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I want to change my name again~
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I want to change my name again~
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this game is good

simple gameplay with a great storyline and unique characthers

Nameless Cat


not too bad adventure puzzle game.

the gameplay is not too bad, but it has a very good chat feature and it's fun interacting with other players~

Google Translate


my only game that can be played with other games and support each other~

Spotify Music


I don't play this game very often, I just open it and listen to various kinds of backsound music.

Minecraft | Global


minecraft is one of the most played game in my "library", because of the gameplay which you can build and explore as you wish.even so, the mobile version of minecraft is less comfortable to play on mobile because it can cause sick motion different from playing on other devices.



i really like the gameplay and graphics, the gameplay is fun and one of my favourite gameplay. for the graphics, i think this game has unique graphics and i like it because its simple and fits the mood of the story. As for the downside, I think the light or the effects of the attacks can be removed in the options as it's quite annoying when you already have various types of attacks.

Blue Archive | Global


good gameplay and waifus, sound/song is the best so far..

this is better than any other "rimuru" games

Gumballs & Dungeons


this game is so much different than any other game i've played. alsa there is many minigames you can play and easter egg everywhere[開心][開心]

Mini World: Block Art


this game is great, i like this game bcz you can play multiplayer for free and many other minigames

AFK Arena | Global


I like the gameplay bcs u can choose want to play serious or not.

Genshin Impact


i like genshin

I like this game, I'm waiting for the global update[色色]

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