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It is a really fun tactical game and the storage depends on your progress of the game. For me it just took 400MB.
You can collect cards and see such beautiful arts.
The gameplay is very easy to understand I even manage to reach rank 7 in just one day [鬼臉][鬼臉][鬼臉]
I loveee watching Bungo Stray Dogs and this game really captures the story and I enjoyed it [開心][開心]

Mystic Messenger | Korean


I was reeeaaalllyyyy confuse when I started playing this game. And it took a lot of thinking to finally understand the situation 😂😂 But the graphics and gameplays are nice and the characters are neat. It took 900MB from my phone tho ;-;

But if you enjoy playing fantasy romantic games then this game is just fine [開心]



I've been on Tiktok since summer last year and so far the contents are pretty decent.[微笑] Most of the videos that will show up on the For You Page depends on which type of video that I click the 'heart'. It is very convinient for me as alot of anime videos and content will come up in FYP ☻. Eventhough certain filters are unavailable in my area, it is still fun to shoot videos on the app. If you are lucky and make original content you might blew up real quick on the app [開心][開心][開心]

It is a very casual game and very suitable for those that need to relax for awhile after some busy work. The best thing about it is that I can leave it for a long time and still continue playing it after. The cats are very very cute and fun to collect 😆😆 Owh yeah it is still playable even without data [開心]

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Happy Birthday!! 💖 Happy Birthday to Nanamin and Neji!! 💖[開心][哇噻]
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