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well this game it's just too perfect, even sometimes it's really so hard to get a 3 star card.
But can't we have English version it's hard to understand.

yeah the game is cool you can feel that you're one of the characters. It's so cute and easy ❤️ but i hope we could have English version.

Smash Hit


this game it's piece of cake. it's a great meditation and always calm my anxiety and stress [怪笑]

I'm really obsessed with hypmic [害羞]❤️ but why can't we have English version 🥲[憋屈]
- should I learn Japanese instead [汗顏]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


this game is my favourite cause really everything about it is awesome [微笑]

A3! | English


this game is soo peaceful and kawaiiiii i loove ittt [開心][開心]

Mystic Messenger | Korean


i really love this game it's my favourite one [開心]

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Nostalgic Love Man just if we got teleported to the anime world. 
Well this cuty boy mean a lot for me.
---> --->( click for more details )<--- <---
#MyFirstLove #kurapika #HxH
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