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Obey Me! Shall we date?


The game was good because the quality was great and the storyline had some plot twist. The story had comedy and drama. The game didn't use alot of storage and gave you a lot of options in every chapter. I liked the game because they always add new things. The problem was that if you want high quality then better get your charger ready. The game also involves mini card game that you need to upgrade in order to go to the next chapter. The game also doesn't have too much romance on it, until the end tho. I hope I explain myself good. I would recommend it to someone tho cause the charecters are awesome and cute![色色][開心]

This game is great👌 and has A LOT of cute characters. But they're a few problems in this game, so if you want a free type of game or don't have enough storage like me then ... I wouldn't recommend. Unless you're gonna try to save crystals, tokens and keys tho. Anyways this game is focused on romance and drama. But keep in mind that the game is still in progress.

I love you Sirius,Kyle,Mousse,Seth, Jonah and Oliver even if I know that Jonah and Oliver may act like a jerk sometimes.[色色][大哭]

A3! | English


This game has alot of cute characters. The storyline is so cute and has some unexpected moments. I love their voices and love the graphics. The only problem is if your the type of person to love games with options I wouldn't recommend it. They made MC a great character. The game also had some drama, comedy and some exciting moments.The game doesn't use alot of storage for those who don't really have storage like me[大哭]. This is one if the games I feel inlove with.

Mystic Messenger | Korean


It actually very cute and sorta depressing[大哭] but I feel in love with this game because how it doesn't just have romance but drama and some comedy. So if someone was to look for a otome game I would recommend this one. The only problem it just uses to much space/storage and the fact that they text you at 2am or 3 am. But It will be worth it[開心].

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Mystic Messenger Ahh! I can't believe this, there will be new updates on Mystic Messenger. Saeran's after ending and new merchandise. I will try my best to buy it! I have to download Mystic Messenger again. [大哭][色色][開心]
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