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looks beautiful and fun, the rhythm gameplay isn't too complex and easy to understand. HOWEVER don't ask me about the training simulation stage, it's JP and I just rely on RNG or whatever skill that up my progress lol. But yeah, my phone is powerful enough to run this game smoothly although there's many lag issues everyone talks about but it's not for me. ok, the gacha... what? do you want a recommendation? NO, just follow your path of waifus like me and pick your fav costume (holy sh**t they're pretty even in low rarity)

that's it.... 9/10

yes, the jiggle physics in this game is AWESOME
(10 if they add more Mano and Asahi content)
Mano and Asahi is my wife[色色]

Idoly Pride | English


ok hear me out, this game is good and i played JP version too. even now I understand more about the mechanics of this game like team comp and i finally understand what my wives say to me XD. ok ok overall this version have a error with translation/FONT like too big and overlap with another or "Sakura" is everywhere idk maybe Dev is just love her too much or what, but not too bothersome for me. well, need fix tho so 8/10[色色]

well well well... is this good game? well, you like pricone? you love BOOBA AND THI-... Ehm, i mean the gameplay is ok its clasic TB more like epic seven with pricone elements, graphics and visual is beautiful, gacha? uh...yeah good luck, story? oh hell yeah! im too lazy to translate (; ̄ ³ ̄). overall this is good game 8/10 .

edit:I've seen news that DEV always change regions of this game in less than a year, well... I don't know that but for now don't spend your money here.

I'm just afraid you'll regret losing your progress, for now I'm still playing this cuz... should I repeat?


Blue Archive | Japanese


The graphics in this game are amzing, the art style is very good and the easy gameplay which makes this game is good. Nice gacha system, I don't have any comments for the gacha and I haven't met or disturbed by any problems like bugs or something (sorry if my English is bad)

art, gameplay, graphics, sound is good.... just there's a bug where the other characters don't move at all. I hope this is fixed
edit: yes, it was fixed and now the update is getting faster. I don't care how big the game size is, I just hope the bugs that are annoying in this game are removed

It's amazing even though I found a similarity in UI in this game which is exactly same in Princess Connect but a different gameplay makes this game special for Toaru fans,I just hate the elements in this game that don't make any sense in the Toaru series .

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So Bright, So Beautiful
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