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Guys!!! Imma shipper *ʷⁱⁿᵏ* Gimme вσуѕ, whatever kinds & types ;)) Yeah I Ꝉօѵҽ them whole lot. ( 「 •̀ ω・)「 ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴊᴏʙ, ʙʟ. -ꜱᴀᴋᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ ʀʏᴏ
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Guys!!! Imma shipper *ʷⁱⁿᵏ* Gimme вσуѕ, whatever kinds & types ;)) Yeah I Ꝉօѵҽ them whole lot. ( 「 •̀ ω・)「 ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴊᴏʙ, ʙʟ. -ꜱᴀᴋᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ ʀʏᴏ
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Now review this one as I've been playing them for long before the English & QooVersion. Yes, played all the versions of bsd and i gotta say i still love it even though it's just shooting the balls :) Marble goes Zwoosh!!

So Everything much the same in gameplay, target the coloured balls and defeat your opponent on a certain levels. Each have different colours. You'll level up. Difficulty is easy to difficult as the opponent is getting too strong. Events is Niceee(getting free cards ofc)

Graphics; Overalls, Wonderful! Chibis are enjoyable and adorable in many ways~ You can see the events BG are fascinating and well drawn with different design. So as their cards. UR, UR+ & EX are beautifully illustrated along with the chibis. Love it plus,sending cute stickers to your pals to get FPs(。・ω・。)ノ♡

Sound/Story; Voiced lines from their cards is great, but the story dialogues just a few. Even some event gacha could have a various bgm. Story follows up like in the anime. それが何であるかです:^)

Value?; I get a few URs but gradually get it high. So yeah pretty much lucky for some tho. It's hard to gacha the favourite so all i have to do is saved. Problem? The gacha is unfair as all of them are TOo DaMn PeRfEcT!!!

Sorry for one long review, YES (waited to do this). it's addicted. ❤️for fan BSD & good to kill time ^^ It's fun!
and Where are U Poe? Ranpo? >:'( Come Home!

I played all the versions of bsd and i gotta say i still love it even though it's just shooting the balls :) Zwoosh! (Chibis so Cuties!)

Just a short review on this one, it's addicted for those who's into this or a fan of the anime❤️ good to kill time with games like this ^^ It's fun! (Yeah my long review will be on the jpn side[厲害])



I've downloaded 4 times. Few years ago, played before and deleted all over again. I don't know what im doing but surely just missing the characters from the Voltage franchise[汗顏]& forgotten that is still on my phone. It's only give you company, tap them for hearts and interact a little. I've seen several events, but the downside is that chibis are need to be paid. Even the time given affection waited for some hours. So i might get bored because of that.

Regardless of that, I still like it cuz their chibis are easier to carry XD add with their cute AR interacts, walkie & adorable little talks.

For the very first time in my life trying something like this, an otome romance simulation and raising all wonderful Princes~ (Yes. Real Life Prince-sama♪♪)

This had an actual Jdrama and I've watched it(2018) if you haven't heard so. The game really start from where you become a female protagonist, you're an orphan, had scholarship in the Prince Academy.

Gameplay : Pretty cute and simplistic! A simulation and all about training stuff. You're mission as Executive Committee Chairman raise a legendary prince. Just like raising sims. Raising in chibis.

Graphics : Pictured like in real life but a little add of texture for the BG of their stories. The characters where they put is very impressive and had different changing in expressions/gesture except they're real life without the movement. The chibis are very adorable and lovable. Everything is amazingly well-created!✨

Sound : Music BG is good. The boys when interacting in the stories are not fully voiced sadly. It's also the first time I've found the game has the Princes' a sweet wake up alarm. Le Gasp Riichi and Takato and Haru~

Story : Wish it really happen to me but I guess the story is great! It's kinda felt like you're in the drama(with your name) but yes I really received a lot of love from them.

I can't tell the value of the game. All I can say it's like F2p with good quality eventho it's a little difficult to get the passionate Dias but you'll better save them and spend really well for fav cards. If you got nothing to do, you would play this or having fun with it. For me, it's relaxing and joy of a ride!🌹𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩, 𝘽𝙚𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙮 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝘽𝙤𝙙𝙮~

Edited : On that day, logged in and got a Promotion Story and was literally crying when remembered back the date of the Shutdown. Ryu & Koki so cute 🥺𝐒𝐚𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐚~

Blush Blush


I played this before and i still love BlushBlush! Back on 2019(i guess) I've downloaded on PC excitingly and it's free & want DLC ahem lol. Now, it's on mobile and i download it for some reason...

