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I adore rhythm games and cry for my 2d ~pink haired especially~ anime boys a lot - Addicted to enstars - Sigmaヾ⁠(⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠*⁠)⁠ノ
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I adore rhythm games and cry for my 2d ~pink haired especially~ anime boys a lot - Addicted to enstars - Sigmaヾ⁠(⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠*⁠)⁠ノ
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Wind Boys!


Wind boys!!! Gotta love my trumpet, trombone, flute and drum boys!!- Drums???? Well, whatever [開心][開心]

I love this game sm I got addicted for a second- Anyway... The gameplay isn't as entertaining as, let's say, rhythm games or any of the sorts. But the chibis are so cuteee uwaaaaa [色色][色色][色色] It's kinda like ... uhh... actually this is my first raising sims game eheheh... I'll try A3 later I promise!!

So the story.. I can't say much since I'm nihongo jouzun't [耍帥] (not fluent in Japanese) but I do know that some parts of the story have chibi pictures!! Like comics! It's so cute too waaaa [暈][暈] And they have some funny parts too [賣萌]

Gacha.... *glances at bad luck* Th-They're... kinda generous tbh. You get notes (the currency in the game) pretty easily [厲害] OH AND beginners get two SSRs at the start of the game!! Yay!!! [哇噻] You can also reroll as many times as you want on the first beginner pull! Go get your best boys yassss
OH ALSO there's like that one free SSR of your choice thingie for beginners too [賣萌] See who catches your eye and boom! Now you have an SSR of him~

The characters are all so cool and pretty wooooww
*ahem* Anyway, I like how Amatsuki voices someone in here, his character's a literal cutie as well aww [色色] Oh and Shinonnu too-

THE SONGS ARE AMAZING I love how it's all focused on wind based instruments (shhh not including the drums) and I never get tired of the BGM awww

So I think that's it? I'm gonna try and free some space to try A3 now, I know a certain pink haired boy I like there too~ [厲害] Enjoy the game! I wish every beginner out there a very good luck on your wind journey!! [微笑][微笑]



Oh ChocoRimi... I-I kinda wanna be a VTuber... I dunno.. seeing Gawr Gura stream on YouTube really looks fun but... I'm too shy for YouTube....

Never fear my dear no-name random person! I have found the perfect app for you. REALITY! I'm sorry for shouting but the title is actually in caps [耍帥]

So, REALITY, is a type of platform for everyone out there who wants to feel the sensation of being a VTuber without having to stream on Twitch or YouTube! Yes!! You could just stream in the app itself! ISN'T THAT COOL [哇噻][哇噻]

*Ahem* my apologies. Yep you heard me right, you can just stream in the app, and there are a ton, a ton I tell you, a ton of people in there who would stop by and watch your streams! They're either bored or *whispers* they just hop in your stream for the view bonus for points- We'll get back to that later.

The customisation section uwaaaa [賣萌][賣萌] You can change your avatar height, hair, eyes, mouth, even the bust size--- into anything that suits you! There are a decent amount of clothes and accessories too; you don't even need to get coins (which we'll also get back to later) to look stylish and beautiful! (or hot [害羞]) Oh side note the avatars can't be used outside the app so bummer!! But at least you can still stream in the app!! [開心]

On to the currency in this app- ..... Points and coins :D Ok fine I'll explain.

Points : They're mostly free and you can get 100 of them from view bonus, which is when you join a VTuber's stream, so you won't have that much trouble getting them

Coins : Mostly paid but the app sometimes has campaigns that give you free coins if you do the corresponding stuff it asks you to (as of now they're giving away 100 coins when you play any of the specified games) Also events give you 50 coins which is... a good start ig

So let's get to the gacha- Yes, gacha [暈] I haven't tried pulling yet since it's kinda kinda expensive, 500 coins for a pull and 5k coins for a 10 pull sounds harsh ngl.. Plus the fact that you have to use REAL money to buy coins.. The events only give you 50 coins, and that's when you reach 10k event score (a.k.a people gifting you points till you get 10k) and if you aren't too popular like me.... You'd have a lot of trouble waaaaa

Events are kinda harsh but nice at the same time [不滿] idfk how some people get like 100k points. Guess they're just that entertaining.. [難過]

So I think that's it?? I've had very corner of REALITY covered [厲害] ...I think. ANYWAYS if you guys wanna check me out ([發困]) my name is とふ•Tofu


Obey Me! Shall we date?


