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KOFAS is a game that's filled to the brim with the essence of the classics in mind. Well it wouldn't be called All Stars if it didn't single out every character in the franchise.

You can play a few more games other than this one, and they will all equally share the same amount of fun and joy as when you've never discovered the game at all. On a case to case basis. I think.

But if you take up the mantle of becoming a fighter here you will live the rest of your days in endless toil, the light of day will never find you, and time becomes a blur proving nothing more that your existence is an abstract amalgamation of electrical impulses in your brain. But you'll come to love it soon enough, if you're patient.

You can maybe get to the leaderboards if you very well wanted to. A little bit of wishful thinking never hurt.

This is a game of classical music, migraines, nightmares, and the sliver of time for taking a gander at what little luck supposedly supplies your dopamine/serotonin intake. It won't be easy, but suprisingly it won't be too difficult. But then again, that depends entirely on the way you see it. Challenges make humanity.

I played since launch and as insidious as the discrepancies between servers goes, don't listen to everybody. Not even me. Play the game already you twat, and be the King of the Iron Fist Tournament! :^)

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King of Fighters All Stars This game will welcome the s*** out of you. Please come and play. Edogawa~ Read Note
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