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Not gonna lie i wish my school wasn't a bunch of 1990's people and use this app instead of Zoom jokes aside
this is probably one of the best texting app ive seen so far heres why... Custom emojis, Bots that you can use to play on or make Clones of yourself, you can add as many channels as you want, and more i forgot the rest but yeah 10/10 app

World of Tanks Blitz MMO


You don't need to whale on this game you just need to grind finish daily and clan missions the events also gove you alottt of rewards and yeeaahh if you want those tanks from the events you'll 100% need to go P2W..

Sometimes the matchup is bs and your team is sometimes bs aswell but you cant really do anything about that...

Tier 7! Tier 7 is litterally fked and yall probably know why if you don't here's a hint "Annihilator"

There's alot of glitches but thats what makes this game fun on my POV ofc im glad that they didn't remove the glitches.

The Battle Cats | English


We need a way to turn down/off the flash whenever we pull it'll cause epilepsy and stufff ngl i never looked away [汗顏]

Guardian Tales | Global


The storyline is what im after but damn the Gacha rate is kinda to low
But it is F2P friendly i guess that makes up for it?
overall i hope the gacha drop rate gets higher

Azur Lane | English


Its F2P Friendly the gacha rates are pretty decent or its just me becuse i get all new SR in just 10builds (that was a lie i sometimes dont get SR and get the New Elite ships i shall flex my Luck wahahhaha) has good asf graphics good waifus and stuff and thats all for this review of mine [開心][開心]

Mahjong Soul | English


Pretty fun i dont really care about the waifus because of just how fun it is to play with people beating or you beating them in game overall ill edit if i see any problems

I cant understand any thing but boy i love this game its a 10/10 from me

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Damn... im a weird human being You guys ever had this experience where you read your past messages after a long time and see how weird and cringe you were? cus damn i need to bleach my eyes Read Note
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