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believe in Jesus. God's Son. :D
Tracey Karpas 46139401

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believe in Jesus. God's Son. :D
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Thetan Arena



Angel Legion


I like this game. [色色]
Dont allow negative comments get to you, devs. This game is great. Just keep making it better & better in everyway. Refine refine refine. And ignore the negative comments. Thats just their opinion. Not the truth of things. [微笑]

Revived Witch | English


Absolutely perfect. :3

This is an amazing game. [微笑] Very generous to new players. [色色]
I love the combat, the many different classes, making my avatar, dressing up, different things to do, etc. Excellent. [哇噻]



Cute version of avabel. [色色]

Best mmorpg on mobile. [色色]
This game is pure heaven. Character creator, exploration, tons of classes, always lots to do, events, co op, etc. I LOVE this game! [微笑] (I dont even speak Japanese but im having so much fun with this game [哇噻]).

A good start. I find it hard to make gold and to upgrade anything. Needs more maps also. Needs more gun types: rocket launcher, grenade launcher, etc. Need more game types: capture the flag, zombie, etc. Also, metro map has glitchy walls parts and lag.
Since my last rating 3 it has gotten better. [微笑] Im having fun now. Thank you. Please try to make the game work good for everyone - old & new devices. Its working much better on my gen. 8 tablet now. [色色] Plesse more maps and game modes.
Still lag in metro map. Sometimes some of the allies & enemies freeze on the any map.


The Ring of Soul


Even tho i not speak the language i'm doing good. Athough at 1st i was a bit confused because the combat is different than the norm. But this is a solid game. I like it.

I love it but wish it was easier to get level up material.

Dragon Blaze


I like this game. [色色] Yeah yeah.

Maid Master


Awesome game. But.. you can only sign in with google and if you dont you cant play arena or make friends. [可憐] I wouldve given it a 5 if not for that. Please add facebook sign in and others. I did get a 6 star maid on my 1st gotcha tho & lots of 5s so that was awesome. [色色]

This is one of the best games ive ever played in my life. And certainly the best match rpg of its kind. [色色] The devs are super generous too. [不滿] Get 1 free x10 gatcha and they give 14000+ gems (it costs 2700 per x10) to summon many many more. I love the heroes. They are designed well. Graphics excellent. Music lovely [色色] Building up your own town is fun. I love everything about this game. [哇噻] Adorably perfect. [微笑][微笑][微笑]

Chronicle of Infinity


This game a copy of an old game called Legacy of Discord. Different story but same framework as use in LOD. its like playing LOD in a different dimension. Its an excellent game despite the LOD structure copying. I think its great. [色色]

I love this game. [開心]
Its fun. Even tho i dont understand the language i can operate the game easily. I wish i could understand the story tho. But either way it's perfect. [色色]


Region locked. [可憐]

Blood Chaos



[色色] Excellent.

Mitrasphere | English


Perfect [色色]

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