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Guys!!! Imma Shipper *Winks* Gimme boys, whatever kinds and types ;))) I love them!! (「`・ω・)「
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Guys!!! Imma Shipper *Winks* Gimme boys, whatever kinds and types ;))) I love them!! (「`・ω・)「
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Let me make a review before its gonna be a HeLL 0f A SHUT D0WN!![大哭]

Firstly, I Love this game SO MUCHO!! To be honest, this is my first ever playing a match3 game+anime based (JOJO) other than the norm matching game, even i haven't tried any few anime based in match3 yet. But this was the First and Last to be played❤️ Jojo match.

since I've seen all Jojo games already shutdown so yea im kinda sad and disappointed for being late.
The Graphic is perfect and the sound too.I dont mind if it keeps repeating cause as long as the game is fun and addicted to play and you just can't stop fighting to win.

As i know the whole story and i will not questioned it!
I want Joseph,Giorno especially still in average level so yeah. Quite new for me but i played like for 2 months now and still enjoying it!
Finally, Have to say its been fun while it last...

au revoir...

I've played this game for a very long time before and still great til this day❤️ You can play for fun and also give benefits for you to be able to learn cooking! Its good to learn some new recipes and play along with some mini games. Needed to download(others or new) before playing them. This can play offline after that.[開心]

The leveling can be very slow but be patient ofc ^_^
There are much to learn from our great cooking Mama!

Sengoku of the Dead


I like the game and all[厲害]. There's nothing wrong for a simple and idle game like this. I really like it because its fun just to kill-time[怪笑]. Leveling up is simple just tap to fight. For sure this is an old android but who cares, i play[開心] Also no internet needed, just a tap-raise-idle game and...
i love Masamune!(・ω・)♡

Brother Grand Prix


A simple and cute game to play😍Just taking care and patting them so adorable! 🤭❤️

HoneyWorks Premium Live


Uwu! Another Rhythm game(2nd) that i played/tried for about 6 weeks or like a month~

So my thing here is why i play? Cuz Im here for LIP×LIP, DoIce : Sara/Kippei and The Song by Shito~ (Edit : Waiting for the other boyz idolz of ma fav)
Weird? i guess so...but i love them😊

Ok so a review (Pleasu dont force yrself to read☺️);
I love their graphics(Colourful mostly) n it so diverse or many kind? of artstyle present, i mean pretty cute and it seems there's some sketches in them still (Some part in the Live) kind of a good job. So most of us have different personal preferences of artstyle and its ok to prefer it✨ its NOT a Must to Like/Love them❤️~

EDITs(I'm changing my review since there's an update:
Sound already best, musics can stuck in my head with the beats(DoIce really got me there). Unfortunately, the annoyance is from my little Pandas...Panmi & Kuma pls stop...i beg u...idk where is the button to hide their voices, even in the Live of their cheerings.
BUT! Already solved tho.

For gameplay i do be writing that its good or maybe there's something for the song first, anyone try to tap it it slowed down. I changed in the setting and now i can tap it correctly.The swipe makes me sad tho. And then, the gacha rate is best and I've never got much higher ⭐rate b4. Mind at ease :))

The events is easy to follow just play Live as always and had to follow some songs if it need to play that to achieve the goals or complete something and then you get the items!

Storyline, i can't say much(Jpn i cant read) but i guess there's a part of action and romance between the characs[憋屈], so i let them be[難過]. Im not into Real Romance game 'in this game', even all songs its about them.(There's a limit where i could get to Love the romance aura[厲害] BL for sure). Love Koyuki btw🤍.

Sorry if my opinion is somewhat odd n goodbye~

Mandrake Boys


This game is very adorable plus its super casual🤗 I mean its just like a tap tap game but the cute ‘chibis’ comes from all different kinds of plant seeds?...~

It's wonderful and I'm still getting a few new chibis🥺 because to buy a seed it needs stars(others) getting it would be slower. Don't worry, the game still makes it better cuz i don't know for people who likes to be patient 🤣

Oh~ since i got a few of its illustrations... they're very gorgeous!!❤️✨🤭 Moreover, how handsome are the guys here!👀😍🔥

I know the game says 99% were boys and at first i thought only there's few girls😙

So far there's no problem...(except stars)
I love this game, so much like "Cannarians".[厲害] But I'm not the kind of person who play this long. For you guys who still can..Go for it!💙🎉

Adorable Home


Ahh...Yes the nice and the tranquil kind of game. I once played this one since two years ago...(hmm..1yr 8month?) and it's a really great game tho.✨

The graphic?😃
Yes yes... very smooth and well coloured like crayon
(~ ̄³ ̄)~ I love how the characters too! Very nice[賣萌]Oh! Everything changes, i now play the updated one so there's new stuffs and even more interiors came in!

Sound or BG music?😌
Simple! And neutral? Beside that, when playing with the cats the music is now different 🤗 not like before i played this.

Well...i can't say much too this game and the value.. can't say tho. Wish there's more pets to adopt cuz cats already been so much in the room~ Ahha...eventho there are others but not the family's pet.

[開心]Again, the characters! I'm so vewy glad for the game creator that we can even choose whichever gender?/partners to be a lover!💖[大哭] So happy!!😍😇

I know its just hearing every different and handsome guys talking to you...but it's sooting(。・//ε//・。)
So yea, i pretty much like it eventhough it's takes time to get the coins🥺 slow progress...yes like everyday i have to open the app to get dem coins (good work me). Still no problem🤗

All the boys are pretty😂wait...ok i love it. it's worth it guys( i mean my fav VA is there~)

Maybe | English


Wish there's more to come~
Im still waiting for the new 😅
I want the hot dudes there🥺😝😍Really

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


I've known their anime since before that i also seen the MV for the first time was so amazing. Graphics is just lovely and i cant help but shaking to da beat🤣✨ i just love it!!!💖

Everything is great! The Events is really tough but gradually become very easy. I still kept playing because all the songs is wonderful also its ADDICTED! I really can't help it~

Just for my opinion, its hard to get more stellar stones but it'll be easier for me to keep on going so no worries...
I love every chacraters in here👌 im having fun and learn a lot from every one of them😍🤩 Everyone's ma favourite. Sure i like how sweet for boys being together.Truly its not yaoi (•́ ‿ ,•̀)

Yes I had been playing for this year..The anime made me doing this.. realized that im here now. Happy✨

Guys play this game[厲害]Give it a try. It cured my depression and loneliness😂Its sucking my life.

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LET'S GO DOWN WITH THE BOYS!🥵 Just completed my Late Summer 2021 today ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
Today?! yes... wasted 5 times but worth it ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
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