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Stay healthy and have fun!
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Stay healthy and have fun!
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for now

just for gift lol

it's kindda good. hopefully it wont share same fate like the JP's.
I dont like the healing system and currency kindda scarce.

Final Fate TD | Global


- VIP system
- TD but didnt requires you to think at all
- Multiple servers
- Shards
- SSSR 0,5% chance. Guarantee on 300 summon. You can get 4 SSSR heroes weekly after stage 7-10.
- SSSR isn't strongest units. There's SSSR Deity (Yeah the rarity sounds more and more ridiculuous.) which uses different currency to summon
- horrible event duration
- Player Level, Server Release, and Time Gate content. (seriously, why make a content that require server to 11days old when the server itself freaking new)
- Short and worse limited event
- Bad translation
- Bad VA
- Bad animation
- Worst server management. (let's say, they tried to fix something, ends up break other things instead)

+ good story
+ side scroll action mixed with dating vn game
+ no pvp (yay)
+ good va and mediocre music
+ touch-touch waifu in background intesifies
+ nice cut scene
+ kindda generous, idk if it just on game launch promo

- random freeze
- random crash
- random unresponsive pad control
- random kicked from multiplayer
- character fragments system
- random stats on Sephira
- grindy
- So-so rates ( 2% SSR and there's pity)
- there are 2 seperate time-limited free stamina in game but utc-7; rip Asian time like me (2-4 am to claim the stamina lol)

neutral take: there's a monthly card and a lot of bundle.

this game is kindda fun as side game.

Great story (love the skits).
awesome and funny interaction between characters.
great music as always.
loveable character.
love the jrpg turn based elements.
cute cosmetics!

So many dang bugs!
random crash, more often on raid.
no compensation after urgent maintenance or error that happens on their end.
battery drain.
sometimes laggy performance.
sometimes connection trouble during raid.

edir my review.

The graphics are good, but the voice kinda meh. The AI during auto is bad, so it's kindda annoying. but anything else I enjoyed it.

first of all, oh god the opening is Myth&Roid. Loves it!

this game isn't Overlord but Overload. I mean seriously? what is it to load in this game? the graphic? the UI? Come on?! Why it has so many loading screen on every (almost) single action I take? Click on mission; loading. Click on clear mission; loading. Claim the mission reward; loading. Lmao.
the game has 2 currency; paid and free crystal. for now you could get guarantee SSR using paid crystal. so you know where it will be going.
the login bonus for new game is a meh. honestly, if I'm not such a fan of Maruyama works, I won't bother to playing it at all.
oh, yeah VIP (and subscription?) also does exist because why not, Hail Ainz-sama.

my only problem with the game is, you could only get costume by buying it with real money. And also a lot of ingame content cost crystal. smh.

Arknights | English



a surprise banner without absolutely no prior information on the last week of the event is absoulute garbage. Furthermore you can't uses the previous medal to summon the new character nor uses the ticket summon. I honestly had zero idea what they are doing.

Magia Record | English


This game ost is top notch, and everything is gold.

edit my review: the only problem with this game is, it used cache as a saving point. So when you accidently clear cache, you need to redownload data again. this is honestly annoyed me. bamco, fix this!

edit**: I'm done until they let me saves the downloaded data to memory, not as caches.

nothing much to say, good to play during spare time. However if you has allergy for low rates gacha, then this one isn't for you.

play the game for story. if you come for gacha, you are in wrong fandom, mate.

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