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This is one of my favorie type of game,
i liked the game styles, gameplay and the characters!
its very fun and addictive

recommended to download this ;)

LINE Rangers


Reasons why i only put 2.6 stars [發火]

1, The game itself is good, it's a fun game where u can battle with others or your friends, but.....

2, The game is pay to win. the pvp is literally hard to win now as if people got a lot of op rangers

3, The game got pretty boring after u played for a while,

4, Gems are pretty hard to get, you can only get them when u leveled up, but thats easy when u just started playing, and u have to wait for a week just to get a gems, the gacha rate is pretty bad aswell

Sushi, Inc.


Graphics are okay,

The game is basically clicker simulator and grinding,
Its boring if you played it for atleast 10+ minutes,
overall i think the game is pretty good!

Plants vs. Zombies™ 2



A game where you put a plants to defend the house from the zombies. [色色]

This game has a nice graphics and the gameplay is fun. But the only 3 problem are:
1.It's a bit p2w. [驚訝]
2. Plants are a bit hard to get. Some of them pay money to get, some of them can get from Event [發怒]
3. Lost my progress, [發火]
And thats all the problem.

I lost my progress and there is no way to get it back anymore. You have to start all over again. Its frustrated... But some of you may get progress back too. [大哭]

(The game sound is fine.......)


เป็นเกมที่สามารถวางพืชได้แล้วปกป้องบ้านจะซ่อมบี้. [色色]

เกมนี้มีกราฟิกที่ดีแล้วระบบการเล่นก็สนุกด้วยแต่ว่ามีปัญหาอยู่ 3 อย่างนั่นก็คือ:
1. มันเป็นเกมpay to win ไปนิดเดียวจริงๆ [驚訝]
2. พืชหายากไปหน่อยนะ.. บางอันก็เติมเงินซื้อเอา หรือว่าไงได้มาจาก Event [發怒]
่3. เราสูญเสียไฟล์เกมไป.. [發火]

เราสูญเสียไฟล์เกมแล้วมันไม่มีทางที่จะเอาไฟล์เกมกลับมาได้อีกครั้งต้องเริ่มใหม่หมดเลย... มันยากที่จะเอาไฟล์เกมกลับมาได้แต่ละคนก็อาจจะไม่ได้ไฟล์เกมกลับมา [大哭]


Among Us


First of all. The new updates making me not wanted to play Among us anymore as most of people are just using quickchat and just voting random people.

although. you can find people that enabled free chat mode.

The graphics of the game is nice.
There are many pets to get but you have to bought it with real money only.. and hats and clothes aswell.

The gameplay is pretty fun actually.
If you played with friends or family. It's a nice fun game.
But if you played with strangers. You can have some fun too. But they will just vote random or not talking



Good game. Million of games to play, although many games were just copying eachother gameplay.
Every types of games you can play in one app.
I recommended you to play this game.
Be aware of scammers, and hackers,

Kuroko's Dash


[為什麼] I don't know why it need to access to my phone call.
But its an overall a great game.
I just wanna know why it must access to the phone call that all.

Sweet Sins


Boring but fun

Amazing storyline
Amazing Graphics
and Amazing Characters designs

I love this game !

Stack Colors!


amazing game

TWICE: GO GO Fighting


I love matching game but I wish I could understand what they're saying because I couldnt understand any Japanese words

But its a very fun game [哇噻]



some people are just cringe

なに made me angry because some people are just hating

Cookie Run: OvenBreak


No words
but its very cute

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump


Sometimes its hard
Sometimes its easy

Its a bit boring but its kawaii

But the free skins is a bit broken because I downloaded others apps but I don't get the skins that it says (like miimo sailor cats)

Ao Oni Online


Pretty fun

I keep screaming to this game until my throat is hurt XD

BTW I will have to rate it 3.2 because there is no English version and the controls is a bit hard for me but that fine

enjoy this game very much when I'm bored

Look like subway surfers

Its a cute Japanese running games that u will love it

I kinda recommended this game to you if you love shinchans

Many skins and its pretty fun

I'm also hoping for an English version but I don't think they will added it

and there is also English version in the app store but its no longer updates so I played this version instead :) [色色]

Stickman Party: 1 2 3 4


Hoping that it have a multiplayer mode

tons of minigames to choose
many modes and u can play with ur friends (1-4)
you can also play with bots

Tiny Kingdom


boring. because all u have to do is wait and watch a ads to get more overpowered
no storyline

pretty boring ngl

time killer game. its sometimes boring because you will have to wait but still a cute collector game.
love it

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