If you didnt know what i meant, it's from other platform i had downloaded. Had long played in my laptop, but always missed the events(pin-ups ofc XD) i don't often open up my pc so i decide to add it to phone and might do the trick! Well, it will be update and notify. Damn i low on gemstones ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

It's a clickin' game and have to build up your relationship with sum boys! Hell yea... BUT that's because of something and your job is to lift up their curse from being ‘Manimals’ 👀 Going back to my review, Unique characters and many more to come(i promise). Just like in PC, everything is the same. Love the cute face reactions(Volks my boi) and wish it's all fully voiced tho. The picture is so sad 😭 that it cuts in the scenes when dating them. Poor ducky.And there's Phone Fling.. another to chat with random dudes. Might be great friends(My man Felix & poe♡) and guys from there will add on too.

There's a time block to put you to work and hobby.
Achieve the achievements and that'll add up your reset boost! Why? So that your game progress will be speedy fast when resetting it. This can cause to go back to the beginning tbh. It's ok, this gonna do faster than before.

Though I'm glad their outfits will add to it! Ever Since missing all the event, hopefully there's that and I could admire the beautiful bod- Art! The art is looking fine!

Sokubaku Kareshi


I had TOO high expectation on this game and before this game released. I like it but like 3.7/5. If i may say, the game to be new however needed more to improve that's what I want.

I'll be honest, the game is great. Apparently in a visual one. You have to download fully and didn't take that long. You will have to choose one. Shindo or Gen (Wanna get along with shindo) before i knew, we couldn't go back :( sorry Gen.

The story is normally good. When getting in the story, it's a slice of life and sweet. Using rings to pay for each story. Don't worry, a login bonus is there! There's also a sub story which is paid with the silver ones/chains. Sub story may be from events like Valentine's or White day,etc. In addition, stories has a choice of words to reply them and give you a cute CG ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Pet Camera where you sneak to peak on your boyfriend's room. Aki's moving around and his smile is wholesome💕 could give a gift too!

I wish i could love the game, the downside is mostly on the chat, RAYN. Doesn't give more accurate A.i reply and ended up being in general. And well, after called a cooldown the game crashes, can't go back to home screen and have to close app. Problem again? My chat reply to dear Shindo was gone and he had alot to reply...This is what i wanted them to improve. We'll see for the better :)

And i love the chibi stickers on our RAYN. It's so super adorable and i wish it got to be on LINE (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)☆

Disney Music Parade


I like Disney but some of the songs i don't really remember much. And kinda i love it! The remix and some other elements they put in it are fascinating. This really made me a wild blast and humming little by little of their songs. Well, i would love to hear the original song please❤️~ The characters is great which makes them glows. (love how a bubble appeared to see their scenes but im too focus to accurately tap with the music!)

At first, it is too bright for me when playing the performance stage. i couldn't see wellʕ·ᴥ·ʔ or is it just me? Actually, you can adjust the brightness. OK! The difficulty is easy to expert, can play alone or play with friends. It is easy to get more teasure items and gain points when playing with friends even clear the stage.
More or less, i think normal is good too^^ There's not much cards but maybe will do in the future. It's a rhythm game in a “roller coaster” way and perhaps a little dizzy slowly will be on track (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Events is also there. Try it and you'll know it. maybe..

Oh, when starting to download they'll give you an option whether a standard quality or high quality. both. Both is good![厲害]

I love Dynasty Warrior and a fan of the 8th DW. This game really makes me happy to finally try the online DW that could play with other players or friends. Which the problem is that I'm into a single player mode most of the time. So this is a first time for me

The graphics is good and the texture is smooth too.
It's funny that i see their faces is not that detailed smoothly tho but it's alright. This is just like the actual Dw console especially CG story cut-scenes is also nice here. Play in mobile phone, the texts speech is tiny so it's hard to read. There's gacha in this one and it's 'recuits' out weapons and characters. What i don't like is that collect fragments/shards to cultivate more general. However it recovers me after i knew how easy it was.

The game actually gives off the same. I found it fun slashing, beating and doesn't matter what rank im in as long as I'm having a great time playing, leveling up and easy earning and done doing task[賣萌] Well, It's quite the benefits for those who could actually pay for the game to get good characters, and more Vip stuffs. For me i wish, but I'm always here for any games only for fun and leisurely play! Hehe[開心]

Flower's Contract


This game was released in 2016 if I'm not mistaken... in English version. Brings a little memory of mine, so i thought of playing it over again. Gonna review this, I'll give it a go!

