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Nogizaka 46's Fractal


Mostly idle game. Lots of members to pick. PTW. Need much money to even join top100 in each server. But still playable for free player as long as you have luck in gacha and understand the combintion for the member you use. (I'm free player too, lv91 with 1.8Mil power atm).

For free player, I recommend to have 2 SSR members only and keep your diamonds for lvl100 equipment set(Lv100 4SSR+2SR or Lv100 4SSR + lv80 2SSR for each member). Power boost at lv90 are crazy high. Unique weapon is a must for each member as well. Use 10H or 5H time skip ticket when they give 2.5x exp days and 2H when they give 2x time skip reward days)

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Failed to subscribe I've been using this service without problem for 4 months, subscribing 2 of my Oshimen. For the last 2 months, I add +1 member that I change monthly. But now I cant subscribe to a new member anymore. Failed payment, maybe because its not officially available in my country.
Even now, the 2 members that I already subscribe are still running perfectly tho, I just cant add new one or change to other member anymore.
Other than vpn, is there any solution that might help?
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