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Honkai: Star Rail


Okay here's my first impression.

Warping system is similar to Genshin's wishing mechanics, as they both use 1600 of their premium currencies to initiate a 10x pull, but since this is a turn-based game, I found it weird.

You see, most turn based games are accessible with their characters but HSR is the same gacha hell as in Genshin, with domains, a carbon copy of resin system, and how characters 'ascend'.

Though, their turn based combat is unique but the rest are just quite uninventive, such as the relics basically another artifs system the same as genshin's.

Then, we have craft esse- I mean light cones. Self explanatory... And the restriction to use light cones on specific assigned paths on characters, it's a very ass move, I don't see them as weapons at all like genshin, it doesn't have a single aspect for it to be restricted to specific paths.

Now, the good points, they nailed it with the graphics yet again, as well the sfx and vfx.

I can't quite judge the story yet since I am just starting out but I could see it has a very familiar character set up, with Dan Heng being the Bronya, March 7th being the Kiana and the MC as whatever but it feels very familiar.

I did have high hopes for this game but it just went down for me, don't get me wrong, with all so many criticism, I would still play it to see how the story plays out mainly.

Overall score for me right now:



The main problem is with the server, constantly uploading dating causing the game to reconnect over and over.

My only complaint about the tw server is that, everybody is inactive.

It's alright, a huge step from the last version.

Why is the room so hot whenever I am playing this game. [汗顏]



This game is truly unique, the arcs makes everything different and more challenging than other rhythm games!

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