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Everybody's Golf


Do anyone know how to save your character online on cloud storage? [難過]

Force you to register using your personal id card

This game is far better than any other idol rhythm game and f2p friendly.
I love the animations of the girls (just like I loved it in the second season of the anime).
So the anime imo is way better than idolm@ster Cinderella trash, and compete with the first season of love live.
That being said, the "save the school" main plot got me really bored and the second generation of girls from love live weren't as much as enjoyable as the first one. Nico Nico ni~



Lovely!!! Finally a refreshing game from Line

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LINE Rangers


Awful. Heavily P2W

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#PrayForKyoani Why.. my favorite anime studio..[發火]  Read Note
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