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Sweet Sins


Boring but fun

Amazing storyline
Amazing Graphics
and Amazing Characters designs

I love this game !

Stack Colors!


amazing game

TWICE: GO GO Fighting


I love matching games but I wish I could understand what they're saying because I couldnt understand any Japanese words

but its a very fun game [哇噻]



some people are just cringe

なに made me angry because some people are just hating

Cookie Run: OvenBreak


No words
but its very cute

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump


Sometimes its hard
Sometimes its easy

Its a bit boring but its kawaii

But the free skins is a bit broken because I downloaded others apps but I don't get the skins that it says (like miimo sailor cats)

Ao Oni Online


Pretty fun

I keep screaming to this game until my throat is hurt XD

BTW I will have to rate it 3.2 because there is no English version and the controls is a bit hard for me but that fine

enjoy this game very much when I'm bored

Look like subway surfers

Its a cute Japanese running games that u will love it

I kinda recommended this game to you if you love shinchans

Many skins and its pretty fun

I'm also hoping for an English version but I don't think they will added it

and there is also English version in the app store but its no longer updates so I played this version instead :) [色色]

Stickman Party: 1 2 3 4


Hoping that it have a multiplayer mode

tons of minigames to choose
many modes and u can play with ur friends (1-4)
you can also play with bots

Tiny Kingdom


boring. because all u have to do is wait and watch a ads to get more overpowered
no storyline

pretty boring ngl

time killer game. its sometimes boring because you will have to wait but still a cute collector game.
love it

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