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if you played Spirit Tales or Glory Destiny Online, the graphics is similar. Cute chibi.
But while Spirit Tales is traditional open world grinding, this mobile version is event driven.

This means that its more about completing dailies than actual exploration.
Growth is as such limited to your daily quests.

Just for that, it detracts from the experience a little.
Otherwise, a cute game for mobile.

Still, i miss Spirit Tales compared to this

Goblin Pass


The stage is a small grid where you and opponent take turn moving step by step.
Based on game play, enemy cannot initiate an attack but will counter if you attack and fail to kill it.

The main difficulty is equipment durability. So even if you upgrade your equipment, if it reaches zero durability, it disappears.
You can pick up new equipment that is randomly spawned but their stats will be base stats while enemy grows stronger.
And each attack drains durability.

The simplest tactic is to use 1 weapon for strong mobs and the other to replace as you fight.
Use characters that can get skill to +2 durability at start of battle.
And buy durability and upgrade stones for skills.

After that, prepare for a long... battle.
That said, its easy to accidentally replace a strong equipment by picking up.
I tried force closing the game and it loaded to the last cleared stage.
So just a hint if you swipe wrongly.

Interesting and a little challenging.

Little Witch Cat Kiki


You gather fish, herbs and eggs in the area it spawns.
Then use it to fullfill request.
While gathering is unlimited, request is limited per 3 hours. So cannot really spam or rush.
Request will give rewards to craft furniture for your house.

Cute but not really much to do.
Fun as a casual game

Ruuta Quest


A simple game of sending the kitten to fight in a dungeon.
There is almost no action needed other thaj checking back when the kitten returns.
Thats when you craft stuff, re equip, then send the kitten out again.
Not much to the game play.

Kitten and story is cute though

Panzer Waltz | Global


an oldie but cute game. Problem is that some buggie text which replace name with jumbo

Moon Rabbit Raising


cute, lotsa freebies and events/updates

Toram Online


graphics is abit old but the versatility of char building is worth it.
Though need to check coryn for info as game is not intuitive

Save the slime forest!


One of those tapping game for more points.
You need to generate green slimes then merged to get higher tier slimes.
Number of slimes needed to get higher tier can be reduced by Research.
And there is an incubator to do the generatinb and fusing for you.
However, growth is too slow relative to difficulty increase unless you watch lotsa ads.
Not a bad game for some idling action before moving on to other games

does not work. Just a black screen

Hyper Dungeon


Hack and slash with a twist.
Your buffs is based on runes which are randomly dropped and are in tetris shapes. So you got to make them fit your limited rune slots.
Same buffs placed near each other increase buff effects.
Drawbacks are that it is not intuitive. I got 103% dmg reduction but am still taking dmg.
Finally, game will reset each season so your character, and stuff gets wiped

Slime & Dragons


Interesting concept where you check the enemy stats and plan to absorb their stats, steal their item or use them to heal. But once your hp is low, no amount of planning works.
Would be nice if there is an option to spend gold to heal between battles. At a high price than food of course

Silly Survival


is cute and fun except that enemies spawn to close and move too fast to safely avoid.
And that your character moves too slowly to avoid.
Thats where the lv up and buffs come in but... does not help much

Zombie train


ok, so i start off in my underwear, no pants, no shirt.
Guess i am to roleplay astro boy in the apocalypse.
There are no ads, sounds good? It actually means everything must be paid for including bag expansion.
Zombies pop out from no where so even if you are in a close room, zomhie might weirdly appear.
I got to level 5... yay... so what did i get? No idea. Maybe my astro boy underpants got cuter[不滿]

Tank Master


After 1st battle, black screen forever.
Restarted the game, after loading, black screen.
Rating it 1 as not playable[發火]

Chinese Parents


download 2.5 mb. Then download 2.5mb then download 2.5mb.
I have downloaded 2.5mb more than 10 times but is still requesting to download 2.5mb for updates.
Since is not playable, rate it all 1[發火]

Basic advancement in story is a mini game where you drop balls(faces) at where you click.
The same balls touching each other will merge. So think of 2048 games but as balls.
The stage has requirements on balls to get and later stages have obstacles.

Not complicated and lotsa cute story line.
Has other cute features too, such as gacha dolls and doll making parts.

Cute but sadly not what i am looking for.
Still, is a nice game to try out

a very short cute game.
Click to speed up hatching of egg, get monster and merge.
As you unlock monster tiers, the spawn tier also increases so merge all.
If you rush, by stage 100+ you should have reached final tier, black dragon.
I let it run to collect gold to buy for last few slots and by stage 300, i have got 1 red dragon and the rest black dragon.
From here on, there is nothing to do but watch it run.

Pixel Survivors


one of those games where enemies keep spawn stronger and stronger. You defest mobs, pickup xp and on level up choose one of 3 random skills.

I have only tried the mage but is fun so far

graphics trumps it all.[色色]
Just don't play this game in public.[怪笑]
I warned you~~[厲害]

Sadly i don't have the private time to play this[大哭]

OneBit Adventure


simple dungeon crawling where you keep advancing forward.
Enemies level up with you so you got to keep getting better weapons.
As you progress, enemy get buffed, so going home to start over is good.

Has a nice discord to discuss the game.

My choice is blood knight where as long as you drain more hp than damage you take, you do not need potions

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