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i waited so long for this game to come out, it's was so worth it all! i love all the characters I can't pick. and the best part is that Nekoworks it is part of this visual novel making. I don't know what are you waiting for! you got to play this game![色色][開心] God i can't wait for what else sayori is working on[色色][哇噻]

it's got to be one of the best game ever, at last for me. when you open the game, all you have to do is download 2.0 MB and the game is all yours. it's very fun. great characters and gameplay. ths gacha is like 50/50% on what you going to get but besides that i really recommend to everyone! love it!

Shoujo City 3D


well, i believe that the game is a beta. which is gine with me. i love the places you can go to, i do enjoy it way more than shoujo city (the 8-bit one that also on mobile) buy there things that are annoying

2. there is free mode and story mode. in story mode, you have to do some activities and change your looks to go out with a girl and you also have go to school everyday or else it's a game over. and in free mode, you can make your own girlfriend but there not much you can do wheb it's comes to hair color and eyes colors and hairstyles. and..boy i tell you, she is so spoiled like you have to buy her this and That. heck, you even have to cook for her. but after you do that, you can go on a date with her, there are activities can can do and she ask you questions. But get them right because if you don't, she make a excuse to end the date. and you also date a dakimakura (body pillow). there are two designs for the dakimakura, the difference between the dakimakura and making a girlfriend is that you can hold it or put it away, it's not spoiled like the girl. but if you going to be going anywhere or sitting anywhere without your dakimakura

(You should) you can read others reviews because there are way better when it's come to explaining what you can do in the game. i somewhat recommend it



This is actually one of my favorite games, the animation are smooth and awesome! i love each character backstory and their voices, the gameplay is fun. i totally recommend if you like to fight other players and love fighting games in general[厲害]

it's was good until it's stop working

Sweet Sins Superstars


art style, animation is Adorable and smooth and all the songs are catchy and I love the characters, and my personal favorite is the voice for the characters. it fit them And their personalities. i mean there ads but barely, plus you can skip it. i really recommend it![開心][色色]

Re:0 Puzzle Collection


it okay but you have to pay the rest of puzzles with money but jp money. but it's alright



I Believe this is Broken, i Can't skip the Story and there be A Black screen. this need to be fixed[發困]

D4DJ Groovy Mix


i love the gachas and The characters! wonderful gameplay!



It just stopped working out of nowhere, please fix this. I try to download the app but still said error. So I have to use the Website, I can't use the App. The app is fix now. But please make a "block"or "Delete comment" "disabled comment" on here

PreCure Tsunagaru Pazurun


i enjoy it, is sad that this out of service, make more Precure games for the fans and the people who enjoys it

when you first get on there, it's kick you right back out

Magical Girl Battle


it won't load even if you good internet[大哭]

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