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Just a weeb in Bandori (Also Bungou Stray Dogs) who really wants to speak Japanese ;-; BIG FAN OF ATSUSHI HE'S JUST TOO CUTE >_<
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Just a weeb in Bandori (Also Bungou Stray Dogs) who really wants to speak Japanese ;-; BIG FAN OF ATSUSHI HE'S JUST TOO CUTE >_<
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Okay so... I haven't read the stories but people say they're dark so I'm pretty interested on how dark it is
Anyways let's get to the review

So, the characters look very hot- [耍帥] I kinda don't like the story graphics, to me they look weird in a way. The MV graphics are good though, but it lags my game so much that I do badly [暈] The gameplay is very similar to love live [賣萌] The songs are bop [色色] The gacha.... I haven't tried pulling yet so I can't review it (will update on the gacha later) [厲害] UPDATE : The gacha is being generous to me

Well if you ask me, I like every game especially if it's a game based on my favorite anime! I'm at season 3 now ahhh haven't even finished the anime but play the game >_< Let's get to the pro's and con's already jeez [汗顏]

Pro's :
1. Well, I... uhh (I just started playing today lmao so) oh right. I love the chibi characters so much! Well, every chibi character looks cute of course (Especially Dazai ohoho) [色色][色色]
2. The gameplay is good, even though all you gotta do is aim a marble to some (idk what you call those balls) balls but yeah the sound is so relaxing [耍帥]
3. Hmm gacha is good I guess... (Got Francis SSR [色色])

Con's :
1. Hmm not sure if this game has any con's (Probably gacha but idk let's see my luck) Tbh the gacha is being salty, I can't get SSR. I can only get it in guaranteed SSR scout [大哭]

Well I guess that's it? Hmm oh yeah! Please watch the anime it's so underrated [賣萌][賣萌] Who's my husbando you ask? Well, top 3 are Atsushi, Dazai and CHUUYAAAAA (Nah I love Atsushi more than Chuuya it's just because I like to write Chuuya like that [開心])
Okay see ya! ありがとうございます!



It's a very challenging game but it is possible with thumbs since I've tried it but yes, sometimes it doesn't register my taps, especially the sliders (also you can play until present with thumbs but future, no [暈])

1. Different game from any other rhythm game I've played, has sky notes which I adore [色色]
I have no other pro's I can say about it [耍帥]

1. It's very hard if you use thumbs, especially future mode, but it is possible [暈][暈]
2. It sometimes doesn't register your taps even though you're just a bit further from the tap line [驚訝]
3. Idk if I can get memories without paying for REAL money, so I guess it's a con

But well, I love this game so I do recommend it [微笑]

D4DJ Groovy Mix


I put storyline N/A because I haven't read any stories yet and it's all in Japanese so I don't think I will read them [開心] A cute game, if you love to DJ you will love this game [色色]

Pro's :
1. A really awesome gameplay, won't be bored by it
2. A bit like Arcaea to me because of the pink sliders
3. Cute characters, I love Happy Around and Peaky P-Key

Con's :
1. Idk if you can change the speed of the notes as I can't understand Japanese..
2. Again, the graphics of some characters are weird like Starlight (read my starlight review to get what I mean)

That's all I think.. So I recommend this game for pro people who are bored with bandori [微笑]

Favourite band Morfonica and RAS
I just wish that global server has the same timeline as JP because they're really far from JP (1 year behind) So if you're new to Bandori, pick JP if you want all of the bands including Morfonica and RAS but I do recommend global server too because you can understand it better (If you're not Japanese) [色色][開心]

Sweet Crossing:


This is better than lmao
Cute concept (really want a cat [色色]) They should've made online mode though.. I can kill all the players (animals) easily [厲害][開心]

Among Us


Best game - A bit like murder island in Roblox but better [開心][開心] I highly recommend it!! My first gameplay, I got Impostor right away XD sadly, I got voted off [大哭][大哭] (Idk what else to say[開心][可憐])

Happy Glass


Too many ads [發火][發火]


The controls are a bit off idk if it's my phone or the game [可憐]

Okay where do I start
It's an awesome yet simple RPG and perfect for people who just tried them (Including me [害羞]) so what I mean is that the concept is simple but fun game to play
Let me list the pro's and con's :

Pro's :
1. The game is simple and fun
2. Love the VAs that are from Bandori as well (Such as Aina Aiba, Risa Tsumugi, Ayasa Ito and Haruka Kudo)
3. The girls in the game are so Kawaii
4. The gacha keeps giving me lots of 4*, which is awesome (this is me so idk about everyone else)

Con's :
1. The story graphics look a bit weird, maybe they tried to make it look like 3D but failed
2. Ayasa isn't a tsundere in this game (doesn't count as con's but oh well.. [開心])

Okay that's all (I think 🤔) So I highly recommend this game to RPG beginners [色色][色色]

This game is super awesome! The storyline is good, the characters are kawaii and best of all, the songs are superb! I can't resist to just sing along!! I love the gacha too but the dreamfest gacha is kinda like a lie because the drop rates of 4 star cards are higher than any other gacha but I just seem to just get 1 4 star.. (I was hoping more.. [大哭]) Other than that, the game overall is great! [色色]

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I love this episode ! ! [開心][開心]
Chuuya Atsushi interactions are so cute [賣萌]
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