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A3! | Japanese


The graphics are like Bandori but as a guy idol group feel.

The sound us really good as it is like an idol game so there is voiced singing and music to go along with it

The gameplay is fun.

The storyline follow the main character you play as she learns about the different characters and the setting

Overall it is a fun game!

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


The graphics of this game is loke chini versions of the Disgaea characters.

The sound is good

For gameplay you can deal extra damage by stacking your allies on each other which is an interesting concept.

The storyline was good

Overall i enjoyed it.

Yurutto Jump+ Allstars


This game is alright. The graphics are pixelated characters from lots of series such as Spy x Family and other series.

The music gives off a nice happy vibe which i like. When playing the game there is noises when you defeat an enemy, attack an enemy, gain activation points.

Gameplay is simple as you setup a tram and level them up from a tree that grows the exp points. Then you watch your team fight an AI team.

In terms of storyline, there really isnt a storyline.

Overall it is a relaxing game as it is simple to play.

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers


The overall game I really enjoyed. The graphics are 2D with a top view of the character. The game play is controlling acharacter to find parts for a rocket using a joystick.

The sound is nice and the storyline is about Fay and John creating a rocket to send souls to space as they haunt John.

Overall I enjoyed the game as a whole .



This game is like an rpg and seems interesting so far as the gameplay is turnbased but you can also capture monsters.

The graphics are 2D and the sound from this game is decent. I havent okayed too much of the game yo know the storyline and how good it is yet so I will review this portion at a later time.

Overall the value of this game is good

This game is alright. You basically pick an object in the list that you think matches the picture and place it in the picture and if you get it right you get to move on to the next picture.

The graphics are in 2D and there is monimal sound. Gameplay is ok as I explained it kind of in the previous paragraph. And there isnt really a storyline for this game at all

This game was very interesting with a sort of 2D style graphics and the way you move around through the world was interesting.

The storyline when I played it was interesting as there is timeskipping where you travel to different times to look for I think your sister as she gets kidnapped.

The sound was good when you play this game and the gameplay is turn-based fights.

Overall I played this a very long time back and I am going to try it out again and edit this review at a later time when I get a refreher again

Figure Fantasy | English


Have you ever wished you could have your figurines move and interact. Well if you have this game might be the one for you.

The graphics are both 3D gameplay and some 3D cutscenes with some of the story being in 2D as well. The gameplay is put on a sort of grid where you can place up to 5 characters to fight against the opposing enemies. Each character has its own unique abilities and ultimate attacks that can change how you fight different enemies and placement of your characters. You can decorate and build shelving for your figures and it also has gacha mechanics if you really like that too.

The sound I think conpliments the gameplay making this game feel more immersive. The storyline so far is good as it incorporates you the player as the master of the figures that do things such as fighting. You can even display your favorite figures on a shelf in the game too.

So overall if you like collecting figures and always wanted a game for that this moght be the one for you.

Destiny 2 Companion


Do you need to transfer guns while in a raid but can't get to the Vault? Then this application is for you. This application is to help with the Bungie game Destiny 2. This application isnt really a game.

In terms of graphics it shows the gun and how it looks in 3D when you view it closer. The gameplay is more about lloking at your inventory sending weapons from character to character and to the vault.

I believe there isnt any sound when transfering guns between characters and the vault. There isnt a storyline for this application as its sole purpose is to transfer guns between characters the vault and claiming bounties if you need them if claiming bounties works as I haven't been able to do that yet.

Overall if you need to transfer guns then this app is good otherwise this app is kind of underwhelming

Ever felt like you want to relive the KonoSuba anime but as a game? Do you want to test your luck and possibly get the special characters from the series that you want? Then look no farther as this is probably the game for you.

The graphics are 2D, while the gameplay itself is turn based which you can actually control what moves you Konosuba charater makes by using their special atrack if your wnergy bar is totally filled, a normal atrack or a couple magic attacks that cost like mp but can deal alot of damage. The story is split up into many oart but after you finish some pevels it gives you story bits that you can watch as if you are watching a piece of the anime. You can even dress up your favorite character in costumes based on what character you get through gacha.

The sound is good as it is voiced by the voice actors that play the characters in Konosuba. They also have sound effects when you use you attacks to fight different enemies.

The main story of this game follows the anime so if you enjoyed the anime then it will be fun.

Overall this game is very fun. The different asoects if the game make it fun and interesting from the graphics to the gameplay and sound to the storyline it is a very good game.

The graphics of this game is 3D with the cutscenes of the show being in 2D. The main storyline follows Tensura. There is also gacha in this game if you loke that.

Gameplay wise it is alright as there are 6 icons that will be displayed at the bottom that give you the tyoe of attack whether it boosts your skill pts, special skill bar or the protection meter that allows you to summon a support that can provide a buff. There is also a town builder in this game that allows you to build the monster nation you see in the actual anime and manga.

