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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


This game is an absolute best game so far

Assault Lily Last Bullet


you need to fix the game it's a little delaying when I started playing like i tap then it took like 1-2 seconds for the game to register my tap. So please do it I really like the game concept and hopefully this game can be a successful game in the future. Also the game gacha animation and rates are good like other games I respect it.

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Gacha games Discord server Hello guys, I came from Gacha建設HQ, a Global (EN) Community for gacha games.
We are trying to grow this server so it can become a better place for the people that play gacha games, chilling with others and do something fun. We also make server events and monthly nitro classic giveaway as appreciation for joining the server.

This server has been created for over 2 months and we have a bunch of channels category and to have access to the respective channels you need to get yourself a role within the server. Right now, as for our server gacha games that is included in the server are Assault lily,Blue Archive,Mihoyo games(Genshin Impact and HI3),Uma Musume,Priconne,Counter :Side and etc. (will include more games in the future). As for game discussions we have a lot in there such as tips,beginner guides and event informations. So, if you're interested or looking for English community gacha games, please don't hesitate to join our server and have fun with other members. I'm sure that you will like the people in there.

This is the link to our discord server:
See you guys at there!
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