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I absolutely love this otome game! It's really fun and plays similar to Mystic Messenger. The story is really good and i like that the game is very free to play friendly. I have over 14,000 acme, the in game currency and all of that was just from watching ads and achievements in game. You don't have to pay for anything. Acme can be exchanged for time tickets which are used to participate in a chat that you missed or to buy an extra save slot.

This game is very sexual and I only recommend it to mature audiences. My favorite of the love Interests is Leo the model. He is just so sweet!

A3! | English


I absolutely love this game!!!

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


I found out about this game because of Dreamcatcher! I really like the music and graphics. I only played the tutorial but that was fun. I plan to play the Korean version when it launches.

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Season 2 Available now!!! Season 2 of Love Unholyc is available now! Have fun playing!  Read Note
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