Little Summary; Set in Edo Period Japan.
Deep in Yoshiwara, where many men and women’s hearts are singed by transient love, lies the male-only brothel “Peony House.”
Is seeing an escort, whose glamor women fall for and whose strength men admire, a one-night-only dream, or perhaps――?

Woop. ‘Male-only brothel’ >.> now you see that... and yet you played as a male character in the game. Well it's definitely BL. Yes This is BL. Man×Man. Yaoi. OK.

Graphics, Pretty good and nothing much. This is like the typical visual novels yea. The boys changes face expression. Boys all beautiful and handsome here, a plus Kenmochi-san the owner of the Peony. Love their CG as usual. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)🌹

Sound, or no sound at all. So I'm giving a N/A. I don't hear any music bg or voices sadly. But it's fine for me cuz i use my music or any of my BL audios to listen while reading the game. No problemo haha.

Gameplay, I don't know... but click to the story and read til your ticket ran out. There's more for tomorrow, it can replenish. Charms to progressing the story and might differ their result. Nothing much to do, this JP version still have the events going i suppose. You needed tickets to play them and of course the requirements is hard for me to reach. but i have my patients.

Storyline, Plot pretty much lowkey to me. No, i like it. I'm surprised that the mc has a lover and i was like oh no why you go to a brothel.. but im not gonna elaborate more to that! It's BL ofc i read and it's very interesting. Relationship with Asagi, Matsukaze and little Kotoha♡ Very interesting romance indeed (◕દ◕)

Don't forget this is in JP language. Very in love with the beautiful story as choose carefully for your choice of romance. Not to anger my beloved flower men. I still hated the idea of them giving the 'For Girls' filter. Guys can play it too right? No I'm not complaining, since it's already old. The World grows faster eh?

A game i played because of my fav history anime from TK:Hanamaru. Gotta review so here we GOooo!

The anime got me hype to play the game moreover the real reason was Ah~ Shoku-san[色色]my beloved!
Graphics, not like a new fashioned flashy style but the traditional vintage type, like you feel safe at japan place 書院造? Minka? meant to say in Honmaru/home section where you can change your fav character in their unique yukata. Oh they look fine as hell!

The CVs ain't a problem[厲害] just love to hear their voices makes me squeeze and all. They are top-notch!
Love every characters they voiced! Refreshing!

Gameplay, at first i doubt it. i don't understand Japanese but a little. Damn i use translator for understanding them >< then perfectly fine getting used to it. It's a simple strategy fight and need to be prepared for battle with your troops. Engage my boys! Please i don't like to break a sword. Do take care of them and if they really break.. please repair them. Fan of this will still hold the fun.For those who might think it's boring, this do have the events going. 幸運を!

Received so much resources to go smithing my way on the deck.No need to pay for stuff haha.Forging more? What are you? A fan of katana? Yes. The swords are historical! What a beauty! Personality of the characters also quite the unique of themselves.

For long thought there's a story in this but non. you can watch the anime tho.comedy.loving the swords.

So much more then again overall a 100/10 i love this. Hated using VPN. My sec acc is that i flipped myself extensively to gain my swords stronger again.(lost 1st acc)

Yet, On my way to the English ver. yippy![色色]Go my lovely swords and 喧嘩 their way to victory!! YO TAKEs TIME TO REPAIR MY TACHI[大哭]darn!

Anidol Colors


Now i can review this game for sure! In the very beginning is kinda cute(?) yes cute. From the loading screen of course😂 I can see how adorable they are.
I do not know if this have an anime but i can see the potential in it. A little..simple. If you were me i guess pushing all the buttons and learned what it does. You'll get a hang of it! :D maybe.

The Characters are unique and quite filled with many personality! I love how variety of colours they put into.
But as i go throughout the story i found a little bit HMM. I don't understand Japanese :) its ok(Use translate and a bit learned). I seems to get the plot somewhere. One of the boy is so dramatic(つд⊂) i love how twisted! Homare-senpai & Osomu soft bae♡ Shizuku bro♡ and Yuito bunbun[色色]

There are alot to write here especially for the gameplay its quite simple and for sure DAMN do you have to download thier profiles and ya have to like open upgrade your idols in full constallation!? When i just want to pet&rub with love if they turn into a fluffy anidols :( SSR good in low bar sometimes! Tap tap Chibis so cute[大哭]and it's just a raising sim thingy and complete some training and there's to compete with rival with Vo/Da/Charm. It's complicated at first but not for long! If you're a player who want a simple yet something easy. Here it is?

