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hello! welcome to my profile~ ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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hello! welcome to my profile~ ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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love love LOVE the gacha rates in this, its fairly easy to farm gems and 4*s are common! a good game to try if you're looking for a rhythm game.

(p.s. rokka is the bestest girl)

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


A classic of Mihoyo! I recently decided to come back to this game after a long hiatus caused by me throwing a fit after not getting the chara I wanted. [不滿] The game is really fun and relatively free to play. I love love LOVE the herrscher of sentience, she's op and just so so cool [色色]

The graphics of this game is BEAUTIFUL, and I found myself fawning over the different valkyries (Raiden Mei still has my heart though ( ˘ ³˘)♥) The game is fully voiced in Japanese dub, and the characters have very enticing personalities! I love Liliya and Rozaliya's interactions, and they get the main spot on my home page.

When I first started, the storyline didn't really hook me in as much. Even now, I find myself skipping cutscenes everytime they come up. The core gameplay gets boring after awhile too, and though I try to switch it up by bringing new characters onto the field, I find myself getting exhausted with doing the daily tasks.

So far, the coop gameplay has been a little lacking. Other than raids, theres not really a way to play with your friends unlike Genshin. If they added more coop gameplay features, I think I'll be more drawn to the game!

The gacha rates in this game are great! I personally enjoy rolling on the dorm supply as its cheaper, higher rates and more payoff! I got herrscher of the void from it for 1 pull! [開心] This game is relatively F2P, with events that give a bunch of crystals and character cards! (Like the new anniversary event that gives a free S-Tier valkyrie!!)

The gacha system is what makes me continue playing this game and it remaining as one of my favourites! Sure the story may not be my taste, but the satisfaction of the pirple character card turning over to a new character makes everything all worthwhile!

All in all, a great game if you enjoy collecting characters or just enjoy fighting gameplay overall! [厲害]

Genshin Impact


Okay! PC player here, literally only downloaded this game on my phone to leave a review (my phone can't handle the 15gb download, urgh).

This game. is so. addicting. From the lore to the gameplay, the graphics, the characters, everything is so immersive! Each area of the game is so beautifully designed, with matching soundtracks to go with it. The storyline is great, and will get you hooked to the lore instantly! As someone who played from launch, each event and story quest was a joy to experience! (not that one boss fighting event, though.)

The game is relatively f2p friendly, with primos being given out everytime you finish a main quest or get an achievement. There are codes to redeem as well, and after every update, 600 primogems are rewarded to you. These gems could be exchanged for rolls in the gacha banners. Now, the gacha rates in this game are infamous for being unforgiving. 5* event characters are somewhat hard to get as perma banner is fused into the pool with a 50/50 chance. (unless you have god tier luck, which I don't, and I end up getting Qiqi from the event banner at 85 rolls.) The rewards for getting the characters makes it worth it though. Seeing your husband or wife in your team just boosts your morals and makes it all better. I myself am a whale, spending way too much money on character banners and weapons. (childe came home though, yay!)

The co-op system is very fun too, save for the occasional troll or toxic player that you meet. I play on Asia server, where not much toxicity is present. Heck, you could bring a level 20 Amber into a level 90 domain and no one would say a word. This game is great for goofing off with your friends, or running away together from 4 ruinguards. ◉‿◉

Lastly, the fanart for this game, GOD. The Zhongli pictures literally motivate me to go on and grind for artifacts (because even money can't buy you good artifacts) There are so many talented artists out there doing fanart for Genshin, and I follow a lot of them on Twitter ehe.

All in all, I really love this game sm! Such an addictive game, and I cannot recommend it enough! (except if your device can't support the 16gb...) [可憐]



Another banger from Mihoyo!! I've been waiting for the English version for so long [開心] The game is free to play, with many easy events avail that gives S-Chips~ Plus the new 100 day login event!!

The characters are lovable and will defo make you swoooon! The graphics are amazing, and the game is fully voiced in Japanese and Chinese dubs! (Prefer the cn dub, I think it fits the boys the most (灬º‿º灬)♡) The storyline is interesting as well!

One hiccup is that getting stuck at a stage is very common, especially when the drop rates in this game are a little... low... (its mihoyo, what did we expect) The debates get significantly harder with each chapter you pass, and soon you'll be hitting a dead end. The story is currently at Chapter 6, and has been for the past 2 months [大哭] Anyw I love love LOVE the male leads, esp Artem & Luke!!

Highly recommend this game for any otome lovers out there! The game is very fun and will make your heart thump!!

Currently level 52 and have been lucky with my pulls, with my favs Artem and Luke coming home the most~ (*˘︶˘*).。*♡

Game is super cute and really fun! It allows you to make cute and pretty outfits. Everything is pastel, which is exactly my type of aesthetic!

The game is mostly P2P though, with a pop-up advertising the VIP bundle showing everytime you return to the home page. The core gameplay gets boring after awhile, and unless you spend for the in-game currency, you most likely aren't going to get rare clothes. The ingame sounds are also controlled by your notification volume, which led to me getting jumpscared by a Whatsapp notification [大哭]

There isn't really a storyline I suppose? You literally just dress characters up according to the theme. I noticed that no matter how I dress the character up, I'll always pass the stages? Even when I completely ignore the theme and just put a bunch of random clothes onto the avatar, I get 3 stars.

Anyway, the game got boring quite quickly, but its good if you want a short distraction! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

LOVE this game sm!! All the characters are beautifully designed and fully voiced. They all have individual personality traits, making them lovable. Honestly came here from the anime adaptation not really expecting much, but the quality shocked me!

One minor complaint I have is that the core gameplay of the game gets repetitive after awhile. When your troops get destroyed and your swords get hurt, you need the resources to repair them. Resources are hard to come by in end-game, and even to replace the troops, resources are required as well.

Other than that, this game is really fun and highly recommended for those who enjoy raising sims! The amount of times I've gotten the same swords over and over again in gacha is painful though ;;; Though I can't complain when they give me more Kashuu, hehe. [開心]

EDIT [8/3/22]
There's a new event going on rn thats VERY f2p friendly for new players! You get 100k of each resource to summon new swords, a fuji, a black horse AND a pretty new background! Plus, they're giving out an SSS tier character Mikazuki Munechika to ALL new players, so if you want to try this game out, now till 8/4 is the best time.

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