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genshin brainrot
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genshin brainrot
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i just think that kamishiro rui

Helios Rising Heroes


hmm i really rushed to this game bc i've been playing happyele games for quite a while already and i see happyele as a good game company sooooo i thought i'd give this a try !!

so far, the game is quite... dead? with just the cycle of battle-patrol-battle-patrol ... but i guess it's understandable because it's freshly released but at the same time!! the game is quite okay-flowing... unlocking a story chapter after each chapter, it runs like obeyme for the story, and for the gacha : it's a lil bit like enstars... not quite generous honestly but!! (092920 EDIT : nvm this is just about the most generous gacha game i have ever played, now that there are more cards, i can see that the rates are more than acceptable; they're p good!!) i guess it's because there's only a few cards as, again, it's freshly released. it flows smoothly for a new game, so i really like it!! the boys are all likeable in their unique ways, and the story is okay!! i have only slight understanding in japanese but from what i can understand, the storyline is quite interesting~~

i really like the concept of this game overall.. it doesn't beat u to a pulp just for you to get decent cards and frames... u just need to take it easy and enjoy!! cards are quite cool, with their burst animations! plus levelling up is quite easy ; patrols can grant easy exp! and i also like the fact that there's a room feature... really remind me of a certain game that i like! this game is familiar to me yet new so i'm happy with this game~~

tread lightly in this game . hajime has made me cry just by serving me the most delicious cup of tea. ritsu sakuma has forced me to become his personal blood source i am hidden on his basement and he comes to me every after school. mao has done nothing to help me . be careful with this ga-

two months of faithfully playing and ive gotten devoted to this but..... still.... no..... four..... star....

beware of this game . these boys (and girl) will ruin your life. for a single sparkly png. hajime shino revival has ruined me and my dias . but thats ok i forgive him bc i like seeing him do his little dance onstage whenever i feel like it . aira did not come home .

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