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Yo, just someone playing games
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Yo, just someone playing games
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I've played this game for a really long time, so I think it's time for a review on it.

First off, the game is a gacha and rhythm game. The gameplay is pretty simple, falling notes and you tap to the beat of the song. It can be a bit repetitive, but luckily there are good songs (Original and cover) that make up for it. This is actually a very easy rhythm game, especially if you play more challenging games such as Cytus, Hachi Hachi, Lunata, VOEZ and Arcaea.

Gacha system is actually decent. 2,500 stars for a 10 pull and a guaranteed 3★ (4★ being the highest rarity). The game is also generous with stars (the in-game currency), giving 50 for login bonuses on certain days, a reward for full combos on HARD and EXPERT. Reading band stories also gives stars. And if you have a good enough band, you can tier in events and also get stars that way. (It isn't that difficult, and its very easy for me to get to top ten thousand.)

Some of the characters are very interesting, although I can't say the same for others. You might find some characters basic or bland, which is fine. Personally, I find Roselia interesting and I like their type of music. After a while, you'll probably skip event stories, like I do.

The cards are all very beautiful, especially the 4★. They all have skills which help increase your band power (which is important to tier in events and get rewards). I almost have an enitre page of four stars once I reached rank 150.

The game also holds collabs (with the recent ones being Re:Zero) which offer limited cards. Some other events that are also limited are Valentine events, Summer events, Halloween events and Christmas events. These usually get revivals, meaning they are most likely to return the following year. Dream Fes are also limited and don't have revivals.

Here are some tips for those who struggle to get a powerful/decent band:

1) Save up stars

This is pretty simple, the more stars you have, the more pulls you can do

2) Look at your characters and their type

You should take a look at the character from the same BAND and the same ATTRIBUTE. This is the band you need to form. The different attributes are; Cool, Pure, Happy, and Powerful.

3) Look for events with your needed characters

Here are a list of upcoming events with added characters with their attributes. These will help you plan which event to participate/pull for.

4) Upgrade area items

You want to upgrade all your area items to increase your band power too. This is why you want a decent band with characters of the same attribute and band. You'll have area items that boost certain members from a certain band and items that boost certain attributes.

That's pretty much it.

I'm going to be making a lot of comparisons to Garupa, also known as Girl's Band Party, because they are very similar.

For being one of the first mobile games featuring the Piapro characters that I've ever played, it's actually really good. It introduces a few new human characters that are all interesting.


Gameplay is similar to Garupa's, so if you played it you have an advantage. One difference is the notes, you can't really change the size of the notes in Sekai, and the notes vary, they can take up the enitre lane or be really tiny. Another is the character ranks. By reading area convos and playing, you can increase character ranks as well.

The game has five difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master. The game can be played by casuals and hardcore players. So don't worry too much about game difficulty.

Song list is actually very diverse, and include popular producers and some who are not as known. Mikito-P, MitchieM, KZ, Kemu, Mafumafu, Junky-P, Nero, and other producers have songs that are featured in the game. They also were nice enough to include songs from other Virtual Singers

The characters are all really interesting and the voice actors are really talented. The covers are great, and I actually enjoy playing with some of them. Not to mention they're all really unique, so I'm sure you'll find a character you'll like.

There seems to be constant events in the game, just like Garupa. So there will always be something new to grind for, if you're into that.

The graphics are great, as excepted from Colorful Palette. The characters look so pretty, especially my husband Kaito. The chibis are also really cute.

Gachas are a bit more expensive, than Garupa. But they make up for it by being very generous. Reading convos and increasing character ranks are very rewarding.


Grinding in this game is hellish. Training/practicing characters is a difficult grind to do. I don't mind it, because I have little 3★ and 4★ (not because of gacha rates).

Ranking in this game is also very difficult. There are about 20 million people playing this game, so obviously ranking is going to be tough. Rewards for ranking are decent, top tens usually get enough crystals to do one pull.

The tunning for the Virtual Singers can be very choppy. I'm sure they tried, but it sound super off sometimes. The cover for Fragile using Len and Kaito sounds weird. And Meiko sounds too soft in Hibana. It sounds good in other cases though, like Kaito in Dappou Rock. It could be tuned that way for the human singers, but it's not fitting sometimes.

The demo is great! It shows a bit of the features that'll be available in the full game. There is no storyline for the demo, so I can't really rate that. The songs aren't too difficult where it's frustrating but it's challenging and fun to play.

The gameplay is similar to "Girl's Band Party!". Titles fall and you have to tap once it reaches the line. It's quite simple but very fun. Long notes can be very crazy, but once you get the hang of it you understand what to do.

There are only three songs available for the demo, Sweet Magic, Tell your World and Hibana -Reloaded-. Although those are the only three songs, they're actually kind of tough to full combo. Especially Hibana.

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