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Retro Bowl


it's good for killing time, but could be better. Teams with 2 star defences can somehow tackle you from half the world away, wide receivers (even if you have one 4 star and up) miss catches 65% of the time. Opposing team's offenses automatically score touchdowns 75% of the time at the very least. Keep in mind, this is on dynamic difficulty, but its just difficult for the sake of it, as opposed to the challenging kind.

Touhou LostWord | Global


great graphics and fun story. gameplay is very fun, and at times provides a good challenge. bonus points because i got to pull Sakuya :)

Fate/Grand Order is how gacha games are supposed to be. tons of characters to choose from the entire fate franchise, and monthly events that always spice things up. each character has unique skills, voice lines and playstyles and the daily chaldea gate missions always encourage different strategies.

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