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Umamusume is on the top of my list along with TenkaHyakken.
Please give TenkaHyakken a try as well.

The game is decent, but since you are on Qooapp and all, come try TenkaHyakken instead. You'll get hooked, and Railgun collab is coming soon.

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


Sadly this game need VPN.
For an alternative, perhaps you would want to give TenkaHyakken a try.

It has Live2D available for every playable characters and even shop NPC.
It requires no VPN.
Great waifus and art direction.
Side scrolling hack & slash gameplay.
Skins (all include Live2D) are farmable for Free.
A lot of Anime collabs.

It's quite a nice game overall, but the gameplay can be rather repetitive like many of the china games.

If you like this, give TenkaHyakken a try too.
It is a swordgirls collection game where instead of ships everywhere, you play with swords.
There is a R17 feature in there too.

Acra Last


The game has a 6 v 6 normal battle.
A war battle. Multiple "main characters" (imagine it as if all Suikoden main chars crossover). Have 108 characters. Have weapon upgrade and the upgrade sound is "ding ding ding", exactly same as Suikoden. Have Combine attack!!! Have "rune" as an equipment (sadly, not magic or usable). Have a HQ known as The Ark.

Dragalia Lost


Amazing game. Try TenkaHyakken too, it is an amazing hidden gem.

If you enjoy Touken Ranbu, you will definitely enjoy TenkaHyakken too.
Do try it out.

If anyone wants to be in an english speaking guild together, search for English.
It is hard to gather english speaking players together in a game like this.



It is a very fun coop game.
but the gacha rate seems to be low and there is no initial gems enough for reroll.

Battle Girl High School


Amazing gameplay, if you like tap tap action this is for you.
Fun head petting.
Changing costume for your girls and so on.

Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


- Characters say good morning / afternoon / evening / night to you in different speeches.

- Live2D. Touch their head and chest area to trigger different reactions...

- You can control your character manually, not turn based and boring gameplay.

- Can "Auto" play

- Gift program that you can raise your affection with the characters and in return, they will give you Orbs!

- Gifting is not the only way to raise affection. There is a ... sword rubbing session (which is kinda lewd and NSFW) that raise affection as well.

- This game is very F2P friendly.

- SR and UR are the only difference are that UR have more variety of unique moves. BUT even SR are usable and it has been proven by players

- Change-able background and costumes for characters. (farmable, no need cash like other games)

- Sword Fes. Every end of month, there will be a Sword Fes and it raise the chances of players getting UR characters like GBF legfest.

- Have collab events with Anime.

If you want to play a better game with sword girls theme.
Try Tenka Hyakken.
That one have more features and functions.

Kirara Fantasia


The most ambitious crossover game filled with all the moeshit Anime characters.

the cuteness is over 9000!!!

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[Player Testimonial]
"As someone who started this game back in 2017, it's hard to describe how much this game meant for me for the past 4 years.
Tenka Zan manage to capture my attention for being action rpg which is somewhat uncommon for me during that time.
I, myself felt the hardship of this franchise to climb to the top for being a niche series but I saw potential Tenka would do well if everyone give them a chance.
Nowadays, mobage business is too competitive, is way too hard to stay in business more than 3 years. 
Honestly speaking, 4 years is an amazing achievement for niche game like Tenka. 
That said, it's still hard to accept game closure this soon consider there're still more contents to come.
Like other Tenka players, it's heart broken too see it go. My daily life won't be the same, there're no more monthly contents to look forward to, weekly radio drama, monthly character song, livestream etc
If possible, I want them to keep updating new sword girl monthly just like back in 2015.
Thank you for your hard work, game devs, all the voice actors, character illustrators, Tenka admins and fellow Tenka players. Thank you for the wonderful memories."
- Admin Ahmad Shafiq
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