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tokusatsu fan, nsfw artist and mobile gamer
Shogun Tanuki 4759367

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tokusatsu fan, nsfw artist and mobile gamer
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Disney Music Parade


it was fun while it lasted

SIGMA Mobile


you can't even call this a game, it's garbage

its just a browser game ported to mobile, the overall interface of the game its really basic and the gameplay becomes really repetitive and bland, the progress in the game its really slow and even with the option of training your characters it takes almost forever to raise their level to have decent stats, the only good things I can praise are the art of the cards and the % of the gacha which its actually pretty decent as gives a good amount of SR cards

pretty simple gameplay and really boring music

lag and control make this a fcking mess

Chaos Combat Chess


really slow and bland gameplay

the servers are awful, you get paired with bots all the time and their ai its freaking awful making the matchmaking a nightmare, no matter how good your internet its the character still move so slow, also I got a bug where my character cant level up beyond lvl8

the gacha rate its quite decent but the game its kinda laggy even with low settings

Starea Days Wicked


Starea Days Wicked is a game that focus more in how to custom your own avatar with weapons and costumes than just get characters(you even have the option to customize the color of the equipment), the gameplay is set in battles composed of your own avatar and two more from random players, to fight you will equip a set of 8 equipments that will work as skills to attack the enemy, each equipment has unique skills that can be upgraded, your equipment can be upgraded up to your current level, the game offers the option to use tickets once you have cleared a level, at last you can also upgrade the bond and stats of the character you have as a partner(you can have 2 different sets of characters and equipment to use as you like)

Archer: Danger Phone


such a bland and boring gameplay

cant play for shit, it crashes on my phone and tablet

the game feels like is still in development, it looks like something made in rpg maker, it has poor graphics and uses a system similar to DQ where you can only see the enemies you battle, the gameplay is simple and the designs are kinda mixed, you have some really nice designs and then you have some that look really poorly, I would say the strong points of the game are the voice acting and the music, the gacha system focus on getting shards to unlock the characters you want(the gacha offers also new skins), you can also pull weapons to upgrade your characters(this one being the only one who doesnt need shards to get), the game runs pretty smooth but that is only because of how simplistic is

Gesshiz and treehouse


its an ok game for little kids or if you want to play something without caring too much about the progress, the gameplay is simple, you have a treehouse you can upgrade(it will grow up if you keep watering it) for all your little animal to live in there, you can recruit them by placing food outside the house, there a variaty of animals and depending of the food you pick you can recruit them, inside the house you can feed your animals and raise their level(their growth will again depend in the food you pick to feed them), you can send them to complete tasks(you can leave the game aside while this is done) to earn money and use it to buy more food or upgrades to your treehouse

Eshigami no Kizuna


good design and graphics but the shard system for the gacha is a pain in the a*s

its an ok rpg game but doesnt really add nothing new to games like this

Magic Burns 9 Times


I tried to play this but oh boy...its bad, so bad

My only complain is that there isnt an option to have a closer look of the card's art

Disney Getaway Blast


I installed this game just to shut down my brain a little and relax, its and ok game easy to play and follow

MARVEL Super War | Global


its all fun until you unlock rank mode, then the game wont allow you to play against other players because of the high ping

Mario Kart Tour


easy to play and very enjoyable

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