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My Tamagotchi Forever


Cute tamagotchi! Gameplay is not amazing, but it can be calming to just do simple tasks with your tamagotchi :)
(But quite a money grabbing are quite frequent..)

I Love Hue Too


A very calming and therapeutic puzzle game!

Great app to discuss obscure topics with people with the same interests as you!

To those unfamiliar with the Ikemen Series, Ikemen Villains is an otome game where players get to read 5 chapters of a selected character's story and progress through his route, with each route having a Sweet end and a Mad Love end.

Ikemen Villains is different from the other 2 Ikemen Series games that I've played (Ikemen Sengoku and Ikemen Vampire) in the sense that the love interests are cursed - they each have a magic power (e.g., giving orders that cannot be disobeyed) and a curse (e.g., getting killed by his own curiosity). This means that the stories may be slightly darker than the ones we are used to 👀

The game is currently only in Japanese, so be sure to have your dictionary (or screen translator lol) handy when reading! ðŸĪ“



You wake up to a cat asking you to open a letterbox and inviting you to be a postman – are you ready to take on the challenge?

Messenger is a cool mix of:
- puzzle game (open different kinds of locks on the letterboxes)
- VN/story (travel between towns as a postman, listen to people's stories, and strengthen their ties between one another by delivering letters that communicate heartfelt messages that they may not be able to say directly to each other)

I really like being able to choose where I go (slightly non-linear progression) and the stories are touching ðŸĨđ Good music as well, and non-intrusuve ads (they only appear if you're idle for too long but can be quickly dismissed and you can choose to watch them to unlock the letters and epilogues for each chapter if you want).

If you can read Japanese (or are learning it), definitely give it a try and let me know how you find it! 😊

Great for fans of BSD! I didn't manage to stick with it for very long because I didn't find the gameplay that interesting.. 😅

This game would probably be better suited for children! The graphics are pretty aesthetically pleasing, but the puzzles are extremely simple (I completed one world and a half, but I barely needed to think to complete them).

There is no storyline. I think it's more like a chill kinda game to immerse you in the environment of rural Japan, so that's pleasant [åūŪįŽ‘]

One key drawback is that the game functions on a ticket mechanic, where we can have a maximum of three tickets, and each ticket takes 10min to reload [į™žå›°] Other reviews here also mention a lot of ads, but I got around that by deactivating my phone's internet connection [åŊ憐]

Storage Master


Could be a soothing game, but ruined by way too many ads (you need to have an internet connection to play). Also the first level may be frustrating if you're not aware that there is a time limit...

Pocket Museum | Japanese


A cute spot-the-difference game (JP only, but easy to play without understanding).
the amusing background plot got me hooked – clueless museum caretaker gets conned into letting a fake art restorer have his way with famous paintings! Worse yet, the conman is holding the defaced artworks hostage! ðŸ˜ą Pretty entertaining dialogue (I love how the conman always says 'adieu~!' before leaving the scene 😂)

The spot-the-difference puzzles are based on famous artworks that we are all familiar with, making it fun and amusing to see how the conman has added his 'creative touch' to them.

However, the levels take way too long to unlock.. you need to wait for museum visitors to visit and click on them to collect coins. This takes ages and I lost interest about 4 levels in ><

Good to kill time if you leave the museum there and click on coins (enjoy the sweet sound of money trickling in~)..but you need to be reeeally patient 😅

Short Escape Game Desk


A short and sweet 'escape' game! No, you aren't escaping from your desk 😆 But I thoroughly enjoyed the little clues scattered around, and the messy table was 100% relatable and fun to search through! Simple and interactive game (took me about 10-15min?) with a sweet little surprise ending 😊 No ads except right at the end.

Highly recommended for a short break from studying/working!

Burger Cats


Pretty cute restaurant management game! I'm almost done with the first location (there are currently 4)

Gameplay is pretty simple so far - drag the ingredients you need from a conveyor belt to create the customers' orders. Use the collected money to repair the run-down shop!

Characters are cute and there is a simple storyline (poor gramps is scared of failure after getting embarrassed as the latest gourmet competition ðŸĨš)



This is a simple and relaxing (sorta) game that can be whipped out whenever you have a few minutes to kill! An amusing spin on merging games which adds some entertaining physics (bouncing pills!) to the regular merging game genre 👍

What I enjoyed
✅ Cute and simple graphics
✅ Easy to grasp gameplay
✅ SATISFYING when the pills merge!
✅ ABSOLUTELY NO ADS! Such a rare occurrence these days...thank you developers for this, we appreciate being able to enjoy your game in peace! 💕
✅ The way the pills bounce off each other or land just a tiiiiiny distance apart (and don't merge) is both funny and frustrating at the same time 😂

What could be improved
ðŸĪ” See above point
ðŸĪ” Not very engaging... Each game is...really long... I've actually never had the patience to fill up the game screen and "lose". I just quit after 5 minutes every time 🙈

How did you find it? Share your review with me! 👀

Very soothing puzzle game (all you need to do is match the items to their outlines in the scene)!

