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Genshin Impact


somehow I can play it…… with slow motion effect… on oppo a57. BWAHAHA! Hhh oh well, I will just play it on my pc then…

Btw you stuck at lvl up? Just go talk to mobs they have interesting story, or go to library and read the princess boar. For me, when in battle my phone overloaded and close the game. so what I can do is wandering aimlessly…[懵懂][懵懂] My fav place is library.

Catarina Farm


Cute fast-pace. Katarina too OP, she drilling so fast everywhere.

Hime Mahjong | Japanese


The tutorial is nice! but no english [汗顏]
(maybe because I've learned the basic in other game, so I understand) after tutorial there is demo play with bot too!

The best is Mousei + the yakuza are voiced by tomokazu sugita [開心][開心]

Mahjong Soul | English


Huweee I hope they will add more tutorial or maybe game with bot and more explanation. I am a real super mega ultra newbie (super stupid too) at mahjong. I don't know what I do hahaha but I like it because I really want to know how to play mahjong.

Blob birds doing business hella fun



You can choose what you want to be, between F2P or P2P. And you can help to improve pixiv by translating the tags. So, it's much easier to searching illustration.

Cup Stacking


Many ads, some point the line guide will disappear.

Well, my friends use whatsapp then line. so, no one chat me :") but I like line's custom emoji

Spotify Music


the best things of spotify is their algorithm. Suggested artist by them is very on point! like they know my taste of music

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nice interaction with the characters, or their interaction beetwen other character.
fashionable character/costume design. because skin is number one for me <( ̄︶ ̄)>
unique gameplay (like pgr, in the battle we do gacha and puzzle at the same time)
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