This... I've played like for soo long and i don't know what to do with it anymore. :'-) still ❤️ this! haha ^^



It's been so long and I've reached my achievements for this BL stories! I very much love the two brothers but I'm into the serious type but he's like lowest of the im not saying he's terrible.A typical bro that think he's weak and he,a magic protagonist boi which makes himself think his lil bro is better than him.

Luckily i admired them fairly and i love how we choose to end with [開心] There's like friendship and trust and even i cannot slipped any of the cute romance. All makes me blushie ( //◜‿◝// )♡ I miss them so much since I've played the english version.. So much drama and i can't remember when my love will ever return back to our room. The student apartment i guess? ^^

To be honest, this really took time for me and earn the good part of the story JUST to get the Sweet Route :(
i hated when i had to play like it's just another time to time game(kill time). Don't mind me I do love the game and it's BL! :D

Love Love Tsun Tsun


A nice app for listening when you're bored,lonely or just randomly having your time around feeling in love to a boyfriend audio >< It's sweet and exciting sometimes.. makes you think they're there for you~
I hate there's ads but a Series to listen. Yes. Kimi no Hajimete,Newlyweds,YesxNo,The 2 Dominate or to be dominated Ahhhh😩👌and more. *French-kiss* favourite cv is here HAHa makes me go crazy ^^

Mr lonely is here so...yeah thank you for those who translate this masterpiece!

I play all the versions of bsd and i gotta say i still love it even though it's just shooting the balls :) Zwoosh!

Just a short review on this one, it's addicted for those who's into this or a fan of the anime❤️ good to kill time with games like this ^^ It's fun!

Toy shop story Kamio


Game of getting adorable little items from a capsule machine! It's just cuteness ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ just casually collect them ^^ so yeah love how adorable they are!💗 Gotta Get Them All :v Du du duunnn!✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

I've played this game since 3 years ago and I'm playing like an idiot all over again (〃゚3゚〃) My only good memories is the ice cream scene after I've deleted ago but getting kiss after kiss another kissy kiss kiss how can I forget😂 can't get over it till now! Ugh! Way too many kiss kiss(≧▽≦)
So yea downloaded back and it's the same thing.. use rubies,get best choice,play ads get points(coins),use pt buy rubies. >< Do the mini or watch ads to get pt. I've always trade for rubies sadly :') However I love this game even if it's short. ^^♡TBH Love & missed them so much. There's only 2 endings n each hav 2 illustration ┐(´д`)┌ I want morr..

Ok for this for any casual players out there. Definitely this is the english version and i might say, it's fun until it last for me though.

It's pretty old-style but there's more to it. There are sure raising games like this and I'm enjoying it especially for dressing them and letting them do the work. You firstly have to choose your pet boyfriend and so you leveling them up as usual by work,study that it can make them into building up their personality and even giving items.

I love dressing them up(gacha more chlothes >



Let me make a review before its gonna be a HeLL 0f A SHUT D0WN!![大哭]

Firstly, I Love this game SO MUCHO!! To be honest, this is my first ever playing a match3 game+anime based (JOJO) other than the norm matching game, even i haven't tried any few anime based in match3 yet. But this was the First and Last to be played❤️ Jojo match.

since I've seen all Jojo games already shutdown so yea im kinda sad and disappointed for being late.
The Graphic is perfect and the sound too.I dont mind if it keeps repeating cause as long as the game is fun and addicted to play and you just can't stop fighting to win.

As i know the whole story and i will not questioned it!
I want Joseph,Giorno especially still in average level so yeah. Quite new for me but i played like for 2 months now and still enjoying it!
Finally, Have to say its been fun while it last...

au revoir...

I've played this game for a very long time before and still great til this day❤️ You can play for fun and also give benefits for you to be able to learn cooking! Its good to learn some new recipes and play along with some mini games. Needed to download(others or new) before playing them. This can play offline after that.[開心]

The leveling can be very slow but be patient ofc ^_^
There are much to learn from our great cooking Mama!

Sengoku of the Dead


I like the game and all[厲害]. There's nothing wrong for a simple and idle game like this. I really like it because its fun just to kill-time[怪笑]. Leveling up is simple just tap to fight. For sure this is an old android but who cares, i play[開心] Also no internet needed, just a tap-raise-idle game and...
i love Masamune!(・ω・)♡

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