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The game is currently under emergency extended maintenance so I come here to write a review.

Generally speaking, Dark Boom is easy to pick up and quite fun to play, even if you don't understand Chinese (just going by word of mouth since I can understand Chinese :P). The artwork is top notch and for now they are being pretty generous with free gems and other rewards. Gacha rate is reasonable according to seasoned gacha players and they also have a pity system wher e you are guaranteed a SSR per 57-no-SSR pulls.

The game can use some work like the port counterattack system. Basically if you push the map too quickly you will find yourself not being able to re-take ports that the enemy took from you because they are too strong. Also the requirements for cruise scales dramatically and if you don't plan ahead you will get blindsided and lose out on free daily resources because you can only send out a few at any given point in time.

The game after all, is currently an open public beta, although there is no data-wipe. It's a little rough around the edges but could be a diamond in the rough, so give it a shot if you enjoy these kinds of games and the unofficial English community is here to help you out!

If you are a f2p player, I would strongly recommend you *not* to pick too many SSRs to start because of high resource requirement. You can clear all current content without any SSRs. It is best to save your resources until later on when the game has a clear direction on what teams you should be training. But if you are gonna whale then do whatever you want. In general there is no "right" or "wrong" way to play this game, just play it however you want. But if you want to play it efficiently then that's what I would do... Enjoy the game! :)

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