Getting tired of the gameplay but it's getting harder so whatever~~

OBEY ME- NO YOU OBEY ME- Jokes aside- Obey Me. Heh. OKAY OKAY I'LL GET SERIOUS!! [耍帥][耍帥]

I still remember the times when I would get on Playstore and see Obey Me there and just going "Meh". NOW LOOK WHERE I AMMMMM it's actually been quite a while since I found and took interest in it. Not really it was like the start of 2021 when I was really really bored and was just getting into Enstars and trying other new games. I reached mm probably lesson 2????- What the hell Chocorimi you've only just started at that time and already dropped it? Pathetic. SHUTT I only played for two days what do you expect!!! [發火] And to top it off I wasn't really that serious that timeeee [大哭][大哭]

Enough about the horrible past I had on Obey Me, let's get to the gameplay. Yes, the one I was talking about at the start. It's really simple, apparently they're tasks you need to do *whispers* homework.... [不滿] But no worries! It's fun!! Trust me!!!! ....Fine it gets harder as you pass through more and more lessons BUT the chibi characters the chibi charactersssss just watch 'em groove [色色][色色] They do remind me of the Jojo Pitter Patter Pop chibis though.... [憋屈][大哭][大哭] Yeah the "tasks" are just them dancing it's okay it's fine it's not like REAL HOMEWORK THAT ARE ACTUALLY HARD. No biggie [厲害]

The story omg juicy~ By that I mean that it's really good! You start off at Devildom being a transfer student at RAD (forgot what it stands for but it doesn't matter :P ) and you're literally stuck there for a year. Cool right? Also with initially 7 brothers that are constantly chatting with you that you literally have to check in on them every five minutes- Fine I'm exaggerating but like. They send so many messages I can't keep up [大哭][大哭] I actually can but still [大哭] Oh also the seventh brother doesn't get introduced with the others at the start, dunno when he'll get introduced since I haven't gotten past lesson 3. Belphie come on~ [賣萌]

Oh btw they're gonna have love interests with you well yeah it's literally an otome game what am I even going on about chachachacha- Ah yeah also they can chat and call you randomly, I know it's not random but when you progress through a lot of stuff gets put up to your face so you can't quite focus on the requirements to unlock chat topics and calls too I think. You get what I mean [發困] (tired while reviewing this rn)

Gacha time~ I think the gacha is pretty decent. It's called nightmare btw, COOL RIGHT???? Everything about this game is literally just so cool ugh I can't stop admiring ittt also the gacha banners sound effects when they load aAaaAaaAhhH I love it sm [睡覺] I didn't check the rates but highest is UR+, usually comes with special videos everytime you activate their skills in a task level which is AWESOME. I hope I can get a UR+ soon, I only have the free Asmo they gave you when you first start Obey Me but OHMYGOD HE'S SO HOT I COULD MELT????? I'm probably high from all that Enstars tiering I did I'm sorry [發困][發困] Anyway guh if I could get my hands on a UR+ Levi or Satan or Beel I'd be so happy (my love for Lucifer faded away noo....)

And I think that's about it. I probably missed some parts but I'll update if I need to later. I'm literally struggling to stay awake rn (^._.^)ノ So if you love pretty boys and (not so) easy gameplay, try it out! You'll get addicted, trust me (speaking from experience here [暈]) Now I gotta look for another game to review- CHOCORIMI!! SLEEP! FIRST!!!!! [發火][發火][發火] Alright alright geez [耍帥][耍帥]

Easy Poser


Obviously no sound, gameplay or storyline here but since I can't make more than one category N/A..... gameplay and storyline had to get the sad face :(

It's pretty decent actually, I dunno if it's helping me with poses cause I haven't tried drawing with a simple pose I did which was🧍 You have limited choices though, most of them are paid [憋屈] It's still okay! You can use the limited poses to make some of your own poses too! Experiment with a few twists and turns here and there- But don't do it too much, you'd probably end up making an alien [懵懂] If that's what you were aiming for then cool

Oh also you can make the bases lose their clothes [懵懂][懵懂] I dunno the purpose of it, maybe to examine the body shape more???? But yeah that's neat

And you can also save the poses as .png or even transparent .png that's pretty neat too

Overall pretty decent, a lot of settings and parts you can mess with, limited poses. Yayyyyyy

Wait does this even count as a game I'm just hoping Mr.Qoo accepts this as a game review [厲害] Off to reviewing Obey Me I go~~~~