This game I think uses the same Voice Actors as the anime. Overall it is fun to play this game and watch your town grow

This game is a puzzle game with some gacha aspects and the storyline of Quintessential Quintuplets. It also has events as well.

The gameplay is a puzzle game kind of like candy crush but I think way easier as you can connect the same pieces much easier then candy crush where you swap places with the blocks. This one is you connect them in a line where diagonals are also an option making combos easier to happen.

This game uses the dame Voice Actors as the anime and the graphics are really nice. Overall this is one of my favorite puzzle games by far.

World Flipper | Global


Do you like collecting characters? Do you like Gacha games? Do you like Pinball? If you answered yes to all of them then this game is for you as the whole game play mechanic is revolved around pinball and your characters will also have abilities too to help take down enemies. You can also get weapons and enjoy a nice story.

Mitrasphere | English


This game is really fun as you can customize your character by changing the clothes it wears with the items you have collected. So far the story is very interesting and the gameplay is simple to learn so it wont be too challenging considering I have a hard time learning conplex mechanics of games.

Dragalia Lost


This game is fun as the story is intersting. Has wonderful 3D graphics and you can play as a dragon as well. Although this game might feel grindy and has gacha it is overall fun as you can honestly play with any character if you reqlly want to. There are fun events and you can even build a castle with different buildings! Sadly this game is no longer in service as of November 29 2022.

Clash of Clans | Global


Overall this game is fun as you are able to build like your own place, make defenses such as walls and defense systems and are able to attack other people's places to loot their resources.

This graphics are 3D like allowing you to see what they look like and how much space they take up when you place them. Placing buildings and walls show a grid on the ground allowing you to see the amount of space being taken up.

The sounds are good as it has noises when your soldiers die and when defense mechanisma go off too, which is nice as well.

There isnt really a atory to this game but there is loke a story part where you xan attack the goblins village if you want ro but there isnt really an official storyline.

Overall it is a decent game that allows you to kill sometime on the go.

KartRider Rush+ | Global


It is fun to drive but some technical skill is needed for the regular speed ranked and time trials however knowing the maps and karts will be beneficial if you play any item game mode.

The graphics are all in 3d so if you like 3d graphics this game might be for you.

The gameplay is a left and right arrow to control your car's turns, a drift button to drift in the direction you steer your car using the arrows, reset button if you bump into something and want to reset, two nitro buttons if you are doing speed or time trial modes and two item buttons if you are doing items modes. Overall you xan control the car you use to out maneuver and out race you competition. The xars you use aslos have different abilities and so do the characters as qell to give you an edge in racing or in item modes.

The sounds fron this game are close to car noises. They have nitro sounds and sounds for when items are used in the game as well.

The stroyline follows a select amount of characters as they race each other around different maps andhave different challenges.

Overall it is a fun racing game if you enjoy racing and using some technical skill and having a bit of lick as well.

This game was fun as it took a bit of time for me to realize how to hit the ball but after that it was fun. Also would be nice if i knew most of what was being said but oh well.

In terms of graphics it is 2d except for when you actually play baseball. When playing baseball ituses 3d graphics .

The game play allows you to feel as if you are the player batting as you control the area the bat as you try to hit the ball much like real basball. If you hit it too early or hit to one side or another you can get strikes, foulballs and so on so it really feels as if you are being immersed in the game itself. There is also gacha in this game as well.

The sound of this game makes you feel like you are playing baseball which is good.

The stroyline is sort of you playing for a baseball team and trying to take down the rival teams as you play against them.

Overall it is a fun game to play as it really feels like you are okaying baseball.

It is fun. It makes you feel like you can do things just like rimuru did as well as being able to fight some characters you have seen in the anime.

The graphics are really good as I believe they are 3d when in a fight. Also gameplay is good and there is a gacha system if you love testing your kick and fetting characters. The sound of the game reminds me of the anime so that is also very interesting.

The storyline of the game follows that of the anime so if you enjoy the story of Tensura you will probably loke the storyline of this game.

Overall it is a good game that reminds me of the anime Tensura. So if you enjoy the anime chances are you might enjoy this game

This is a 2D game with a laid back type of gameplay where you can let it auto run. There are also mini games you can play as well. You can even design your like clubhouse.

The fraphics are very good as they even incorporate Anime cutscenes as well in the story and events as well.

The sound quality from this game is good. You can when choose what song to play at the Home screen. overall I enjoy this game and I hope you guys like it too

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Kemono Friends Review If you are looking for a game that is like Angry Birds then this is definitely the game for you. If you enjoy gacha games this game is a game you could consider. Also if you want to learn about animals this game might have some animal facts for you too!
The game Mechanics play like Angry Birds as you launch your characters at a target but instead of breaking items to defeat the enemies you launch your characters at the ceruleans to damage them and also each character has a unique ability such as defense, healing, attack.
The graphics are really nice.
The sound in the game is nice as it seems to be fully voice acted which is really fun. 
The story is interesting, but as I have not seen the anime itself yet I can not tell you whether or not it follows the anime.
Overall it is a fun game!
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