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I never trust a flower.
MinaAkina 47790838

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I never trust a flower.
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what a bootifol (beautiful) game,i liked it,my fav song here is World Is Mine,Tell Your World,Roki,and Teo

Among Us


keren nying,walaupun gw sering dituduh dan terkadang kena bully :(
also disini seru gamenya,tapi ada banyak bug gitu,salah satunya gw pernah join room yg udh gak ada alias host nya keluar,dan semuanya gelap,room yg tadinya public jadi private,tombol "USE" bisa digunakan (jadi terang/nyala). dan gabisa gerak,cuman keliatan skin kita,kode room,tombol use dan tombol utk ngubah room jadi private/public.
dah sih itu aja,seru gamenya. but also,PENGGUNA AMONG US PADA GOBLOK,mereka selalu ngira penemu mayat itu Impostor,bukannya pake logika alias mikir malah main nuduh aja,benci gw klo kyk gitu

this is best game! data size didn't really big,but if you want play a song you need to download the song because it's the data,and this game including Live 2D!!! (supported by Criware)
but i didn't really like Million Mix lol,because it's really hard,if i use Million Mix instantly go to heaven xD

i really love this game!! control aren't too hard,and characters are cute[色色][開心] but idk why BANDAI still didn't make the World Wide version,to download data i need to use Japanese VPN too :(
but when i download data,it's stucked kn 82% idk why,even my internet is fast

I downloaded this cuz I love Hanayo!!!
(But the data size too big ;-;)

V Katsu


Well I want install this app but it cannot work

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Phigros bug fixing Hi! I heard that in Phigros v1.5.5 update there are so many bugs, those are : when playing a chart the music not played, the loading takes long time, etc.
I have a tips to fix them!
first do not update this game
second if you accidentally updated this app, you will need to reinstall them, not from QooApp, Play Store or other but from TapTap, (link: download the apk file,
install the app then search "Phigros" and download it manually!
if you asking why in the latest version it has many bugs...
here is the answer
PigeonGames (the developer) forgot to add the obb file, and that's mean PigeonGames only upload the apk.
hope that helpful!
(should I add GUIDE tag?)
please note that I know this guide from my friend on Instagram @neko.uwu52 (she might cannot answer what are you asking about because she can't really use English Language)
edit: This bug is now fixed! the developer already placed the OBB file and you can download it normally in QooApp, Play Store and other, now you don't need to use TapTap in 1.5.6 version =^.^=
Read Note com.taptap.global_2.4.8-rel.200005 MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.
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