A Hatsune Miku rhythm game? Yes!!! [哇噻][哇噻]
The title is Project Sekai Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku but nahhhh we'll just call it Project Sekai for short. I'm sure many of you have heard this game, but when you went to check it out, NO! IT'S INCOMPATIBLE! Yabai I really wanted to play [大哭][大哭][大哭]

But great news! You find out that the TW server of this game (which is this one) is compatible for your device!!! Everything is exactly the same as the JP server, except for the pink glitch that happens when you play a live sometimes! [暈] Fret not, as it only happens when you play for too long (I think.) The gameplay is quite laggy but it may just be my phone not being strong enough to handle it, it's getting smoother now the more I play (I can full combo some songs now [開心][開心])

25 NIGHTCORD'S STORY STARTED OFF SAD IM- The stories are interesting, I think it was something something we meet Hatsune Miku in a world called Sekai (which literally translates to world [發困]) and she invites us to sing with her. I'm using my limited Japanese knowledge to understand the stories btw, yes it's in Traditional Chinese but the voices are still in Japanese so why not [開心] uhhh yeah overall the story's ok

I didn't know Yuki Nakashima voices someone in here- Lisa Imai from bandori went into Project Sekai [哇噻] OMG MACHICO IS HERE TOO I LOVE

I think that concludes my review! You guys should really try playing it, they even have Mafumafu songs covered [色色][色色] I don't feel like trying any more games since none of them caught my eye that much or they're incompatible for my phone [不滿] I feel Elly now, I don't have any more games to try. Come to think of it, I think Blue Archive would be a very nice game- WAAAIT THIS IS A PROJECT SEKAI REVIEW IM SORRYYYYY [大哭][大哭]

...Here I am fellow gamers. I was gonna stop at Hypmic but I couldn't resist getting another rhythm game ..... So Black Star: Theater Starless let's just call it Blackstar, seems pretty unique. I'm really having trouble understanding what I need to do in the game, so if someone knows or something please translate everything for me ty I owe you guys [可憐]

Hmmm what should I talk about- WAIT IS THAT THE DAISUKE HIRAKAWA AS IN LAITO SAKAMAKI NORIAKI KAKYOIN AND SHIK NATSUMEZAKA HOLY SHI---- Ahem I mustn't rant more about the boys since I'm here for the rhythm game [耍帥] Oh man it's vertical? We playing rock piano tiles or something??- Kidding! Yeah it's vertical but I can live with that. Pft- it's not like I can't play if it's not horizontal butseriouslyomghorizontalwhenjk


Ok I'll be honest I came here because I saw 平川大輔 somewhere (If you can read that then three cheers for you) but then I saw it was a rhythm game so I couldn't resist [耍帥][耍帥] psssst stan Yoshino btw

I think I gave up on trying to read stories in rhythm games but I'll try brr anyways that's it I guess woo I might try Arknights later this is totally going off topic but it sure looks fun so I'll try it maybe maybe not idk idk bye cya blep ;P

Wait how did you guys know I was gonna try this game? ...STOP STALKING ME-

So here we are with ANOTHER rhythm game, called Hypnosis Mic: Alternative Rap Battle bla bla bla just call it Hypmic psh
But hey, at least this is DJ and raps oh yeah oh yeah [開心] The gameplay is pretty unique :O you gotta DJ or er- whatever..

pssst guys I swear this game is hard I'm literally just playing normal diff rn but I swear to kami-sama I saw 28 expert diffs so there are probably 29 expert diffs too wew gotta avoid those


Ok I heard people say that the live boosts or whatever they're called in Hypmic take a loooooong time to recover so I guess that's a downside

...Why are you asking me about the story? I only read a few phrases but it's like, so good (idrk how good the story is but people said the anime sucks so NAH IMA FIND TRANSLATIONS FOR THIS INSTEAD)

Woo MVs which let you sing along or something that's cool

Ok bye I literally have forgotten how the scouts were like but at least the first scout lets you reroll as many times as you want till you get your best boy (or if you were like me and didn't know most of the characters you can just roll for the most beautiful cards which I SO REGRET cause I didn't know Ramuda and NOW IT'LL TAKE ME FOREVER TO GET HIM *cries in corner*)

That's it I'm not gonna try any more games. No more. I'm totally not gonna try Blackstar Theater Starless. Never. Ok cya blep :P

I have come back with yet another otome game. I've actually been eyeing this one ever since I got into enstars, but I didn't get it because it kept telling me I had insufficient storage. You might be wondering, hmmmm, why isn't it letting me get to my beautiful hot 2d anime boys? Oh man you'll grasp for more storage once you see how big it is. 3 gb???? Pft, this has to be a joke- Spoilers : It's not. IT'S FOR MY 2D ANIME BOYS ANYWAY I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR THEM----

