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A lovely little egg yolk who wants to look at good looking guys all day long.
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A lovely little egg yolk who wants to look at good looking guys all day long.
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Pokémon Sleep


[微笑]It's really helping me sleep more[憋屈]

Koihana Bakumeiroku


Delectable art. They've become one of my inspirations to keep learning japanese.



I love men

Magical Atelier


I love this game so much.

It has loveable characters, my favourites being the proud and bratty Alberto Visconti and the strict genius Chris. You'll meet more and more characters as you progress through the main story.

I love the art so much too, it's cute and lively. It's a 2d live style (meaning they move), most of the time you'll see everyone as chibis but there's full length sprites as well and CGs.

In the game there's these fashion contests (of course since other than running an atelier you'll also be customizing yourself) and you can participate and vote for others. The gacha options are clothes, furniture and dolls, but they're also craftable and each and every one of them looks so good. It doesn't have the same mechanic as most gacha games, you'll have to play the game yourself to find out ^_<

I've only just scratched the surface there's a lot more gameplay like expeditions, crafting, requests, and a lot of side quests to do.

Play the game yourself to experience these things, I absolutely recommend it if you're into cutesy stuff. [害羞]



It's good I guess.

There's some gems of games in this platform. Brought my friends in to play and we had lots of fun. It's a good medium for spending time with friends. I don't spend too much time socializing on here cause its either kids, kids with money, and predators.

Graphics... it really ranges from game to game. The standard roblox game would have okay graphics and then theres some that don't look like they belong on roblox (but instead as their own game).

The community some youtubers form on here is what gives it a +1 from me. Even if I don't play roblox that much, seeing what these creators do with this platform give me enjoyment.

K-Pop Academy


I love it lol. There's no storyline (at least not yet)
Train idols, make them rest, level them up, unlock more furniture and characters in the gacha packs, unlock more rooms, buy more furniture, get more idols. Watching ads makes everything easily attainable in this game.
It's pretty enjoyable, making your own idol army to conquer the world. Gameplay is repetitive (and its mostly concerts where anything happens) but I love collecting idols.
I can't wait for more updates to come.

The preview images aren't really what the artstyle of the game is, the first image is closer to what you'll see amd I prefer it that way, I hope they don't change it [委屈]

Dessert Shop ROSE Bakery


Cute game, really nice art, it's what made me try out this game and its what made me stay to play more.
Interface is pretty easy to navigate and once you get the hang of the gameplay you can just start speeding everything.
Great way to pass the time.

Valiant Force 2 | Global


The game IS good, great artstyle and polished interface but I just can't seem to get into it. It might be because gacha has deep fried my brain and I only have a deep unsated gambling addiction now.

From someone who has a gambling addiction:

For people who thirst for gacha games but aren't good with strategizing and building characters and all that jazz...the first or so days would fit ya since you have a pre-roll that you can buy and gaining gacha currency and advancing is pretty coherent and easy because you have a quest thingy but after that, you might find yourself growing challenged (Not a fan of that, you actually have to work for it and get immersed in the game?? ugh [發怒])
But that's only perspective from someone who wants to speed through everything so you might want to try it out for yourself. Theres a lot of female characters but theres also a handful of dudes. Gameplay is turn based zombie fighting match the tiles, choose your path, base building and all that stuff. Kind of like those zombie game ads but anime. (Don't take my word for it haven't touched those games)

mr morisawa i will forever worship you

Gameplay is just me forcefeeding ads down my throat cause I'm f2p no just kidding (its true). The art is absolutely gorgeous! The characters, are, well, they ARE goodlooking. I'll leave it to you to choose your faves mine personally is Layden! [開心]

Theres also the messages from each of them you can read every 10 minutes which I really really like....and ads you can watch every 10 minutes to earn you gems WHICH I ALSO LIKE, cause unlike other games you're not actually trapped with only having the option to spend real money. I managed to complete the puzzle, have a couple outfits, read all their messages and also their side stories as well as max affection without needing to spend a lick of money. Just lots and lots of dedication.[不滿][發困]

I've been waiting for this for a really long time. Of course I love it.[不滿]

[開心][開心] I download it on a whim with several other games and guess who got attached. It's beginner friendly wit the rewards and stuff AND it has a reroll system for first timers! (Which I definitely did not spend 30 minutes on). My japanese is still not good so I can barely understand but the important stuff is labeled in english so that helps and the icons are there too. (Last resort is a screen translator).

I do still have problems with binding my account though, great game nonetheless.

Edit; I'm just a poopy head I got that sorted out already.

"Seems neat I'll check it out."

A week later:
"Need... to....collect more... I NEED TOOOO"[大哭]

Alchemy Stars | Global


I'm absolutely in love with this game. There's plenty of husbandos amidst the waifus and the gacha doesn't hurt that much, for me that is, I'm pretty lucky in this game[色色][色色] Really great storyline and you don't need to pay attention to meta too much to get through the game which is my absolute favorite( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ ). I was purely f2p at the start but started to spend money on the skins cause I got attached _(√ ζ ε:)_

My only gripe with this game is the auto battle function. I wish you can just have the option to skip through everything.

All in all 10/10 it got integrated to my daily life now. If I do miss a day I can just retro log in by doing more daily quests.[開心] Yay for (technically) no days missed.

Identity V | Global


REALLY REALLY not worth it if you don't have friends to play with. So many issues with this game[發困][發困]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


Whats there not to like about dancing demons and a bunch of brothers that need to go to family therapy? :))

its a really nice game, but unfortunately I couldn't finish it since I couldn't buy the needed currency •́ ‿ ,•̀

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