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I play gachas and collect waifus. Casual king.
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I play gachas and collect waifus. Casual king.
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So the theme song is ripped outta zookeeper battle, and half of the cinematics are epic seven reskins. Despite it all, I still play here and there. I like bewbz. The combat is decent, animation (normal sprites) reminds me of FGO.

NOT f2p friendly. You can play, for sure, but the gacha system is literally a cash grab, from a game of borrowed elements. Others have lined this out better in their reviews.

Play for the 🧸 's, but save your money. This one wont last.

Mega Heroes | English


Here for the test run gift.

SINoALICE | Global


It's hard to put a finger on what I like or dislike about this game completely. Here are some standout notes, for me. Your mileage will respectfully vary.
The art direction and graphics are really pretty decent to beautiful. The animations are dated.
The sound design is actually really good. It fit the atmosphere to a "T."
Then there is the story. The degree of enjoyment will vary radically between people. I found it shallow amd unfullfilling.
I understand how it is supposed to a dark version/alternate world/take on some grim fairy tales, but it was trying to be so dark and edgy, that sinOalice ran straight into being silly.
I enjoyed the experiment. Played for about 30 hours casually, then uninstalled.
There is absolutely an audience for this game, but I don't know how much saturation it will have in the market overall, and I don't see it lasting more than a year or so globally in it's current state.
I would go more into the battle system and the like, but some of our other patrons have laid it(and the gacha system), out so thoroughly, I didn't the need to elaborate in an almost identical manner. Basically, I agree with more of the downside comments a bit more. Which is a pity.


Exos Heroes


One of the new beasts in the gacha arena, and man! What a mixed bag of feelings! I love it/it's dailies are a chore! The combat is amazing/pvp matches can be so broken they literally become a stalemate! The story and voice acting are pretty outstanding/why didnt they animate any talking, it's weird!

So the gacha prices in Exos arent very good. There is a ginger lad who actually did a whale guide on youtube and mentioned which packages are worth it, and he makes a good case for what is an outright ripoff.

The big thing I would emphasize is keeping an eye on your achievements. There are so many ways to get xes before paying real cash, and they are totally things you are going to be doing anyway.

Probably some of the most stunning waifus collected in one game. I'm talking prime grade future ex-waifu material.

Exos Heroes still feels fresh. This means a couple of things. A) New content/charecters are constantly being added, there is a lot to do. B) There are truly some bizarre balancing/game quirks that will hopefully be addressed. Why these two points are so important is the meta for this game is SO volatile, with each week a new character/issue may be changed/fixed and decimate a previous thought unbeatable rotation.

It can be crazy frustrating in pvp, which is oddly the funnest puzzle to tackle. Because nothing is quite as funny/infuriating as beating the piss out of people one week, having One new character/FC drop(!), and now you are shit. I haven't seen a whole lot of nerfing, just counter meta characters, and it is really REALLY a fascinating way to go about handling balance.

This is one of the best gachas of the year.

Epic Seven | Global


I've played Epic Seven on and off for just shy of 1000 hours. Basically, at the end game content where it's all about this grind. To explain my experience is a debate that would take an actual sitdown.
Ive spent enough money to equal paying slightly more than a dollar an hour. I make plenty of money, Im casual as hell and here's what I think.
Everything positive and negative people about this one holds merit. Is smilegate a money grubbing bunch of bastards? Basically.
Is this game still awesome? Pretty much.
Is it pay to win? No, because rng will do it's damndest to give you shit gear. You can throw all your money at it, and E7 RNGesus may not bless you.
It's balanced, or some toons are too OP/game breaking. It's all true and it's also not.
If you like fantasy anime, you will probably enjoy this game right up until you teeter too far on one side of the smilegate sucks fence or the other.
Im slowing down on how much I play, but it's only a matter of time until they add something else awesome to do.
It's my favorite guilty pleasure.

Lord of Heroes


My current no. 2 game. Very story driven. The battles are great classic turn-based, with elemental advantages near guaranteeing critical hits.
You can buy some characters outright, but MANY are given to the player as they progress.
I haven't really felt the need to spend money on anything, but have paid for a few items to make things more convenient. Definetly not p2w.
Some characters are given after checking in so many days in a row. 15 days for the first, generally 30 afterwards. I missed a day here and there and I paid a small crystal penalty and all was forgiven, no progress lost.
The story, while typical, is enjoyable. The characters all interact in their own way, fulfilling most of the typical rpg tropes. Although this may seem like it might be dull, I would advise caution in writing off a well thought out story.
My interest in this game has been consistently curious. Ive probably downloaded and deleted 12 - 20 other games in the two months I have been casually playing this title. It has never been my main, but I havent ever considered deleting it.

As far as action gachas are concerned, this one is tops. Yes, it is a massive download, but as soon as you get it going full throttle, it'll all make sense. The combat is fast and fun, with plenty of valkyries to form your own playstyle. Definitely worth a try if it's your thing.

The graphics are decent. The sound is quality and it has a solid story. My only real issue is how clunky and delayed the game runs outside of combat. Im running on an s10+ with a 40 dl connection speed. E7, ExosH, and Honkai(to name a few) run flawlessly. As it stands, it is a very solid side game. I imagine it getting better in the future as long as people stay interested and they optimize their interfaces.

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