Pushing the justice for 2d anime boys matter aside, Uta no Prince-sama, or UtaPri for short, is just your average otome game. Bro seriously it's just Love Live with boys- Yes, the usual, the characters are very hot bla bla bla.... OHMYGOD MAMOCHAN AND KISHOU???? SINGING TOGETHER????!?!?!?!? SHIMONO HIRO IS HERE TOO!?!?!?!? TOMOAKI MAENO ZHONGLI?!?! KOUSUKE TORIUMI!?!?!? dies

I haven't dove deep into the main story yet, but I hope it's good

Graphics uhh their shoulders look huge idk---- The gameplay is similar to Love Live, as I said before the whole game is since they're both by KLab which is cool ig??

TL;DR If you want more beautiful boys into your collection, literally just hunt down all the otome games :v oh wait this is an UtaPri review- yeah just go get UtaPri or Enstars Hypmic or whatever (pssst ChocoRimi trying Hypmic next leaked) And that concludes my rant for anime boys- I mean my UtaPri review cya blep :P

Fire Emblem Heroes


I'm keeping this review short and sweet just because I'm lazy rn and I really love this game so yeh

SO FIRE EMBLEM- Was I too loud for you? Ahaha.. sorry about that. I just like the Fire Emblem series so much [開心]
Starting over, yes, you may have heard of this franchise before, it's everywhere (at least for me [發困]) you can find it on every console- well, most of them. EVEN ON MOBILE!? YESSS!!! Fire Emblem Heroes, to me, is kind of a smaller version of Fire Emblem Three Houses (that one's obviously way better of course [厲害]) and best of all, we're mobile gaming!! No consoles required!! Woooo thankyouforsparingmywallet

The chibi sprites are so cute waa even the animations are cute [大哭] The illustrations are top notch [色色] Lysithea is my favourite

Gacha? Scout? Summon? Whatever it's called psh, it's still card collecting. More waifus and husbandos yay- *slap* Hey! What was that for? I'm just stating the obvious, there are A LOT of lovely cards, waifus, husbandos, you name it! They're all here! UGH DIMITRI GOTTA BE HOT THO- *ahem* moving on

I haven't gotten that far in the story yet, so I can't say much.

ALSO if you download the lite version of the game data, I think it affects the sound, 'cause mine sounds like they're in some arcade game [開心][開心] The voice actors are still good nonetheless!!

Yes I said I was gonna keep everything short and sweet but it turned out to be.. longer than I expected. As they say, uhh actually, I don't think there's a saying for this [暈] IGNORE THIS PLS-

And that concludes my essay- I mean review. I'm addicted to this game too so I guess that's a warning for y'all [開心][開心] Byeeeeeeyii




So how do I start this.. oh yeahh

This game.. this game.. is..... WAIT WRONG INTRO START OVER [發火][發火]

*ahem* sorry about that, got too nervous to rate this game since uhh the anime got a big role in my li- actually no I just love the anime so bad that's all nothing else I swear [大哭] anyways let's get to the review and gacha salt [懵懂]

The graphics blind me THEY'RE TOO CUTE JFHDJFJ [色色][大哭][大哭] I can't get over how cute they look it's just. too. cute!! I wanna pinch them [耍帥]

Dunno about anyone else but I seem to have lots of trouble on the gameplay.. Maybe I just need to get used to it but it's fun don't get me wrong! yeah and THEY'RE CUTE TOO [開心][開心]

Gacha is always pain when it comes to me [大哭] Everytime I start a new gacha game the bad luck just chases me like whyyyyy what did I do [發火] The only gr I have atm is Giorno like I don't hate Giorno, in fact I- *slaps self* shush remember you haven't gotten to golden wind too early for that [暈] That's the only gr I got grrr

Wait does this game have any storyli-

That's all from me [微笑] If you're wondering about what part I'm at cuz I said that I haven't gotten to golden wind I'm at half of part 4
UPDATE : I'm at part 6 loll *cries inside* Weather Report is [色色] (Jolyne is pretty sexy but I like her [厲害])
Josuke, Jotaro, Koichi and Kakyoin are my best boys-

WAHH SORRY GOT CARRIED AWAY this was supposed to be just a game review.. [大哭]

Sorry for wasting everyone's time bye [厲害]



