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Pokémon Sleep


Worst app ever. if your not snoring or making noise when you sleep, it wont count for the sleep timer for rewards or progression. i sleep quietly so I dont get anything and brother snores when he sleeps so he gets rewards from the app.

Honkai: Star Rail


The servers were not open and everyone gave the game 5 stars without playing the game yet ( Which is pretty dumb ) I played the game day 1 of release, completed all.the story and side quests, bought the monthly card and nameless honor ( Battlepass ), I have a cracked out 200%+ Crit damage Seele with her 5* Lightcone that lots of people are using. I am not a whale, only a light spender. The game basically becomes a daily grind like every other
gacha game and sorta like Genshin. I enjoy turn based combat so I recommend the game.

N-INNOCENCE- | English


The game is a side scroll fighting game with gacha mechanics. As someone who has played gacha games for over 5 years, this game does not get much exposure and seems like a good game for everyone to try.

Arknights | English


A very free to play game. It's a great tower defence game with waifus AND HUSBANDOS!

Final Gear | Global


Great game. So much has been put into this game. Animated waifus, different mech parts and story for the main character. This is a gem of a game and join the discord to the official game

Kingsense | English


The game is fine. Nothing super special. There are 3 servers. NA, EU and SEA. Rerolling is fine in this game. You can make a guest account, play a little, do a 10 pull and get a MR unit and keep the account if the MR is one of the top tier characters or you can just reroll for waifu.

Lord of Heroes


[發火] Can't play this game on emulator. This company prevents players from playing this game on emulators.

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