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Mario Kart Tour


easy to play and very enjoyable

the gameplay its to boring compared to the original game, it doesnt help that the size is to much just to have 3d models

meh, its just a dress up/tamagotchi kinda disappointed

Bullet Break


cute girls but the gameplay its kinda simple and boring

Dragon Quest Walk


a exploring game like pokemon go but with the extra of having the classic rpg gameplay style of dragon quest

great game, way better than dream team that its pretty much a p2w game, the gacha system has a better % to let you get good players and the game also gives you a decent ammount of content where you can farm and get useful players without the need to use money

Rilakkuma Farm


I feel like its just another farming game but with cute characters, its not something I could get to invested playing but I guess it can be something chill to play for other people

Ikemen Genjiden


if only I knew what the hell is going in the story I would give it a better rating, still the voice acting and the art its pretty decent

Larva Heroes2: Battle PVP


I cant believe someone though it was a good idea to create a game of that awful show



it has 150 levels at the time and some of them are quite challenging, for the moment Im having a decent time playing this game, I really like the chibi style they use for the characters

after the update I can finally play the game without crashing at the tutorial, the only bad part is that it only works using the light mode, otherwise it will crash as before

First Summoner


it becomes kinda dull when you get the giant, I pretty much spammed the same strategy and there was no challenge, also the battles are so freaking slow and the market for items its so damn limited, the hot redhead was the only good thing to keep playing but no more, one last thing, for such a simplistic looking game the size was almost a GB, not worthy

kancolle in the air

Last Origin


uncensored version or nothing

Destiny Child | Korean


massive nosebleed right here

Creative Destruction


way too easy

waifus on tanks: the game

smash brothers meets shonen jump, the controls were kinda bad

sengoku period going furry

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