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Guys!!! Imma Shipper *Winks* Gimme boys, whatever kinds and types ;))) I love them!! (「`・ω・)「
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Guys!!! Imma Shipper *Winks* Gimme boys, whatever kinds and types ;))) I love them!! (「`・ω・)「
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Brother Grand Prix


A simple and cute game to play😍Just taking care and patting them so adorable! 🤭❤️

HoneyWorks Premium Live


Uwu! Another Rhythm game(2nd) that i played/tried for about 6 weeks or like a month~

So my thing here is why i play? Cuz Im here for LIP×LIP, DoIce : Sara/Kippei and The Song by Shito~ (Edit : Waiting for the other boyz idolz of ma fav)
Weird? i guess so...but i love them😊

Ok so a review (Pleasu dont force yrself to read☺️);
I love their graphics(Colourful mostly) n itsoo diverse or many kind? of artstyle present, i mean pretty cute and it seems there's some sketches in them still (Some part in the Live) kind of a good job. So most of us have different personal preferences of artstyle and its ok to prefer it✨ its NOT a Must to Like/Love them❤️~

Sound already best, musics can stuck in my head with the beats(DoIce really got me there). Unfortunately, the annoyance is from my little Pandas...Panmi & Kuma pls stop...i beg u...idk where is the button to hide their voices, even in the Live of their cheerings.

For gameplay i do be writing that its good or maybe there's something for the song first, anyone try to tap it it slowed down. (For me i can tap from the above,not on the usual tap button below)😗Much better myb...the swipe makes me sad tho. And then, the gacha rate is best and I've never got much higher ⭐rate b4. Mind at ease :))

Storyline, i can't say much(Jpn i cant read) but i guess there's a part of action and romance between the characs[憋屈], so i let them be[難過]. Im not into Real Romance game 'in this game', even all songs its about them.(There's a limit where i could get to Love the romance aura[厲害] BL for sure). Love Koyuki btw🤍.

Sorry if my opinion is somewhat odd n goodbye~

Mandrake Boys


This game is very adorable plus its super casual🤗 I mean its just like a tap tap game but the cute ‘chibis’ comes from all different kinds of plant seeds?...~

It's wonderful and I'm still getting a few new chibis🥺 because to buy a seed it needs stars(others) getting it would be slower. Don't worry, the game still makes it better cuz i don't know for people who likes to be patient 🤣

Oh~ since i got a few of its illustrations... they're very gorgeous!!❤️✨🤭 Moreover, how handsome are the guys here!👀😍🔥

I know the game says 99% were boys and at first i thought only there's few girls😙

So far there's no problem...(except stars)
I love this game, so much like "Cannarians".[厲害] But I'm not the kind of person who play this long. For you guys who still can..Go for it!💙🎉

Adorable Home


Ahh...Yes the nice and the tranquil kind of game. I once played this one since two years ago...(hmm..1yr 8month?) and it's a really great game tho.✨

The graphic?😃
Yes yes... very smooth and well coloured like crayon
(~ ̄³ ̄)~ I love how the characters too! Very nice[賣萌]Oh! Everything changes, i now play the updated one so there's new stuffs and even more interiors came in!

Sound or BG music?😌
Simple! And neutral? Beside that, when playing with the cats the music is now different 🤗 not like before i played this.

Well...i can't say much too this game and the value.. can't say tho. Wish there's more pets to adopt cuz cats already been so much in the room~ Ahha...eventho there are others but not the family's pet.

[開心]Again, the characters! I'm so vewy glad for the game creator that we can even choose whichever gender?/partners to be a lover!💖[大哭] So happy!!😍😇

I know its just hearing every different and handsome guys talking to you...but it's sooting(。・//ε//・。)
So yea, i pretty much like it eventhough it's takes time to get the coins🥺 slow progress...yes like everyday i have to open the app to get dem coins (good work me). Still no problem🤗

All the boys are pretty😂wait...ok i love it. it's worth it guys( i mean my fav VA is there~)

Maybe | English


Wish there's more to come~
Im still waiting for the new 😅
I want the hot dudes there🥺😝😍Really

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


I've known their anime since before that i also seen the MV for the first was soooo amazing. Very addicted song and i cant help but shaking to da beat🤣✨ i just love it!!!💖

Everything is SO great! The Events is reallly tough for me to follow tho...but i still kept playing without stopping cuz its ADDICTED!🤩😅 I really can't help it~

Just for my opinion, its hard to get more stellar stones but it'll be easier for me to keep on going so no worries...
I really like how the characters in the Bg 👌 im having fun and learn a lot from every one of them😍🤩 Everyone's ma favourite. (Sure i like how sweet for boys being together.Truly its not yaoi (•́ ‿ ,•̀)

Yes I had been playing for this year..The anime made me doing this.. realized that im here now. Happy✨

Guys play this game[厲害]Give it a try. It cured my depression and loneliness 😍😂

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Become the Onii-chan✨🌈 Deleting this short but cute game that I've been playing. Ive played twice since the very 2017(maybe) and even this year🥺 Gonna miss these babies! Read Note
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