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I've been playing more mobile games lately...
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I've been playing more mobile games lately...
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Kemono Friends:Kingdom


This games been a little time thief for me. like ive literally forgotten to do my dalies from other games since ive been playing this. the music and animation is what sells it for me, ive found myself just idling to listen to the tunes when ive been playing much like i did in Nikke.

game play is simple, and the 2d live from our kemono friends are cute. ive found myself staring at weasels and chevrotains hands alot while on lobby screen

can definitely say this games gotten me to look into the IP and random animal facts, kinda made me feel like i did when i was kid [賣萌][賣萌]

hey its like playing the actual octopath but you get shafted by the gacha!! all gacha things aside the games pretty good like i mentioned like playing the actual game! give it a try and "dont be so angry its only game" [賣萌][賣萌]

Taimanin GOGO!


ehhh its ok and all but has no bearing or relation to the actual taimanin series. was thinking itd be a drop in dungeon crawler kinda deal but more akin to bankrupt demonlord game. id be 5050 split on actually recommending it though [發困][發困]

White Cat GOLF


been playing this recently and still playing it when i get thw chance. pretty much mario golf white cat warriors version. its all pvp based with a couple of solo events. normally not into these types but its been fun! have at you!! [鬼臉][鬼臉]



neat little game, you create a tower of legos and smack the enemy youre fighting!! try it if you can deal with the moon runes [開心][開心]

Edit: Been about 4-5 days since playing? so far 8 chapter areas available with their respective hard mode variables. theres a pvp arena puzzle mode but just play it like normal and youll do fine 60% of my wons have been from people just giving up evem before matching starts. theres also a daily dungeon for gold-exp-and skill materials. you can run story mode, gold, and exp dungeon as long as you got the stamina. skill up and assorted materials can be done the same BUT with a caveat. its not shown outright but i believe that skill up dungeon is time gated to RIGHT WHEN IT OPENS.

**so when the time runs down on skill up for the next according time limited dungeon literally JUMP ON IT. its the only way youll have access to it.**

after about 2-3 hrs of the new limited dungeon opening regardless of the dungeon saying its open for another 20-22 hrs it will in fact lock you out with a message saying w.e error has popped up and force you to title screen.

its not game breaking since we can still run it but it means we have to run it at inconvenient hours of the day. for the night owls though this will be fine to do. overall still a great little game if you can deal with the moon runes [鬼臉][鬼臉]

MildTini | Korean


no joke been playing only this so far lately, full collectable game thats f2p small too. visuals are cute, music is ok try it and give a review as well!! [賣萌][賣萌]

usually id 5/5 a game regardless of popular opinion. but this game is preettty bugged atm. by no means am i ragging on it though being a f2p lvl 65 myself. its a nice game to pop in every now and then throughout the day, as intended too since its an idle game. now is it worth the hype hmmmmm 7/10 at best but in thelong run its not bad time sink. mobile games were designed to be a pop in pop out experience....but if they dont fix it soon itll have players popping out permanently....[發怒][發怒]

Your Majesty


nice little game still gonna have stuff added i assume. thwy have a neat kinda light/dark personality special for the ur equivalent character form in which they sing a little tune which is also very nice. if you cant understand moon runes kick rocks i guess or use a translation app. wont be a main stay game for alot of folks but give a try if youre curious!! [鬼臉][鬼臉]



i mean granted i understand the moon runes so it makes my time playing that much better. the game is pretty nice semi top down shooter game. those familiar with final gear from bilibili can easily get into this game. gacha is...well gacha hell. but so far ive gotten fairly lucky.

i can easily see a nier collab with their 2B sporting her YoRHa issued flight unit. can even maybe get a 9s sporting his as well. in fact it almost feels like some attack assets from the enemies could be nier influenced in this game. heres hoping this game picks up steam to be under Squares radar!! [鬼臉][鬼臉]

HMMMMM [哇噻][怪笑]

Dislyte | Global


ehh your usual run of the mill game. still nice though to try something new. visuals are pretty nice [微笑][微笑]

Boba Tale


quite realistic and thorough to the point i now work in a boba shop and can make any drink [憋屈][憋屈]

Clash Of Sky丨English


pretty normal, but enough to pass the time [難過][難過]

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


pretty avg. cant complain [不滿][不滿]

Sin Chronicle


awesome game! play through the story and depending on your choice youll get a different result. dont expect anything ground breaking in that respects though.

game itself is pretty fun, casual turn based action similarly to the nepnep series if you played em. its pretty f2p friendly seeing as the concept of the game is centralized around the story. in that vein you can play it like the cat through time game or w.e it was called. you can try your hand at rerolling with the supplied guaranteed 3* pull from the event mission prize. but be forewarned this game isnt by any means a waifu collector. play it like that and youll be sorely disappointed.

tldr, sega game that is story centric. not a collection game. best have a firm grasp of japanese to enjoi the game or wait for a global release. [憋屈][憋屈]

honestly its a new idea for a mainstream concept. hockey isn't that big in jp so this is pretty damn cool.

simpleeeee game you can just turn your mind off and have a lottle fun [耍帥][耍帥]

Star Healer


been playing from when it initially released. its a pretty chill game with chill music, characters are cute too. cant wait for official release to pop!

pretty normal but as always charas look nice

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