Okay so... I haven't read the stories but people say they're dark so I'm pretty interested on how dark it is
Anyways let's get to the review

So, the characters look very hot- [耍帥] I kinda don't like the story graphics, to me they look weird in a way. The MV graphics are good though, but it lags my game so much that I do badly [暈] The gameplay is very similar to love live [賣萌] The songs are bop [色色] The gacha.... I haven't tried pulling yet so I can't review it (will update on the gacha later) [厲害] UPDATE : The gacha is being generous to me

Well if you ask me, I like every game especially if it's a game based on my favorite anime! I'm at season 3 now ahhh haven't even finished the anime but play the game >_< Let's get to the pro's and con's already jeez [汗顏]

Pro's :
1. Well, I... uhh (I just started playing today lmao so) oh right. I love the chibi characters so much! Well, every chibi character looks cute of course (Especially Dazai ohoho) [色色][色色]
2. The gameplay is good, even though all you gotta do is aim a marble to some (idk what you call those balls) balls but yeah the sound is so relaxing [耍帥]
3. Hmm gacha is good I guess... (Got Francis SSR [色色])

Con's :
1. Hmm not sure if this game has any con's (Probably gacha but idk let's see my luck) Tbh the gacha is being salty, I can't get SSR. I can only get it in guaranteed SSR scout [大哭]

Well I guess that's it? Hmm oh yeah! Please watch the anime it's so underrated [賣萌][賣萌] Who's my husbando you ask? Well, top 3 are Atsushi, Dazai and CHUUYAAAAA (Nah I love Atsushi more than Chuuya it's just because I like to write Chuuya like that [開心])
Okay see ya! ありがとうございます!



It's a very challenging game but it is possible with thumbs since I've tried it but yes, sometimes it doesn't register my taps, especially the sliders (also you can play until present with thumbs but future, no [暈])

1. Different game from any other rhythm game I've played, has sky notes which I adore [色色]
I have no other pro's I can say about it [耍帥]

1. It's very hard if you use thumbs, especially future mode, but it is possible [暈][暈]
2. It sometimes doesn't register your taps even though you're just a bit further from the tap line [驚訝]
3. Idk if I can get memories without paying for REAL money, so I guess it's a con

But well, I love this game so I do recommend it [微笑]

I put storyline N/A because I haven't read any stories yet and it's all in Japanese so I don't think I will read them [開心] A cute game, if you love to DJ you will love this game [色色]

Pro's :
1. A really unique gameplay, won't get bored by it
2. A bit like Arcaea to me because of the pink sliders
3. Cute characters, I love Happy Around and Peaky P-Key

Con's :
1. Idk if you can change the speed of the notes as I can't understand Japanese..
2. Again, the graphics of some characters are weird like Starlight (read my starlight review to get what I mean)

That's all I think.. So I recommend this game for pro players (newbies can try it too since it's pretty unique) who are bored with bandori [微笑]

Favourite band Hello Happy World and Roselia
I just wish that global server has the same timeline as JP because they're really far from JP (1 year behind) So if you're new to Bandori, pick JP if you want all of the bands including Morfonica and RAS but I do recommend global server too because you can understand it better (If you're not Japanese) [色色][開心]

Sweet Crossing:


This is better than lmao
Cute concept (really want a cat [色色]) They should've made online mode though.. I can kill all the players (animals) easily [厲害][開心]

Among Us


Best game - A bit like murder island in Roblox but better [開心][開心] I highly recommend it!! My first gameplay, I got Impostor right away XD sadly, I got voted off [大哭][大哭] (Idk what else to say[開心][可憐])

Happy Glass


Too many ads [發火][發火]


The controls are a bit off idk if it's my phone or the game [可憐]

Okay where do I start
It's an awesome yet simple RPG and perfect for people who just tried them (Including me [害羞]) so what I mean is that the concept is simple but fun game to play
Let me list the pro's and con's :

Pro's :
1. The game is simple and fun
2. Love the VAs that are from Bandori as well (Such as Aina Aiba, Risa Tsumugi, Ayasa Ito and Haruka Kudo)
3. The girls in the game are so Kawaii
4. The gacha keeps giving me lots of 4*, which is awesome (this is me so idk about everyone else)

Con's :
1. The story graphics look a bit weird, maybe they tried to make it look like 3D but failed
2. Ayasa isn't a tsundere in this game (doesn't count as con's but oh well.. [開心])

Okay that's all (I think 🤔) So I highly recommend this game to RPG beginners [色色][色色]

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