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A man in indonesia. Not been keeping up with anime. I love anime games. nice to meet you. :D
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A man in indonesia. Not been keeping up with anime. I love anime games. nice to meet you. :D
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Mahjong Soul | English


This game is quite good for killing time or for someone who try to learn mahjong. the size is around 900mb.

i had been playing this game since first release, it's okay and easy to learn. back then, i didn't even know how to play. [委屈]

The tutorial really good at explaining the basic. then i realise that there's a whole lot of "yaku" on the winning hand list and each "yaku" has their own value. [暈]

there's a strategy where you pay attention on other player discard pile to predict what "yaku" they made. sometimes i know that "this player had the tile that i need!" or "this player must be need this tile that i have." but most of the time, i just focus on my own hand and hoping to avoid giving tiles that other player want. [開心]

The game doesn't have storyline. there are 2 currency that i know : first is the one you get by playing the game, you can use it to buy gift in store to increase bond with the character to unlock certain voice lines and clothes. the second is for gatcha to unlock character, special effect even theme song but it's NOT really affecting the gameplay such as luck, spd, atk, ect.... [鬼臉]

Epic Seven | Global


The game is okay. the story is interesting and they keep updating. I love the graphic, the anime character style and the skill animation.

The character voice is okay. from all the choise i choose using jp dub. the collaboration character only speak japanese and sometimes the new character only speak english since there's no jp dub yet.

i don't quite like the gatcha. i only pull if i had enough bookmark to pull 120 times, because the pity reset when the banner end.

the game is sidescrolling game and each character has 3 move (kinda like "basic,skill,ultimate").
easily get bored if you keep using the same character, i usually trade artefact between character when there's a "free unequip" event or item, just to change the pace.

pvp is hard, specially if you a f2p player. the game is quite grindy, sometimes it's take some time to get a spesific drop from spesific enemy.

Figure Fantasy | English


Real Time Strategy. Max 5 Figure in a battle.
The game is quite generous at the start.
The gameplay is okay, you can get through easily as long you set the formation right.
You can interact with the figure. Some of them able to dance and you can set it on AR.
There's idle reward you can collect when you online.

Edit : The game had been shutdown. T.T

The game is not landscape, that caught me offguard.

You cannot rotate the camera so you need to get used to it. Someone tell me that the language option is either choose sub&dub both english or both japanese.

When i first open the game, it told me to chose to download basic data (around 500mb) or 1.5 gb for episode story. There is some character that i assume
still doesn't have a story yet.

The gameplay is quite good. what you can do in the game right now is either play the story stage for each character or play multiplayer event.

The gatcha is about clothes and weapon, it will increase character exp and weapon level if you already had it.

For the story, the character monologue sometimes made me feel goosebumbs and want to throw my headset but somehow i manage to bear it. [耍帥]

Final Gear | Global


Side scrolling action video game.
You can set the character mech whatever you want.
But the character has their own costom mech, So they got bonus stat when you got their set.
For me, it was fun for the first week but it got boring quite fast.

Genshin Impact


Good game with interesting gameplay mechanic.
The gacha is like in any other game. although, they should've add more 5* character to the standard banner or at least add a banner based on region they can explore.
The event is sometimes okay, and the reward is okay too....i guess. [汗顏]
Overall story is great, and the lore is awesome.

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3 SSR on Standard pull Err..... officer, i can explain. [無語]
i swear, this is not on purpose. [暈]
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