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Everything is going good. It is the common Open world, able to explore after the mission, quests, build, and customize your character. The graphics are optimized yes. It's just that sometimes it takes time to load after completing a certain mission which I do not understand even if I have a stable internet connection. That's why I tend to close the app and restart again from the game's checkpoint (kinda annoying tho).
Most especially, the controls. I get seizures a lot. Idk about yall but it's a bit confusing. So yea, overall it's good but the controls disturbs me. I've already adjusted it the settings btw

I really like the game interface. At first, I couldn't wait about getting new clothes, hairs etc, but now that I understand it, it gets more interesting! I really love Sei's chara design, he looks a bit like clear from dramatical murder and quite the person's. I like how you can do a lot of things in this game. Not just buying clothes, collecting memories and study but then it has a really sweet satisfying story. Love the voice, and the designs of this game. Even like it more bc Sei's persona will change according to the clothes. So cooooool

Tenrin's Sakura


Just finished the game after a few days.
First off, you cannot adjust the SE and BGM lol. So you'll be like adjusting this from time to time if needed. It's not like the bgm is not well-composed, i could say that they put a lot of effort to it, they make perfect timing whenever there's a dramatic/tragic moment. So yes, I really like the bgm, it's just that it's overlapping with the SE which may be too loud.

Didn't got the chance to dl the character voices, but I think it's really good. The acting is on point. I saw this video on YouTube where it has a Japanese audio in it and yes that was when I got amazed with their voices. Especially Ichinojo😭😭

The graphics; you can tell that it's really good. From the anime-looking sprites, CGs and the pixel art.
The character design and illustration was made by Nat. And the pixel art was made by Shigekichi. Please support them!!

Anyways, back to the line.
The storyline is very interesting, it's quite new to me. The gameplay may be a bit difficult sometimes. Not saying that it's difficult to control but then it's the combat system. There are enemies/demons that is required to use mp to defeat them. The thing is, you must know how to limit or strategize in certain event and most especially, the final part. (it seriously took me hour to defeat the final boss) so I suggest that you must have the knowledge regarding this. As much as possible, don't be contented on the level that your squad have. Like if they do have this rare sword, high strength, vitality etc but still in the low level, it may not work in some cases. You'd still be hit and would cause a lot of damage. Another thing is don't rush the game. ( yeah yall want to finish right away bc of curiosity) I mean take your time to make more money to buy swords, items, and to gain experience. It can help a lot. I think it's not that hard to gain experience bc I've noticed that every 10 seconds, there'll be an enemy showing up lol (it kind of annoys me tho but still i think it's necessary in able to gain exp easily)

There are no choices, it's only point and click, so it's obvious that the game will decide what will happen.
Not gonna spoil you all with the story, but from my view, it's a very sad heartwarming story with a plot twist and so that me made feel more interested with the game. 👀👀👀 (that was really unexpected)
So if you're a gamer looking for games that has the drama, romance, slice of life genre, you should go check it out.

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Error download Hello, anyone else having the same problem? I'm very certain that I have enough storage and a good internet connection, but it keep saying insufficient storage. Is this a bug? I already tried changing the graphics quality but it still doesn't work and I'm stuck with the loading screen. Btw done with the short prologue which had worked well but what I need now to proceed is the additional file.  Read Note
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