The artstyles vary quite a bit depending on the artist for the story, so you should be able to find something that tickles your fancy 😊

At the end of every puzzle, you also get to read a snippet of a famous classic (books include Peter Pan, The Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland), so it's a good opportunity to discover books that you've never read before, or just to revisit your favourites 👍

The music is also surprisingly fitting for each scene. I remember having to mute the bgm once because it was super creepy for a scene in Alice in Wonderland 😅🙈

In terms of value, you receive currency from finishing each puzzle, and can get more if you complete the daily missions (5 per day), so it seems pretty sustainable for f2p players ðŸĪ‘

Ikemen Sengoku | English


An otome game where you get to romance warlords from Japan's Sengoku era! I installed this game for a laugh, but ended up getting hooked (and actually researching Sengoku history.. ðŸĪ“), so it's been a ride!
The storylines are pretty decent, and there is good character development (I actually ended up liking every guy whose route I completed 😅). MC is a spunky character and will be refreshing for Western audiences tired of "doormat" MCs (not that there's anything wrong with them either!)
The events are intense...but you don't have to force yourself to participate in those 😅

Purrfect Tale


I downloaded this game out of curiosity, and fell in love with not only the cats, but also the storyline with its adorable little animations! ðŸĨ°
I like how the storyline is interactive, and certain scenes really made me laugh out loud 😄
There is a good balance between the story and the raising aspect + social media (pretty realistic imo!). The story does take a while to update, but I'm patiently looking forward to more chapters! ðŸĨ°
Players can choose to watch ads to get extra currency, which I find completely reasonable.
Highly recommended!

The graphics (and the meows) are adorable, but...this game lacks challenge for me, personally 😔
The symbols that we need to draw are revealed too slowly, resulting in levels that do not have a very engaging or challenging pace...
Ads are played after every level as well, so that's a little off-putting, but completely understandable since it's a free game!
Players have up to 4 "lives" (one spent per level, 25min to regen each "life").
A simple game to kill some time 😊



An adorable and pretty therepeutic game! I love being able to just sit and watch the cats doing their stuff, or even just leaving the app in the background – the sounds & music combine beautifully to form a soothing asmr sort of effect.
The creators have evidently put a lot of thought into designing the game – little details like cats running around are animated smoothly and a joy to watch ðŸĨ°
There are also no forced ad viewings. The player is the one who chooses if they want to view any for bonus materials or currency. This really contributes to the immersion in the game 👍
The only downside is the accumulation of currency as time goes by, but that's typical of idle games, so I don't blame the creators for that 😅
All in all, highly recommended if you're looking for a relaxing break with lovable cats!

Make you happy this time


(Not sure why I can't get past the first line in case 7, but I'll review cases 1-6. Hopefully the bug(?) will be resolved soon!)
"Make you happy this time" is a chat-like game – your phone decides to install an unknown chat app on its own one day, and the only other user online is Iwatsuki Souta.

Who is he? Why is he talking about events from a year ago as if they happened yesterday? he in danger? Ö

The gameplay mechanic is simple – choose the right option (out of three) to continue, or you may lose contact with Souta forever... (Don't worry, the game lets you retry quite easily..after a short ad, of course ^^")

The plot really drew me in (reminds me of a major animated movie iykwim...) and I couldn't get my mind off it and finished it in a few hours.

Case 7 ("Convict on Death Row's Already Read Message") seems unrelated to the story I described above, but I couldn't continue reading it; the continue button reacts when I tap on it, but no new lines appear... Fingers crossed that the developers deal with this bug soon! Really curious about the ending...

Last Delivery


Easy to pick up, difficult to put down! I downloaded this game because it reminded me of Loops of Zen, an old Flash puzzle game that I loved playing. [æ‡ĩ懂]

In Last Delivery, you guide the driver through unknown lands so that the parcels can arrive safely at their destination. But watch out! The driver is in a hurry, and tends to start driving before you've fully prepared the itinerary for him, so you'll have to be quick!

While most maps are pretty straightforward, certain levels will need you to think out of the box and use tiles more than once. It's a welcome challenge 👍 However, the level progression seems to be random (easy and tricky levels mixed up), so don't feel too bad if you're stuck on a certain level – the next one will be easier! 😅

Last Delivery's graphics (soft colours & smooth animation) and sound (very soothing soundtrack and cute sound effects) come together to create a lovely atmosphere 😊

You also have the possibility of unlocking new vehicles (a racecar and even flying saucers!) by watching short ads, so that lets you personalise your experience a little 😊

This is a free game, so there are ads sometimes, but not so often that they become a nuisance. The compulsory ones are pretty short (5-10s?), while the optional ones (to get new vehicles and to slow down the driver) are 30s long.

All in all, a sweet little game that I'll probably keep coming back to when I need a short break! [č‰ēč‰ē]



I'm only at the first scene (after the intro & opening song), but the voice acting is entertaining, esp Hilda's! Pretty character design, and the music is really enjoyable too, but you may have to adjust volume so it doesn't drown out the voices. Will update when I progress more!

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