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Zero god Nguyễn 4684118

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i have no idea what i am playing



nah just normal
not like pubg
go loot and escape go home sell some thing or craft
dead = losing everything you equip with good luck

wanna bet how long this game survival ?
i bet 1 and 2 year

fgo but have auto
there no tutorial unless you know Japanese

i hope English ver soon
it been 5 year,

it like onmyoji

look like princess connect redive but ship girl :))

Seven Knights ll|Korean


good graphics
but gameplay is depend on you decide it

3 kingdoms with waifu oppai , handsome man,

it normal

Sengoku Renka Zoom!


it normal nothing special in this game

Blue Oath | Japanese


worth to play?

Lord of Heroes


from 1 to 10 my rate
graphic 10
gameplay normal so 5
story good so 8
worth to play ? my answer is yes

this is waifu tank girl and gun girl

if you use to play honkai impact 3 you may be love the game

like Korea server but you gonna love the song



recommend to play ?

Evolution Girls | Korean


worth to play ?
worth to global ?

pls dont die
i need eng to play this game

Ash Arms | Japanese


cool design art and character not too lewb but look beautiful and good
the sound and song of game very amazing
VA kinda good remind me about kancolle some girl they have speak some language like eng russia mix with japan
gameplay are very challenge also kinda boring a little, it a lot of farming and p2w on the game

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