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Hi! I am a degenerate! Check Last Origin and Isekai Demon Waifu. Both games are super lewd.
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Hi! I am a degenerate! Check Last Origin and Isekai Demon Waifu. Both games are super lewd.
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not bad but not that good either
its like destiny child (duh I wonder why) with better gameplay
a lot of lolis making the gacha frustrating, also some of them aparently are a must in your team if you care about these min max stuff.



Full of waifus, good animated, could be one of the games I would invest lots of t ime BUT - I hate so much mobile games that arent from FANZA where you dont get the character in the gacha, but fragments of it

Hard pass for me because of how the gacha works.

Super String


PROS : Fun - All skills and characters are very well animated - almost all females has a bit of fanservice ( the healers specials have more fanservice, they all sensualize themselves to heal your units lol )

CONS : Has a lot of male characters - grind heavy - it can fadigue yourself by the time its required to refine and equip your team - the AI is a bit dumb for auto combat.

I remember playing this before, dunno where.
I didnt liked any of the PNGs, just big booba isnt enough for me.

while almost all the characters are waifus, this game has some few things that made me step away from mobile games
1- 5 star characters are mandatory to have making you feel frustrated by liking more a low tier
2- game taking your hand and forcing you to play tutorial for an hour. All waifu collectors has the same core, I do no consent you taking my hand
3 - forcing me to use my gacha currency in shit rolls, forcing me to either play more to try the premium roll or pay.

Figure Fantasy | Japanese


Fun game and very atractive waifus
my only con : has a leveling model that benefits whales ( duh almost all games has this )

extremly fanservice game, stretching a little more and this game had to go to the horni site FANZA
Not giving a very good note tho because it has VIP and a few male characters
The dark elf in the icon is the first girl you get to do "things"

EDIT : The further you progress the more tasks you unlock, so in conclusion, this is budget Destiny Child with VIP system.

The Battle Cats | English


good game to kill... little time because energy limit and spent is god awfull

I found it extremly boring to progress and I kinda liked the low tier waifus more than the SSR lolis

Stella Maiden | Japanese


Same game from before
now we pray that MIST updates this one with new stuff and dosent go bankrput again, but new things will take a lot of time cuz the game already has like some months of updates that will be recycled for sure

PS: Summon 777 777 777 777 until your game restart

Bubbles & Dolls


it has potential
the game is for us *wink* so be aware of the bonk doge
Its a PVP game with waifus and terrible mercenary gacha

Shin Sangoku Musou


Huge fan here since Warriors 3
I have mix feelings with this game
but no doubt the gacha is, like any other big name game, unfair

edit : For a game with such big roster, being hard to even get an SR unit its a joke



Loved this game
it looks good and the waifus are 9/10
only downside is you cannot entirelly skip dialogues
also the auto mode is terrible, AI does a lot of mistakes like wasting AoE skills on one MOB or wasting ult
[EDIT] a month for updates and all they do is laughable events with horrid rewards, and now pvp to make the whales feel good



the game is kinda fun but it feels a lot like the game Sword Master with the main difference being the characters are almost all animated.
Gacha and how to get the materials for the gacha are hard
Waifus are 7/10
ps: you cannot see the better ones in the demonstration images

Shining Maiden | English


meh the gacha is very hard
they give absolute nothing to beginers
I got shitty "free" rolls so I gave up

O jogo é jogado tipo Final Fantasy mais antigos
gacha é igual Genshin Impact, nao vou cometer o mesmo erro duas vezes, aproveitem aí quem ta gostando muito do jogo com os óculos de fanboy, prefiro jogar o Automata de novo até lançarem o remake do replicant

Fate Grand Order 2 Wallet on fire



cheguei pra balancear a nota desse jogo medíocre
auto play sem liberdade de criação de personagem
Saco cheio ja de ser forçado a criar Loli pra ser heavy gunner

ps : a maga é peituda mas nao carrega o jogo sozinha nas tetas

Himegami Kagura


literally Elderak with different art
almost all waifus are atractive
game is very simple with flashy skills
Judging by the way the characters are draw, we can expect some good content with events skins, or not, who knows

The gacha is a bit harsh but I belive its because of the small roster

spoilers ahead :

there is a game

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