lol 😭

In this game you can't get exp to rank up.
your teams total power is counted as your rank.
(each total power has a rank, which are; G, G+, F, F+, E, E+, D, D+, C, C+, B, B+, A, A+, S, S+, SS, SS1, SS2, SS3 (dunno when that ends). I dunno how much power you need in total to reach a certain rank, for now I know that you need 75k for rank C+ , 85k for B+ and 100k for rank A)
(^^^ with the new 'to the world' update you're now able to get an INSANE amount of power per unit- 1m+ if you're lucky- check it out! additional ranks that I know of are: US+1~10 and EX+1~10)

The gacha system is like another gacha game so there isn't much to say about that. at the beginning it's fairly easy to get gacha currencies, as of now I've managed to do 60 pulls already. (not including the free gacha tickets you get, I think it was 3?) ALSO! a good thing about this game is that you get a free multi (11 pull) when a new banner drops! (you can only do the pull on the released banner) sometimes, on special occasions, you might get more than 1! but not right away~

there's support card and items gacha.
sometimes you get tickets to pull for resources and with a chance of getting gems.

At first I truly didn't believe it cuz in every game rarity matters.. but in this one it doesn't. rather, the rank of your character doesn't depend on the rarity. the only difference the rarity have is the skills! So as long as you have a 1/2☆ that have the same level as the original 3☆ they can have as much power as them. Only the skills differ.

Club (guild),,
there's a new feature called "club" that came out! It's like you're average guild system. As of now theres nothing you can do there except for chatting.

They've now added pvp!! you can defeat players and rank up to higher ranks (after the fighting period ends) and battle more difficult opponents!
You can get items to ex,change for useful stuff! (like an SSR support card)

❗️I think this is all for now- I'll edit this when I find out something else or if I notice I missed something (or when a new feature in an update comes out).
feel free to correct me if I did a mistake!!
(^^ there's been lot's and lot's of new updates and things to do- I'm I afraid if I keep adding more it'll get WAY too long- so y'all should check it out for yourselves!!)

ANYWAY! I think y'all should really give this game a try, with all the reviews I've been seeing I'm afraid this game won't last long... and it's still day 1!!
I really don't want it to shut down like the others. 🥲💔
(^^ it's popularity is increasing.. and we made it to 1st aniv- I think it'll make it!!)

First of all wow.. I wasn't expecting *that* much when I downloaded it but I'm hooked!

The songs are REALLY good and addicting, the characters are all super hot (and smexy--) so if you can put your attention to one only.. congrats! you've done the impossible--

I like how the notes changes color and shape! it's so pretty~ And it being horizontally is a nice change of pace~

I'm sad that I didn't play this way earlier or knew abt it when it released.. It's so good that I think I might get addicted lmao (like enstars-- help.)

I'm still not 100% what some parts or stuff do so I'm excited to find out! ☆
(especially the part where we train(?) them ahaha- what does that do?-)

I still don't have a no. 1 fav character (since I've been playing for like an hour-) but the ones who caught my attention are; Maica, Qu, Kasumi, Sinju, Mokuren, Rindou, Health, Ran, Yoshino and Ginsel!

I can't wait (to be stuck in this hell hole forever--) to get to know the boys and more about the game~ [開心]💜
(by images, voice and face expressions since idk jap hahaha- [鬼臉])

(help- the sone Violet is permanently stuck in my head--)

EDIT: I also forgot to mention but... If you're one of those people who has a bad relationship with flick notes.. guess what... THIS GAME DOESN'T HAVE ANY! Yes, you heard me! (so no more excuses when you fail to pc a song ahah-)

.. why does Rindou look like L from Marginal#4? 😂

Wind Boys!


Great game! lot's of lovable and pretty characters!~
I'm still pretty new to it but as of now Im quite enjoying it ♡
For me this game feels like a mix between Touken Ranbu and Enstars basic, BUT! this game has it's own charms and unique features~

Unrelated to the review but... Am I the only one who think Kuri looks like a Romeo?? Like.. not even a bit?? 👀
Cuz I feel like Romeo's a way better name for him lmao XD
It fits him perfectlyyy! [鬼臉]
(appearance wise since I still don't know much abt him-)

It doesn't matter tho cuz I won't be able to call him 'Kuri'.. from now on he will be known and addressed as 'Romeo' by me 😂💗💞
(I'm really unable to call him 'Kuri' lmao- My brain just automatically says Romeo and plus- Kuri doesn't fit him--)

I'm just glad that you can put as many cards from the same character in a unit as you want~💗🤍

I'm late and it's gonna take me awhile but I'm determined to collect all of Ramuda's cards.. 💕🍩🍭
(except for the lim ones that are prob never gonna come backk-- 😭)

I've just started and I'm totally enjoying it! I regret not playing it earlier when I knew abt it ;v;

One of the things I like is that there aren't many characters I like so I don't have to worry about collecting much cards thus having gems (or whatever it's called here--) issues! (I only like 7 for now)

But the other bad thing would be if I got an ssr from someone I don't like in the banner of the character I like 😭

Also, the ONLY thing that is for me, very disappointing in this game is that,, YOU CANNOT PLAY WITHOUT ST!!
I just started and I like playing said song so much and try the others, but it's very disappointing that I can't do so when I run out of ST.. 🤧💔

plus... 2D ANIMATIONS AND 3D, WHAAA?!? 🤯💕💗💓

I just LOVE looking at them talk and move, the graphics, animations, 💯

Arcana Twilight


this game just became one of my all-time favs!
the story line is perfection and the characters are very lovable! and don't even get me started on the artstyle... chefs kiss!! 🤧💞

I think ppl should stop caring of how it looks like obey me and start looking at the good sides of this game. Sure, they took a big inspo of obey me but it's not like the plot, characters relationship and story settings are the same.. 🤷

All in all, my fav boys are,, Vega, Pollux and Spica..💗✨️
(PLS GIMME THEIR CARDS I BEGGG! especially the vega one that's painting.. 👀❤️)

Tower of Fantasy | Global


pls don't say it a copy of genshin or honkai.
if you don't like it, don't play it. easy.
it's really annoying seeing ppl saying the same thing over and over again.

cute and entertaining!☆

(oikawa stop being such a simp.
kuroo stop startling me.
sugawara... keep being adorable.)

Bungo to Alchemist


I started playing this after watching the anime, I thought it might have a game cuz of the resemblance it has to touken ranbu and it does! [色色]

this game is different in it own ways compared to touken ranbu (other than sending a character to find another one)! I'm really enjoying the game and it's beautiful charas! ☆

10/10 would recommend! especially if you played touken ranbu b4~ [開心]

just,, rui ♡

just, 💯

Merc Storia - Japanese


I hate this game and I just started.
mayoi and aira where? ._.

Why does my luck suck here and every other ver that's not jp?
I hate this game. do not recommend. [no]

juzumaru best boy ❤
will miss you eng... the fact that you won't even appear on my profile anymore 😭

The Prison Boys | English


Addicting. I can't. This game is just so good i refuse to believe it ended, there will be more. there will. I believe it! [大哭][大哭][大哭]

Guardian Tales | Global


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Ikuzo 💜 Instead of getting a duplicate of the 1st card I got a new one... I'll definitely take it! These makes my 3rd ikuzo that's not bloomed- gotta work on that [鬼臉] Read Note
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